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2 hours ago, FutureGK said:

No clips of the defeat to Mousehole in the FA Cup 🤔 (maybe I skipped pad them ?)

No, a mare of a day for me. Missed Mousehole’s opener and Bowk’s wonder goal. Didn’t want to use inferior VEO footage. No doubt there would have been some goals on Boxing Day had the game gone ahead.

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1 hour ago, The Observer__ said:

The little digs and the way Piran films set up their highlights to highlight referee mistakes and encourage I’ll feeling towards match officials  is nothing short of a disgrace.  

I’ve highlighted it before and I’m reassured the county FA are now watching very closely! 

I have to take issue with you here. Highlights are exactly that. You select the most interesting pieces of action - goals, saves, near misses - in order to tell the story of the game. Yes, there is an element of subjectivity but I work hard to offer a balanced picture. I agree, I am guilty of including referee's decisions, but my motives are definitely NOT to encourage ill feeling towards match officials, but to include controversy within the story telling. Tell me, should I have left out Matty Bye's sending off and the tackle that caused it when I put my edit to together earlier this evening?  I recognise the pressures that referees are under. At the end of the game at Buckland this afternoon, my commentator Dave Gibbons and I passed the officials and the observer (not you) and said that we thought they'd had a good game. I couldn't referee a game and have huge respect for them.

As for the county FA now watching closely,..... really. Have you spoken with Richard Pallot? 

By the way, did you enjoy the end of year review videos? I spent hours editing and producing them. Would you rather me pack my bags and no longer promote Cornish football Mr Observer? Please make yourself known to me when you are at the same game that I am filming. I'd much rather talk in person. 

18 hours ago, FutureGK said:

Shame Stu Bs goal was a stunner …


Just in case anyone wants to see ‘all’ the goals ,,, 



It was a stunner and I was delighted to capture his equally stunning goal against Ashton and Backfield. Haooy New Year to you.

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1 hour ago, FutureGK said:

No one can fault your dedication and your work is of the highest quality, especially the County football coverage and TCFC. The style and direction of the Helston coverage (for some) is abrasive, as Dave Gibbons said always seems to be controversy 🤔… which I guess elicits feelings and opinions. I must say it’s refreshing to hear Dave ask some tricky questions …


Have you ever considered interviewing the opposition managers and players pre/post game to give a more rounded feel… ? (As well as Mass)…

You make some excellent points and yes, we ought to do some YouTube Live interviews with other managers. The only thing that holds me back, apart from the time to set it up, is my nervousness as I don't know the managers and I can't edit out any expletives or blasphemies. Gareth Davies has always pushed me to do this. Watch this space. 

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