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  1. Great atmosphere brought to port by the F-Troop, touch of class stopping mid chant at the end of the game to give Martyn Webster a round of applause as he left the pitch, would have been 20-0 without him in the sticks. Falmouth looking very strong 👏
  2. I’ve only had a couple of injuries over the years Frank! Touch wood that’s all I’ll have. Thank you though, appreciate it 👌. I think Mousehole will have a big say in the title race too, and you can never write off Bodmin and Gilbey.
  3. Agree Leeds. Very below par performance against a side that played superbly, but still.. 3 points!
  4. Best Bickland has looked for years! Surface was superb too. Hat off to West and Milch for all the work they’re doing behind the scenes. A shame the ‘loyal’ F troop keep bringing the whole thing down.
  5. Ahh told by someone who was told by someone else who was told by someone else I assume?
  6. Everyone that has no idea, saying the players that are leaving is due to chasing the money etc... now the management team has gone before a ball has been kicked.. I think there are a few problems behind the scene that’s caused this!
  7. Big Al will be chuffed as nuts when he sees the Falmouth score
  8. Mothers is still going strong down Helston ??
  9. Under 23’s plus 4 first team according to Cardiff’s website. Anthony pilkington, Lee tomlin, Rhys Healey and Brian Murphy (GK)
  10. ????, Big Al you need to go and sit in a dark room and have a quiet word with yourself, you’ve completely lost the plot! Absolute beaut
  11. 'A speculative long ball clearance by st Austell' you mean a through ball from Chris Reski to Martin Watts?
  12. Bob. You failed to mention that the game was at one stage potentially going to be played at camelford on the 8th (Monday night) but camelford moved it back to the 9th, because they predicted 'fog' on Monday evening.
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