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  1. So far this season I have attended and filmed 2 Helston Athletic training sessions, a week-end tour of Exeter and games against Sidmouth Town and Sticker. I am really looking forward to the new season in the Toolstation Western Premier League and I sincerely hope that it will not be curtailed, as they were in the last two. Steve Massey has acquired a number of new players and has let go of some of the older ones. So there is a good blend of youth and experience. Stand out players to date for me are the classy midfielder Archie Reay, signed from Willand Rovers and Josh Storey, back from a serious knee injury and operation. I look forward to offering a variety of videos this season. Home games will follow a similar format to past ones, with Dave Deacon and Tom Howe at the helm on Saturdays and Midweek respectively. We hope to spice it up with some additional help from guests. I also intend to capture many of the away fixtures and cut the action to music. Once the midweek games are over in September, Steve Massey and I will take to the road and do some more "Awayday" videos. You'll be able to read about this venture that we piloted in the late spring in the Sunday Independent and Voice papers sometime very soon. I could't write a post without including a link to a video or two: EXETER AND SIDMOUTH TOURhttps://youtu.be/GY5YFYNhnWc TRAINING ON PERRANPORTH BEACH https://youtu.be/hk81fFXgfME TRAINING AT BOSCOWAN PARK< TRURO https://youtu.be/TCGWFY102Dc
  2. I had the pleasure of spending last Saturday with Steve Massey at the Toolstation Western league Cup Final. It gives a good insight with regard to the standard of the Western League for the 4 Cornish clubs that have been elevated this season. This is the third of our pilot Awayday videos and we would appreciate some feedback for improvements, should we go with this concept next season. Many thanks in anticipation. Mark. Here is the link: https://youtu.be/BIQx70bAPYc
  3. Found some old tapes and put together this long set of video highlights that has never seen online before. YouTube tell me that there might be some issues with it. I am not overly happy about my camerawork either. There is a lovely cameo role from Ray Jennings who passed away in January and sorely missed. Dave Deacon introduces it in a way. https://youtu.be/uIdVUBZgi4o
  4. Olly Brokenshire's Post Match chat with Dave Deacon https://youtu.be/QMkDSPY0ey0
  5. I hope that you are not questioning my integrity. You obviously haven't seen this video. You'll need to watch the back end of it for Steve Massey's post match interview: https://youtu.be/nEQm6TPGHxA
  6. In view of some comments made last night, I'd be interested as to whether those of you who watched the game believe this to be an unbiased set of highlights. There is no post match interview unfortunately; by the time I heard that Steve was available after his post match feedback in the changing room, I'd packed all of the kit away. Dave interviewed Sparkey (St Austell Manager) and the interview can be heard on this week's Cornish Soccer Podcast. https://youtu.be/91GiBzEDLiI
  7. MATCH HIGHLIGHTS https://youtu.be/ggdyuyy3GJU POST MATCH INTERVIEW https://youtu.be/FmPKCO5_ylc
  8. Well said - Newquay looked very good (from the highlight - which are normally Helston centric) I pride myself on telling the story of a game objectively and take issue with the above remark.. If Helston win a game 5:0 as they did on the opening day of the season it is difficult not to feature more action from Helston. Where visiting teams have genuine near misses I will endeavour to include them. Anyone who was at the Newquay game will, I hope, feel that I have been evenhanded with my selection of clips. In fact I was guided by my commentator’s notes.
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