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  1. The third round hasn’t been considered there for a start.
  2. AFC Wimbledon jumped very high when they started from fresh. The league system allows ANY team to apply for any vacancy should the merited promotion places not be fulfilled. This has always been the case as much as I’m aware of.
  3. I already quoted that other teams in the PPG running had played others, exactly proving my point, that the teams profiting from this have mainly avoided each other. I stated I haven’t looked at every teams fixtures played and cancelled, nor will I try, but the obvious observation was to check the 4 fixtures between each of the above. At Mousehole, we’d played all the sides twice bar Falmouth, but this isn’t about us. It’s about fairness and the integrity of sport. Whilst I wouldn’t expect such calculations, the only fair ways would be: 1. Count 1 single fixture against each side, but this still wouldn’t work due to home advantage. 2. FIFA Coefficient style grading, where the points gained depends on the oppositions ranking. Obviously, this would take way too much time to administer. A league is just that, each team plays each other once, home and away, the same as every other team. Why do results get voided when a team pulls out, if this format is allowed to go ahead?
  4. For me, it’s not fair. It’s going to seem a bit sour grapes following Mousehole, but of the teams that have been promoted via PPG, they’ve not played each other often. That alone would drop points, let alone the fact these are technically the top sides. For example, Helston and Saltash didn’t play a single game against each other in either season. Millbrook and Ilfracombe played each other once. Other teams in the PPG top 5, have played against other sides. For me, coming from and supporting Swindon, accepted this last season as it suited us, so I completely understand, but it didn’t feel right. I’ve not analysed who’s played who across the seasons, but those stats alone show that it’s not been completely fair, especially in the East, where there was 0.15 of a point between 2nd and 5th. A single win or loss for any of these sides would have changed it all. This lack of consistency of opposition, is why I’m opposed. It was bad enough the EFL doing it for a single season, let alone this suggestion of 2 combined, where some teams have never met and others have met 4 times!
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