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  1. Pressure goes with the territory. Leigh and Michael have backed themselves and believe that they can get Truro City up the league. They have inherited an unfit side, - one, not of their making. The three lads that came in yesterday will strengthen the squad and there will be more comings and goings in the next week or two no doubt. I did not see the 2:1 defeat coming at all yesterday. Truro City deserved to win on every count and looked like a side that would work their way up the league table. All they need is time, two or three more quality players and a bit of luck.
  2. Piran

    F A Cup

    A belter of anFA Cup replay - a great advert for Non league football. .Dave Deacon is the commentator and Ben Gerring the summariser League
  3. The Cornish boys did their county, themselves and their coaches proud
  4. It could and should have been so different. Have a look for yourself https://youtu.be/sz-Icoxr530
  5. Just to complete the hat- trick here is my short interview with one of the goal scorers Tyler Harvey
  6. I have always wanted to travel on the Spirit of Truro as it used to be called and I had my wish fulfilled on Saturday. It was a long old day and the performance was bitterly disappointing. Here is my little montage. The music after the ads may be a tad too high but I'm not changing it now. Match footage courtesy of FC Video. All of my work was filmed on my new iPhone and Zhiyun Smooth 4 gimbal.
  7. Here is the link to my Piran FIlms You Tube channel for the extended highlights. Please could I ask those of you who have not clicked the "subscribe" button before to think about it now. I need 1000 subscribers to become a fully-fledged You Tube partner. Thanks. Mark https://www.youtube.com/user/Piranmark?disable_polymer=true
  8. Piran

    No news about anything!

    Thanks Somersetspur
  9. Thanks Mark, Gazer and CornishFan95. I don't know if you've seen our second attempt at YouTube Live yesterday. They are much better than at the Welling game.
  10. As there are so many Truro City fans who are unable or disinclined to make the long trek to Torquay I have decided to experiment with two new innovations and changes to keep the fans in the loop: 1) To use You Tube Live at 2:30pm, half time and after the match - for news updates and interviews. The quality of the streamed image probably is down to my old iPhone, which is due for an upgrade. I hope you'll find the actual content of a much higher order. Even if you have not subscribed to my You Tube channel or follow me on twitter for the alerts and miss them going live, the videos are available on my Piran Films channel within a few minutes of filming and the completion of the processing. 2) Extended highlights rather than the three minute version found on the Truro City website and edited in Armenia. I always try to tell a story with my videos but you're obviously free to scroll through using the graphics that I now use. This is a forum and I enjoy debates. So let's have some feedback. Enjoy this video. It was an action packed game with an exciting climax which I have milked a bit, in the build-up. My thanks on this occasion to Dave Gibbins for his excellent commentary and YouTube Live updates and interviews.
  11. Piran

    No news about anything!

    Yesterday Dave Gibbins (former BBC Spotlight sports presenter) and I did four You Tube Live updates from Plainmoor: at 2:30pm (team changes and the like), half time and straight after the game, as well as a 9 minute interview with caretaker manager Ben Harding. We are doing our level best to keep Truro City fans who don't make the "home" games in the loop. The 18 minute extended highlights would be on You Tube now, but for the Vanarama National League embargo. If you are serious and concerned about any lack of communication and did miss the Piran Films You Tube updates, why not subscribe to our channel and press the grey bell for alerts!
  12. We're mindful that many Truro City supporters will not be making the trek to Torquay tomorrow, for whatever reason, and so we'll going to try and extend our coverage and provide live updates during the afternoon. We're hoping to experiment with YouTube Live tomorrow, (depending on wi-fi and quality of my iPhone) of the game against Welling United. We'll be reporting at @ 2.30pm, half time and at the end of the game. If you are a Piran Films You Tube subscriber be sure to tap the grey bell for an alert. If you miss it live, they should be available straight afterwards. The last time I filmed the fixture - at Treyew Rd obviously - teenagers Cody Cook and Jordan Coop featured. I am hoping for a better result and performance tomorrow at Torquay. Here's the video from March 2013