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The FA ruining non league football


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In an utterly bizarre turn of events, some Non-League sides could be set for relegation because of the size of their changing rooms.

After a meeting last night, the FA are demanding clubs in step three and step four in the National League pyramid have an 18 square meters dressing room for both home and away players, as well as a changing room of 6 square meters for those officiating the game.

The governing body have written to clubs who do not currently comply with the new requirements introduced and there punishment if they cannot get it sorted.

New, large dressing rooms need to be done no later than 31 March 2019 and those who don't will be exempt from promotion or the play-offs this season irrespective of their league position.

The second point made in the letter, published by journalist Ollie Bayliss, stresses that if the aforementioned deadline and requirements are not met, clubs will be relegated to step five if they do not deliver necessary paperwork to the league and FA by 31 March.


Lastly, if they submit the relevant documents but do not get the project done in time, clubs will be forced to have their ground closed, play their home games at a different venue and hope that it is competed by 31 March 2020 or else they face relegation at the end of the 2019/20 campaign.

All in all, it appears to be a very unreasonable request from the head honchos at the FA, particularly given the fact small clubs cannot generate the funds needed.

Here's hoping something can be done about it because it doesn't seem fair at all.

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It said it was written this morning.


Frome Town FC have commented on the matter via Twitter and describe it as an “incredible decision” from the FA.

The Somerset club appear most unhappy at the prospect of relegation based on the planning application processing time.

Non-league clubs across the county now face a race to be ready to have plans completed by early next year.

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On 31/10/2018 at 15:17, TheolderIgetthebetterIwas said:

Below the premiership,  football does not exist for the FA.


I think that until recently older, you could be near the mark. However, recently the press have said that there is concern within the FA for grass roots football, and, an expressed intent to do something about this. What we want to see, is a large financial input and concentrated effort to assist grass root football. Financial incentive for schools and right through local football at all levels. 

If financial and practical assistance isn't given soon by the FA, the game in this country - the game that has been our ''national game'', could fade away altogether. That would be a catastrophe for all lovers of the game.

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1 hour ago, Keith B said:

Mmm - I hope you're wrong older.

Not just football.

We've lost two sides in recent years, so have our local rugby and cricket clubs.

Both clubs have thriving youth sections, but it collapses when they get to 15/16 years of age.

Too much organised, too young, should be jumpers for goalposts.

Let them enjoy themselves....stop the coaching from 6 years of age...ridiculous at this level! 

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So much gets drilled into players at such a young age. To much pressure put on them. Parents are the worse. Also youngesters in all  sports gets their hopes up by coaches telling them they can go far. When they find out they aren’t good enough, players give up so clubs in all sports struggle for solids sides each season so struggle behind the scenes to keep going 

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