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  1. Fanfare

    Managers, what do they know?

    Would a manager need a qualification if he has a qualified coach?
  2. Fanfare

    Introduction to Refereeing

    It's a shame players who clock up (x) amount of bookings or points for dissent/abusing the officials aren't made to attend to understand what is entailed. It might not change anything but the dire shortage we are suffering is unlikely to get better if no positive action is taken.
  3. Isn't it Nick Pugliese? Simon Fisher is listed twice
  4. I suppose you're better...🤔
  5. Fanfare

    Trevor Mewton game posts

    I know it's a good cause and that but does it really have to be posted on each forum? The reminders, the squads and now that a referee is needed. Don't like having a gripe but sometimes it's too much.
  6. Fanfare

    Bodmin vs Falmouth

    I think Bodmin will comfortably win this. Maybe 3-1. After confidently predicting that Saltash would beat Sticker and St Austell would beat Falmouth and getting them wrong I hope to be proved wrong again.
  7. Fanfare

    SWPL 3rd Round draw

    Hopefully a few penalties will be awarded when the team is winning comfortably. Has there been a season when the majority of the first team have scored? Wasn't there a season when Sid Taylor scored but Paul Waters didn't?
  8. If I don't do it someone else will. Truro expect to be playing home games at Plainmoor next season after all. Press release coming in the morning...
  9. When did "Stoke Climsland First" withdraw from Duchy League Division 2? I'm assuming they have withdrawn as they've not played yet and don't appear on any fixture list. I didn't even know they had a second team!
  10. She can't run the country but I'd love to see her ruin Truro City!! 😂
  11. I'm guessing there won't be a Torpoint match report tonight 🙄
  12. Haha I'm sure PM would try for that as well given the chance!
  13. With so much abuse and personal insults on this forum, I read this and it certainly puts things into perspective. Report comes from The Cornish Times. Saltash United defender Caleb Summerfield has been given the all-clear after having tests on his heart and respiratory system. The 18-year-old left back needed treatment from paramedics after having to be substituted during Wednesday’s Carlsberg South West Peninsula League premier division game against Exmouth Town at Kimberley Stadium. Saltash manager Matt Cusack said: ‘It is good news for Caleb but we won’t play him at the weekend.’ Summerfield looked to be having breathing problems early on in Wednesday’s match but he continued playing until two minutes before half-time when he went down holding his back. After treatment during the half-time break, Summerfield re-emerged for the second half but collapsed again on the hour, when he was substituted. He walked back to the dressing room but he continued to feel unwell and he received further treatment from paramedics in an ambulance outside the Kimberley Stadium ground.
  14. Fanfare

    Strikers needed asap

    The joys of being a second team.
  15. Fanfare

    Players tape

    I hate working nights!
  16. Sometimes a player is reluctant to admit he can't continue. Stuart Pearce once played on with a broken leg and didn't want to go off. Thankfully this was a situation that had a happy ending.
  17. You were nearly right Big Al! Another come back leading to a 3-2 win. For a team near the top they seem to concede a lot (I know this was the cup) and seem to be living on their luck but a win is a win.
  18. Fanfare

    Players tape

    As a referee does it bother you about the colour of tape? To me it seems petty but that's my opinion.
  19. I hope Falmouth's inconsistencies don't show themselves tonight. After a lucky draw on Tuesday this could be a difficult local derby. Barrie Wyatt has saved a few penalties in games between the two sides last season so it it's still level after 120 minutes I would edge towards a Blues win but as for the game itself I wouldn't like to call a winner.
  20. Yeah but not word for word or signed by PM.
  21. Penzance/Hayle 1-0 Wendron at halftime
  22. Truro City's chairman has just issued the following statement "WE HAVE been advised by Jonathan Cox, Helical Retail, that Lidi will be issuing a termination notice which effectively brings the current Treyew Road Lidi/Helical contract to an end and will allow Lidi to seek alternative sites around Truro. Helical have again confirmed that their Development Contract with JIL remains in place until September 2019 which could mean that no building will take place at Treyew Road for the foreseeable future. We will now discuss this latest position with our advisors, League and JIL and decide the best way forward. Finally we wish to make it clear that this latest news does not effect the Stadium for Cornwall or Truro City FC’s role in it. Peter Masters Chairman