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  1. Chaddlewood play at Yealmpton, off the main road through the village opposite a farm shop type place. Last time I had data for Plympton, they were at Devonport High School 3G along with several other teams.
  2. Yes, there has been a relaxation of the 25% reserve teams rules to enable the new leagues to be set up. I hope this relaxation is temporary, as the FA do seem to be bent on making everything completely uniform across the country, regardless of different needs in different areas.
  3. From the FA ground gradings requirement for Step 7: " The maximum slope allowable shall not exceed an even gradient of vertical to horizontal 1 : 41 in any direction. " There isn't really too much in the grading documents that clubs have to do at pitchside for Step 7, dugouts (temporary ones are OK as long as they are properly fixed when in use) and at a minimum a roped-off pitch on the sides spectators can use. The main criteria for this level are related to the changing rooms.
  4. According to FA Full-Time Premier Division Looe Town 1-2 Liskeard Athletic reserves Saltash United 3-0 Callington Town reserves Tavistock reserves 0-1 Torpoint Athletic reserves Wadebridge Town reserves 1-1 St Stephens Borough Division One Mevagissey 3-2 Lanreath St Blazey reserves 1-4 Newquay reserves St Minver 2-3 Padstow United League Cup Quarter Finals Polperro 0-3 AFC St Austell reserves St Stephen 3-2 Plymstock United reserves
  5. It was certainly advertised on here - I applied to offer my services back in October, but never even had the courtesy of a "No thanks" reply back from Cornwall FA.
  6. That would have been the case with the SWP in the same timeframe. You are right about the sanction to relegate a team that does not accept a compulsory promotion - it happened to Andover Town last summer after they decided they couldn't step up to Step 4 after their major sponsor pulled out, so were unceremoniously dumped to Step 6 (Wessex League Division One) where they've struggled all season.
  7. Plenty of Cornish clubs already in the pyramid system thanks to the existence of the South West Peninsula League (plus of course Truro City rather higher up).
  8. First team to pull out of the Combination mid-season since Truro City reserves in 2006-07 (Only other one was Camborne School of Mines in 1964-65.)
  9. St Columb 2-3 St Minver reserves So close to a second point of the season for St Columb, but credit to St Minver for trying to play football on a sticky pitch. A rip-roaring first half ended 2-2, the hosts taking an early lead, Minver scoring twice in quick succession after half an hour but then gifting St Columb an equaliser through an own goal. Less action in the second half, the one true moment of class deciding the game when a corner was met with a bullet header for the visitors to take all three points.
  10. Bere Alston to T'side is only just over an hour, to put that into a Cornish perspective that's about as long as say Wadebridge to Falmouth (according to the directions on Google Maps). It's journeys like Ilfracombe to Axminster (which is the sort of journeys rhey'll have even if Devon Step 7 is split into two that is coming on for double the time.
  11. You don't apply for "The West 6", clubs applied for the Step 6 divisions, and the split between East & West will be done once the final list of clubs is known. While the border is expected to be around the Cornwall/Devon border, it's going to need an extremely fortuitous selection of the clubs to make it exactly so, so you could have say Elburton in the West OR say Launceston in the East, and clubs on the border between the two divisions could be shifted from season to season as League membership changes. The club I am worried for is Holsworthy. If the Devon side of the Step 7 leagues end up with only one division due to numbers, they are going to be out on a limb and may be more suited to the Cornwall division, yet I understand the new Cornwall Step 7 division is, at the moment, proposed to be Cornwall only.
  12. No. In relation to Cornwall, clubs will be in one Step 6 division, part of the Peninsula League ("West" but basically Cornwall), and one Step 7, the new league. The list of applicants for both levels will be released shortly. A list of categories of "priority" for the Step 6 allocations has already been released by the SWPL, and it seems to make perfect sense. Applications for Step 7 can have come from any interested party, they don't need to be members of the Cornwall Combination or East Cornwall League, they could have come from the Duchy or Trelawny setups as well (or I guess in theory Kilkhampton from the North Devon League) Of the clubs you have mentioned, I would expect the likes of Liskeard, Wadebridge & St Blazey to have applied for the Step 6 setup, maybe St Dennis as well. I asked at Dobwalls a couple of weeks ago and they have definitely applied for Step 7 (i.e. the same level as where they are now), but have plans for ground developments over the next couple of years which could make them future candidates for Step 6.
  13. Any first teams from the current Step 7 division that don't step up to Step 6, plus some potential new entrants.
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