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  1. St Agnes 1-4 Illogan RBL Always enjoy my annual visit to St Agnes, and yesterday was no exception. Some excellent goals and nice to see a match where both teams almost always accepted the referee's decisions and neither manager was constantly shouting and ranting trying to influence the man in black. Illogan's first goal was a cross from the right by their young winger, it skimmed the near post. hit the back post and went in. St Agnes equalised just after the break with a powerful header from a right sided corner Illogan's second was the pick of the five, a superb one touch passing move through the middle of the pitch finished off with applomb, and their third was a beautiful curling free kick from not far outside the box, and finished it off right before the end.
  2. Richard Rundle

    2000 Game Milestone

    There is an "all-time table" here : http://www.cornwallcomboleague.co.uk/alltimelist.htm which gives the total number of points as if every season was on a 2 points for a win basis, and if every season was on 3 points for a win, but the number of actual accumulated points is not shown! There must be an error on the table, the total number of draws is shown as 3061 - surely it must be an even number?
  3. Richard Rundle

    DUCHY LEAGUE - Saturday Sept 1 2018

    Presumably that's the same pitch at Mary Tavy that has been used in recent times by Mary Tavy FC, Ordulph Arms and Princetown?
  4. Depends on which clubs make up the new Step 7 divisions. It may well be easier to link Holsworthy with Cornish clubs than linking them with Plymouth area ones, for instance.
  5. There's only 15 teams in their division as it is!
  6. Minimum dugout size isn't even regulated at Step 7, let alone below that.
  7. FA Cup Extra Preliminary Round Bodmin Town 4-4 Keynsham Town I've fallen on my feet when selecting games in the first week of the SWPL season - an excellent game at Godolphin on Tuesday night and now this. Bodmin were clinical in front of goal in the first half, 3 good chances and 3 goals. Keynsham had a lot of the ball, but Bodmin defended deep and crowded the visitors players really well meaning they got very few chances, but they did manage one goal to make the HT score 3-1. After the break, Bodmin's defence began to loosen and Keynsham came back into it getting back to 3-2 before Bodmin added a fourth. Game over? No not a bit of it as Keynsham made it 4-3 and then 4-4 and even had another disallowed (neither the Bodmin nor Keynsham fans near me knew for what) a couple of minutes before the end. Well done to both teams on providing such an excellent game, just sorry I can't make the replay on Tuesday night.
  8. Richard Rundle

    Godolphin vs Tavistock

    Agree with all posted above; this was an excellent game of football and great value for your £5. Both keepers (especially the Godolphin one) made some superb saves, and both also benefitted from some pinball in the box with the ball ending up in their arms. And, also agree with the praise of the officials, they played their part in making the match so watchable.
  9. Fallen? Last season they equalled their second highest position in their history.