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  1. Perranwell won't be the same when that pitch is flat!
  2. Quick to advertise, not so quick to post a result
  3. I could see ECPL agreeing, the Combo not agreeing and we have another Brexit style situation happening....
  4. There's nothing to stop clubs like St Ives Town joining next season or in the future. In 1951, 12 'brave' clubs competed in a new league known as the South Western League. Clubs including Helston, Tavistock and Wadebridge saw it to be a positive step forward and within a few years Bugle and Camelford joined the fold and although some clubs fell by the wayside, the league became a success and some wish it was still operating now.
  5. This whole new league thing has gone over my head so not really following it. My question is will it result in more games at weekend or about the same? Meaning the elite (Newquay, Falmouth, Bodmin, St Austell etc) still having three neutral officials for games as is the case now.
  6. There is an E in Bridgwater! But you got in before me
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