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Sam Shulberg joins Seagulls

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Mousehole and the Endorsed Academy have significantly bolstered their strategy for a bright future with the appointment of Sam Shulberg, who will play a multiple role in the club’s long-term plans.


Shulberg was the First-team goalkeeping coach at Yeovil Town - the youngest in Football League history – and stepped in as Assistant Manager on an occasion, as well as being instrumental in the set up of their Academy.  Joining from Torquay United where he began coaching the First team and ended up running the Academy, he is a UEFA-qualified coach. 


As the inaugural Head of Education for the Endorsed Academy, the 23-year old will be responsible for both Further and Higher Education Learning, which will form an integral and vital part of the partnership between Endorsed and Mousehole AFC.   


The 23-year old is full of enthusiasm for his new venture:  “The ambitious developments and vision of Mousehole and the Endorsed Academy are very much in line with my own thinking.  I’m delighted to be able to make a contribution as we continue to realise the potential in this untouched ‘goldmine’ area for young talent. I’m looking forward to breaking new ground with the Head of Education role, as we develop exciting plans to build an incredible club and sports platform in Cornwall.”


Shulberg is no stranger to Mousehole, as he deputised in goal for the injured Steve Parker-Billinge when The Seagulls pulled off a shock 3-2 win in the League Cup at unbeaten leaders Ludgvan earlier in the season.


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Have to agree with Burt. Saves any misunderstanding on what is and what isn’t an academy!

34 minutes ago, David187 said:

So are Mousehole Afc running a football Academy then ? If someone from the Club could just clarify that would be great.

Best to go direct to them as club don’t post directly on here.

Or if that’s no good -  I’m sure the Cornwall Fa would clarify.

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Is this a serious post by Mousehole.

Sam was in the U18 squad when the Torquay Academy folded due to relegation of the first team. He moved to Yeovil to work with the former Torquay Academy manager   looking after younger players - doing a very small stint as interim goalkeeping coach. Good luck to the lad but....... 

Mosehole are doing some great stuff, but why do they always want to oversell everything 

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The concern is that if a Club is categorizing itself as a "academy" or "centre of excellence" then they have to adhere to the FA criteria which is set to clearly identify the difference between a grassroots Club and a professional Academy or Centre of excellence, ie Academy players must train a minimum of 4 hours a week and be signed to a minimum 1 years contract and a maximum 2 years which then excludes them from grassroots (Club) football, a player must then de register from said Academy to return to play grassroots (Club) football, Academys or Centres of excellence must also give 7 days clear notice to a players Club before any approach is made for any such trial etc, i can go on and on but the point im trying to make here is that if your playing in grassroots football leagues against Club teams and players are not contracted to your Club for the minimum 1 year term (which excludes them from playing grassroots football) then you cannot classify your Club as a Academy or Centre of excellence, by all means try to move forward and improve in the correct channels but not by mis leading people into something that it is clearly not.

Then also the concern is a Club obtains all the best local talent through dishonest means for short term success thus having a detrimental impact on football in the local area, especially at youth level

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18 hours ago, David187 said:

I have asked and had mixed answers from different people who are associated with the Club, seems to be a very misinterpreted area especially amongst the immediate areas, a simple public response would clear all the misunderstanding up

Like I suggested - go to the Cornwall FA to get your answer.

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