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  1. Totally agree, this should apply to managers as well to show loyalty to 1 Club thus providing a concrete example to the said youngsters don't you think ?
  2. Rodney wether we agree or disagree that is our own entitlement to an opinion, the argument for paying players will continue for evermore with divided opinions I’m sure. I hope now these loyal Clubmen you have referenced to will stick with the Club in these torrid times, personally I actually agree with you that now upon losing Senior status it will never return ? I do hope I’m wrong but the odds are certainly stacked against the future of St Just AFC.
  3. Also I’m sure some of the older generation of players will stay loyal to their Club Isaac and help them through this difficult period don’t you ?
  4. For the record Isaac there was no implication or accusations that you ever funded or took money out of the Club, I’m not disputing you raised and paid the money from your own sources however generated.
  5. I knew he wouldn’t stay quiet for long ! Back with the accusations and insults and even naming this time, let’s put this to bed: 1. You’re not Life President, you invented the role for yourself and there are no records of the appointment ever taking place. 2. The decision to enter into the St Pirans League was not a rational one and merely a knee jerk reaction to what you thought needed to happen whilst in your arm chair 100’s of miles away where you reside, if they stayed in the Combination League then maybe it would have been sustainable. 3. Again your answer is to throw money at the issue ! The Club is in this mess due to that very problem, how would injecting more money into the team for 1 or 2 seasons help the Club in anyway ? Are you going to keep the payments covered for the foreseeable future ? I thought not. Get the local lads playing again at the Club and start playing for the badge rather than a token gesture in a brown envelope. 4. You are so quick to jump in and make key decisions in regards to any matter that arises at the Club so why don’t you run the place ? If not just let those in charge get on with it for Christ sake.
  6. As far as I’m aware they had 4 players, this is another example of a local Club bringing money into the changing room for a very limited period of time without a long term sustainable plan thus the inevitable happening, very short term gain has basically resulted in the demise of the Clubs status as a “Senior” Club.
  7. 😂😂😂😂 silence at last On a serious note I wish all the good folk at St Just AFC all the best and hopefully see you all back in senior football where you belong
  8. Good luck to both and Ludgvan for the new season ahead.
  9. He’s not a Club official nor a life President (which doesn’t exist) at St Just AFC so these statements need to be made from the Club secretary
  10. Surely your St Just will now reapply for the St Piran West division Keith?
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