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  1. Government has scared everyone shitless. Its quite simple in my eyes. When the time comes, if you dont feel safe going to a football match, DONT GO! but dont keep the rest of us from going for the sake of a few suffering with Covidphobia
  2. OMG - lets just cut our throats now shall we?
  3. Most people now want to return to life while abiding by the rules set by the government. Those who are not happy with that are free to stay indoors until they have they confidence to resume life
  4. For anyone that has read the daily express article (there must be someone) regarding the list of cities at risk of imminent (Plymouth is on the list) this is a tweet calling out the rag. “This article is suggesting lockdown imminent based on increases in Pillar 1 cases. Let's take one example from the list: York. Cases have gone up from 0 in week to 19 June to ... a total of 2 in week up to 26 June. And no Pillar 1 cases at all reported since 21st June!” try and not fall for the scaremongering press
  5. Agree!!! I haven’t yet seen any legitimate reason as to why football can’t start in September yet providing the current downward trend is maintained. Agree it’s been a terrible time. However we are on the right path. By the time September comes around I’m sure/hope that we will be in an even more improved position.
  6. 15 deaths today and infection rate under 1k for the first time since lockdown started. life will be returning despite those with covidphobia not agreeing to it.
  7. It sits very well with me. I’ve observed the rules perfectly. However I recognise that the situation is dramatically improving all the time. The chance of catching the virus is now small and getting smaller all the time. By the time August / September comes around I don’t see an issue with the football restarting. Every step of the way numbers have continued to fall. Despite all the stay at home scientists saying they would go back up. Hence my VE Day comment. You have no idea that the latest Release of lockdown will result in a spike. There is zero evidence to suggest it will. Providing the numbers keep going the way they are. There is absolutely no reason football can’t start in August ( friendlies) September league games
  8. That is absolute poppycock. Of course they are preparing, they would be foolish not too. Doesn’t mean it’s happening though. Nowhere else in Europe is there any sign of a second wave coming not here either. I see Phil Hiscox in the falmouth packet today saying changing rooms will be used as normal when they leagues restart which is likely to be September. As for club houses I see the government advisers have reportedly now given the green light to cut the 2m down to 1m. Hopefully by the turn of the year it will be gone completely and life in clubhouses will be back to normal, brimming with parties and functions. There is more to life than football, that’s absolutely true, however sooner or later life needs to return and the risk assessment will be down to the individual. Those who don’t feel safe will of course have the option to stay home.
  9. I suppose you warned everyone about the VE street parties as well? Not even a ripple! it’s my belief that it’s dying out now and the September return proposal with friendlies in August is a realistic and fair plan. Those who talk about waiting for a vaccine are free to do so if they wish. But the majority wish to crack on with life should the infection/death rate continue to fall. let’s hope those suffering with ‘covidphobia’ don’t prevent the return of football
  10. Are you suggesting that clubs should have factored 'worldwide pandemic' into their budget forecasts?
  11. What does that have to do with anything?
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