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  1. What does that have to do with anything?
  2. Sorry I thought it was common knowledge that both helston and saltash wanted and planned to take promotion. However with other teams still in the mix how could you just gift it I them?
  3. Actually you couldn’t be more wrong. My comment was born out of the fact you can’t just gift promotions to teams. It’s unfair!
  4. You cant gift promotion to teams, Saltash and Helston yet to play each other in the league, if one side won both encounters who's to say the teams below wouldn't have pipped one of them to second place. The only fair way to do it is to start again next season in exactly the same league they started this one. If Mr Massey doesn't like it then unfortunately its a bitter pill he will have to swallow. He will then have to decide if he does it all again next season. It doesn't matter what people have spent! There is no rule to suggest that if you spend a certain amount of money the rules are tailored for your benefit. He wont be the only victim, i'm sure there will be individuals up and down the country on edge thinking their investments are all for nothing.
  5. Most clubs rely on income from staging home games. If the season is cancelled I can see a number of clubs going under and being wiped off the face of the earth. Local football is facing it’s biggest test since the Second World War in my opinion.
  6. Is it any wonder not many post on here. Even a post about coronavirus is hijacked by Big Al. More frustrating is the same old people biting to his nonsense
  7. With the Government about to move into the delay stage in their fight against the Coronavirus, will this season even reach its natural conclusion? Many experts say we are on the same trajectory as Italy who as we all know are in national Lockdown. Something similar here would obviously wipe out the local football season which would have far reaching effects on clubs who rely on footfall through the gates and in their bars to survive. I cant help but worry that Local football is about to go through a large scale crisis.
  8. Or In this circumstance could it be the best team are the victims of their own success, due to still being in all cup competitions mixed with a crazy winter now have a ridiculous back log of games
  9. The situation hasn’t really changed. I think Saltash we’re always going to have to beat Helston twice and that remains the case. Had they lost the game yesterday then that would be a different story all together. Important comeback in terms of the title race. I see Helston host Saltash on Saturday week.
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