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  1. To be fair that’s without getting into the disciplinary record on the pitch
  2. The St Blazey committee have a decision to make here in my opinion. Terrible disciplinary record on the pitch and the issues off the pitch yesterday. St Blazey supporters or not those guilty were at the game via association with the managers which in turn drags the clubs name thorough the mud.
  3. It was the violence and criminal damage that arrests were made for.
  4. How many more ‘off the field’ incidents are St Blazey going to be involved in
  5. Well these lads are only at the game because they are friends with the management who all drink at the same pub. This is the second incident involving Blazey fans this season. I think it’s about time the club are punished.
  6. What’s it got to do with you or anyone else if he goes to games or not?
  7. You have to say that Helston are the firm favourites now. Great result tonight for them away to mousehole winning 1-0. Helston just don’t look like slipping up
  8. You Often Hear players comment that Artificial Pitches are great for training but not matches and if the season was from February -November there would be no alignment with the rest of the country therefore no Fa cup or Fa Vase. Plus sometimes in the height of summer the Pitches are absolutely rock solid and burnt to a crisp - Just wouldn't work
  9. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that the saltash chairman stood down
  10. Matt Cusack discussing the team of the week; '' I’m absolutely delighted to win Team of the Week and fully expected to beat Helston to that award. Regardless of their achievement in the league the award is for Team of the Week, so in the past week we have beaten Helston and Callington: we have had the best results and we should be winning that. Credit to everyone for the award because it was a real team effort. "
  11. He drinks in the same pub as the manager. That’s his connection
  12. All Conquering Season Fa Cup - DNQ Fa Vase - Out Senior Cup - Out League Cup - Out Charity Cup - Semi final ( not much to shout about) well positioned in the league Currently . The league title is still all to play for, Helston have a big 3 weeks now playing the top sides. I still think any of the top 4 can win it. If helston win it then fair enough. However it isn’t beyond the realms of fantasy that for all the alleged Money being spent, Helston could end up with NOTHING.
  13. Read it was due to having a young family.
  14. Great entertainment at Kimberley. Win not only puts the ashes into the next round but also puts down the gauntlet in the league.
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