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  1. Tavistock, Exmouth and Plymouth Argyle departing has significantly weakened this division.
  2. A sizeable Gap between 5th and 6th appearing now
  3. Or perhaps the players were able to play without the pressure and worry of being shouted at every 5 minutes
  4. To be fair he wasn't going to turn down St Austell to stay at Godolphin
  5. It’s a complete disgrace what these fake accounts have been doing for a few years now. The abuse that they have inflicted towards club officials, players and management is an outrage. I hope the police get involved with the recent racial attack, and that leads to those cowards hiding behind fake accounts being outed
  6. That’s a bit rich coming from you. Mine was only a playful comment. Grateful for the match report
  7. Only Steve Massey would commission a film crew to follow him around for the day then in turn continues to make Helston a target via some of his comments.
  8. Watched the game also tonight. Saltash were truly incredible first 15 minutes. Kept Launceston at arms length for the rest of the game.
  9. As Mark said. All leagues have big results. Western Premier yesterday Parkway won 5-0 Bridgewater won 8-1
  10. So a couple of weeks into the season, Most teams have played twice so here is the latest Odds - Mousehole 3-1 Saltash 3-1 St Austell 12-1 Helston 25-1 Falmouth 50-1 Bodmin 50-1 Newquay 100-1 Launceston 250-1 Godolphin 500-1 Camelford 500-1 Porthleven 600 -1 Liskeard 850-1 Dobwalls 1000-1 Wadebridge 1000-1 Penzance 1000-1 St Dennis 1500-1 Wendron 3000-1 St Blazey 6000 -1 Sticker 6000-1 Callington 7000-1 Next Odds update during September
  11. 59 views. Seems people are really interested in Steve's Life Story.
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