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  1. 100% - so so sorry for you mate, wish there was something I could do. Take care
  2. Richard / Dave et al - each year you have to come on the forum making a plea to the hundreds of people who use / read the forum for the very small running costs to keep it ad free and totally independent - and each year it’s like pulling teeth. I know money is tight for everyone at the moment with furloughs / redundancies etc and there is little football to talk about BUT there have been over 400 individual views on this link - that’s £2 each (a can of beer) for a years worth of moans and banter about the sport we all love. I know you can’t say it - but it’s pretty poor from some forum users imo Its worth the money just for the daily jokes from Billy and fenman. I don’t mean to offend, come on guys.
  3. Dave / Richard - just put £25 in the pot, keep up the great work, without you guys local football would have no ‘voice’
  4. hoppit - you are of course right and safety of everyone comes first and cannot be ignored. I think we are all just missing local football so much - and hopefully enjoy the more, once we can spectate, together, again. In that context I hope Mark Smith will do well along with any new coaches / managers taking on the reigns - it is a big step as finances and egos often dictate squads - but I believe Mark is setting off from a good footing - he built a ‘team’ with St Austell Reserves, and from rumour is looking to do the same with the firsts - looking at players based on skill and ability - and perhaps not just ‘reputation’. Good luck to all - and keep safe
  5. Bobjfh


    Does Mike Tindall not count as a Rugby World Cup winner for England, although he did marry into the Royal family?
  6. Slightly contentious and not a personal view, but if Jeff can get away with the Vicar joke........... Hours after the end of the world, a border dispute emerged between heaven and hell. God invited the devil for conversations to find a way to resolve this dispute quickly. Satan, the devil, proposed a soccer game between heaven and hell. God, always fair, told the devil, "The heat must be affecting your brain, the game would be so one sided, don't you know all the 'good' players go to heaven?" The devil, smiling, responded "Yeah, but we've got all the refs'..."
  7. A man visits his local zoo, for the first time. He walks around the zoo and it was completely empty, except for one enclosure with a dog in it. It was a shitzu
  8. It’s a strange one because I agree with all the posts about Helston fielding first team players - it’s frustrating but it’s in the rules and down to fist team managers to decide if they want to play (and presumably pay) their higher ranked players in Reserve sides. It happened last year in the Prem with Argyle - one week 6 or 7 full time pros the next a squad of 17 year olds. It should motivate teams to play better but does make a bit of a mockery of league positions. The flip side is when some teams play reserve players for the first side (like St Austell in last weeks Senior Cup, Mullion didn’t complain). Postman Pat summed it up best -‘ suck it up and get on with it’.
  9. RVP and WOTP - which such an important run of fixtures coming up (you can’t win the league pre Christmas but you can lose it) - what are your thoughts on your ‘senior’ players playing mid week games in the SWPL - I know WOTP, you did post about the home teams managers input on such games but if you lost a couple of players through injury in such games it would / could really impact on your final position?
  10. Good luck MTC for all at Exmouth. Please keep your Cornish friends updated with your progress
  11. Great result and start to the season. Nice to see that Tavistock and Exmouth got off to winning starts as well - same there are no contributors to the forum from those clubs so we can keep up with old friends and rivals.
  12. This is a real shame for St Just and all involved, we can’t afford to lose clubs like them from senior football. Just as an aside - is there not a team in the Combo who would want to ‘swap’ and take on each other’s fixtures (where there any teams who missed on applying for promotion to St Piran league?) Things have changed so much this season that I am sure exceptions could be made - although I appreciate it would still be a big ask for St Just - it would just keep their history going?
  13. Personally believe there will be a few ‘shocks’ this season - Everyone know what they are getting with Saltash and both Helston and Newquay were mid table teams who have added quality. Falmouth are similar but have lost a key player and St Austell / Bodmin are basing this year on majorly different teams - some old names and some untested names. None of the promoted teams have been tested at a higher level but Porthleven / Mousehole could spring surprises as could the remaining Prem teams from last season - some of whom have gone under the radar with team changes. Again personally I think we could all choose a fairly accurate top quarter of the league but I don’t think any team will run away with the title - time will tell.
  14. Fair write up Mark, personally think Penryn will do very well this season - they have a good squad and their addition(s) this year have strengthen what looked like a team who have played together for a while - Jack will fill his boots in that league. You could also tell they were on their 4th preseason game and the No 2 (sorry I can’t remember his name but he may have been the goal scorer - he seemed to play all over the place) was excellent Camels have made some very good additions this year and once settled and have a few more pre seasons game together will (IMO) have a good season - and may surprise a few in the Prem. I think Reg has stayed on for another season as last year was a nightmare (loosing 4 of the best young players in the county to university and an unbelievable run of injuries in vital positions) - hopefully if his last year it will finish much better!! I actually thought result was a fair one but would not have questioned a draw either or even a Penryn win - Camels, for me, just had that little bit more game management. Kev Knowles was excellent and his brief to the players before the game on the new rules was exceptional - I’m not sure how many players know all the changes!!! Camels always ‘utilise the facilities’ of host clubs and i’m sure there are not many teams who spend more in the bar after games!!! especially with ‘Older’ holding court at the bar and providing quality nourishment. Good luck to all involved for the coming season and hopefully catch up on a touch line soon Mark.
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