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  1. Don’t know if Mark and Jack played together though -apart from anything else they both play(ed) the same position. Last season Phil and Sam Brown both played together for Camelford, against Exmouth and possibly a couple of cameos. I believe, Sam at 16 just starting his men’s senior football and Phil probably towards the end of his playing days.
  2. What worries me is not so much the 3 games a week scenario - it’s happened before and to a degree is part of being a winter sport, last season from memory a lot of clubs were finished early. Rather that teams have between 12 and 18 fixtures left to play and every pitch is sodden - clubs will be under pressure to play and officials will want to be seen to getting games on - the net result will be playing on already damaged pitches which normally would be too wet - the consequences will be serious injuries and playing surfaces that a not fit for purpose - so when 3 games are required the pitches won’t be up to it - again increasing the risk of injury. I am sure very club has players who have been badly injured by playing on unfit surfaces. There are mid week fixtures this week and even next weekend that without any more rain and with sunny days will still be too sodden but the games will go ahead. Perhaps a weeks holding off of games to give the ground time to recover and the grounds staff time to work their magic may be a short term loss but get us all through the remainder of the season safely??
  3. ECLP - I don’t think anyone can answer your question without seeing the tv clip. You mention 4 Wolves players - the one taking the corner and the one he passes it to cannot be offside. You say the third player crosses it backwards so the goal scorer cannot be offside (unless he gained a clear advantage from being offside ie returning from an offside position between the second player receiving the ball and the third player crossing it) however the player crossing it (3rd player) can be. One can only conclude it was the 3rd player who was offside as he is in the second phase from the corner kick - however I did not see the incident and you will no doubt say it wasn’t him offside - as you know the offside law and this was clearly a VAR ‘**** up’.
  4. Camelford 2-4 Porthleven Having bestowed credit to the Canels in recent games for their attractive football - yesterday was awful, one/two players having a poor game is understandable, especially on a very bobbly pitch in strong winds, but not 4/5 especially when they are defenders - misjudging balls in the air, poor decision making and trying to play long balls from the back without accuracy - Reg will not be happy. Camels were 2-0 down within 4 minutes! A picked up back pass (not sure it was a back pass as was from a 50/50 challenge but the ref never said it could be picked up so shouldn’t have been) in the 6yd box resulting in a free tick that was squeezed in and from the restart a hopeful long ball caught the defence asleep and the keeper came for the ball he wasn’t going to get allowing Porthleven to stroke home into an empty net. The game then settled a bit and Camels controlled the mid field and played some decent football - scoring two back before HT (Ed and I think Matt) both through doing what they do well with nice interchanges in the middle and no long balls. Porthleven stuck to playing wide and did cause a few problems. Second half saw Camels dominate for large parts of the game but Porthleven caught them several times with nice wide play and scored again from poor defensive work with a cross into the box seeing three unmarked Porthleven players on the edge the of the six yard box - just way to easy for a tap in. Camels pushed and probably should have equalised but for wayward finishing and decision making and Porthleven scored very late on with a break away. For me, Porthleven are an average team (couple of very good players) but on the day played the conditions better and showed a real desire and were deserved winners. Camels need to go back to what they do well - win or lose and that is play through their middle three - without a target man striker their goals come the middle. Thought the ref and officials were okay and the ground staff did their best but the weather and a few recent games has made it hard to maintain their excellent playing surface. On to Saltash next week.
  5. Dave (or anyone else who may know) - is there a reason why the SWPL do not use the full functionality of the FA Full-Time site - would just be interesting to look at all the player stats etc. I know the St Pirans below and Western League above do?
  6. You’ve got to fancy the winner of this game being favourites for the CSC. With Tavvy playing tomorrow you may be missing Jordan, Jeff, which imo could make the difference in the final score - good luck to both teams.
  7. Home Waters - I never said I agreed with their findings or whether there is a better system, just answering the point over their authority to make decisions.
  8. Elder - just to show I do a little bit of fact - the FA is a statutory regulatory body that comes under the oversight if not direct control of the Parliamentary Select Committee for Culture / Sport etc. It’s rules and regulations are considered as ‘statutory instruments’ and not requiring specific Acts of Parliament. Furthermore there is an official agreement between the Crown Prosecution Service / Association of Chief Police Officers and the FA governing board that the FA will investigate all breaches of the FA regulations (from financial irregularities through to on field / in stadia breaches of the Laws of the game) - unless serious breaches or those with aggravating criminal factors. Decisions can be appealed from local FA’s through to the FA and then onto either the Court of Arbitration for Sport or in certain cases judicial review. All affiliated Leagues and clubs agree to these regulation so know the rules when they join - like it or not the process is transparent and has been in existence since the 1890’s. Hope that clarifies the matter for those who think the FA / CCFA act with autonomy.
  9. Camelford 2 v 3 Falmouth One of the most enjoyable games I have watched this season, even with a loss. The pitch was heavy but held up very well so well done to Camelford’s grounds men. Falmouth’s away support was excellent - nice to meet Jeff and those F Troop present, few muttering about the boom box(which I loved) and first time I have seen singing and dancing in Camelford’s bar BEFORE a game! Made for a really ‘family’ atmosphere both sets of supporters with ages ranging from boys and girls through to some in their 80’s As for the game, you know it’s going to be a tough one when facing a team with Barnes / Ward / Cooper at the back, a much lauded midfield and the likes of Brolingo and Johnson up front with Nixon and Jordan Annear on the bench. The game started at a pace with Falmouth scoring in the first few minutes through poor defensive work and a goal mouth scramble, however Camelford equalised within 2 minutes through a Kian blistering shot. The game settled down with both teams playing some lovely football - Falmouth looking to play wide at every opportunity and Camelford relying on their very impressive midfield. Changing point in the game came late in the first half, another mirror of the first goal saw Falmouth go 2-1 up and within 2 minutes a poor Camels clearance fell to the Falmouth number 2 who fired home from distance - I was in line and it was a goal as soon as it left his boot! 1-3 and half time. Second half saw Camelford dominate possession and in fairness quality in midfield. Falmouth countered well and bar for some very poor decision making could have scored a couple (as in the first half) but butchered them. Camelford were denied a stonewall penalty decision for an agricultural challenge, however were later awarded a penalty for a similar challenge - converted by Ed (poor penalty that Barnes very nearly got to, but a goals a goal). Camelford kept pushing but time ran out and Falmouth took the points - no complaints they created more good chances and could / should have been further ahead, but on the second half performance Camels could of sneaked a point. I know people will refer to league positions but if you want to watch a team play attractive football with really skilful players you will struggle to do better than watch Camelford - oh for an out and out front man / striker. Thought the officials did well, a few strange calls for throw ins / corners and the ref was a bit ‘timid’ in the rare crunch tackles but overall controlled the game well and let it flow contributing to a great game. Well done Falmouth and good luck in your cup chases.
  10. Elder - predictive text and not wearing glasses I’m afraid, lol. It’s all opinions and I’m fairly sure if you read most posts, which you do, on the forum, fiction always outweighs facts 😀
  11. I wasn’t going to comment on this thread as it is best left for the League and CCFA to deal with the issue - but I am surprised how this has swung around. There are lessons to be learned for those clubs that attract big crowds and perhaps the likes of Falmouth may need to look at match day stewards, if for no other reason than to protect themselves should incidents like this happen, a shame that they are needed but who knew this would happen in the SWPL. However, below is a tweet put on St Blazey’s official site PRIOR to the game: “It’s a big one! We travel in numbers to @Falmouth_Town on Saturday in the @swpleague Plenty making the trip for this one to try and compete with the F Troop” St Blazey only usually travel with a modest number of supporters. Someone at the club (from previous eateries, the manager), knew that a large group of men were going to attend the game to ‘challenge’ the F Troop in ‘their support’. What did they expect was going to happen with a large group of (Argyle) adult men supporters, who would obviously have a few beers before the game? These individuals were clearly drafted in to compete with the F Troop and we have seen the result - and unfortunately one can only guess at the conversations in the pub in Plymouth to gee this group up to travel down from Plymouth. Someone in the St Blazey club should be held accountable for that, if not by the CCFA then by the club. On a more positive note, I personally don’t think that the F Troop or Falmouth team have been tarnished by this incident - and they can be assured of a warm welcome at Camelford tomorrow (or I’m sure any other clubs), who love having true local football supporters at their games.
  12. I took in Tavistock v Cribbs yesterday (6th v16th), which Tavvy ran out 3-0 victors, but what you have said is very true - there was little difference between the teams other that Tavvys front pairing of Crago and Jordan Annear - a close game and a very good standard - with both teams fielding full squads of decent players - Cribbs for me being a team who would be top 3/4 in the SWPL on their performance. With Parkway / Exmouth and Tavvy all doing very well in the Western Prem there is no reason why the top two in the SWPL cannot do really well if they took promotion - but it will not be easy. It will be interesting though to see how many of the current squad at Helston (Saltash, if first / second, for me would make no changes as have played the same squad for a few years) would feature next season in the Western Prem. SM has numerous contacts across the country and he must be looking at new players - especially as some Helston players have previously shown a reluctance to play in higher leagues and travel every other week - the likes of Eddy, Slateford, Goldsworthy must all have been touted by higher teams? Good luck to them all, however it pans out.
  13. We Two - I think WofTP is hoping that Parkway will have been promoted😀
  14. countyman - I was looking for a simple answer to your question, but it’s not that simple. Below are the NLS rules that apply - section 5 onwards http://swpleague-co-uk.stackstaging.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/NLS-Regulations-2019-2020.pdf
  15. Person - I think eligibility changed from born in Cornwall to something more like ‘has played in Cornwall and has ties to the County’ (not the exact wording but covers players born out of the county but now live / play / played in the County. unfortunately I have no idea who the top sides are - there has not been a lot of Media coverage since the launch??
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