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  1. Lol - lucky I don’t officially score Refs (not usually so high in the marking). As the name suggests - it’s all opinions and I totally accept yours.
  2. Couple of things - it didn’t kill the game off, it was about 80+ minutes and game was all but over anyway. As for my scoring of the ref - everyone there thought it was soft, but it how he saw it - end of. As it happens the Camels player who would have scored a tap in bar the intervention saw it as a back pass as well - as in intentional to the goalie. When I said he explained to me, yes I am a spectator but I sat and had a chat with him after and he was open and honest about what he saw - many won’t entertain a chat after the game - he also took a long time on the pitch explaining to player why he made the call - I except many didn’t except it but he took the time to try. As for working with his assistant refs - I think I know who you are now, we can all improve our communication skills but life is about learning. I stand by 9.5 - was he right all the time - not in my opinion. Was he honest, open and gave what HE saw - yes. I would never ask for more. As a footnote - in the first half Joel elbowed Ed in the face - I saw it as a straight red. Ref just had a word. Spoke to both players after the game and Ed felt it was purely and accident and Joel confirmed there was no intention - so I was totally wrong but the Ref was spot on
  3. Camelford 3-0 Sticker Wasn’t going to do a report after all the kerfuffle with Rappo’s last report, but these are my two favourite teams. Decent game of football, more workman like for the Camels than exciting but clearly just wanted to put the last game behind them. Camels controlled most of the game, should of scored a couple early on but wasted a couple of chances - went 1-0 up through a cracking Ed header after about 25 min. Sticker well drilled but just a little short on real quality although they did create some half chances. 1-0 HT. Second half more of the same - Sticker have some good fast young players but struggled to maintain any play / possessions. Ed scored another on 50 from a run and driving low shot - took a deflection, one of those if the defender didn’t stick a foot out he would of been criticised but as it happened wrong footed the keeper. 2-0 Game was settled by one moment on controversy - Sticker defender adjudged to back pass and picked up by the keeper on edge of 6yd box. Sticker felt unfair (as did I) but Ed tapped ball and passed home by Bobby. I spoke to the ref after the game and he felt the Sticker player had ‘cushioned’ the ball back to keeper making it intentional (without being disrespectful I don’t think the Sticker player had that deftness in his locker as he was was under a lot of pressure and if he hadn’t stuck a foot in Ed would probably have got his hat trick). Game over 3-0. Performance wise: Camels 7/10 but enough. Sticker 8/10 as they never gave up and have all but a good team there. Ref 9.5/10 - didn’t agree with the pass back but he took time to explain to players (and me afterwards) - nice guy, always friendly and most importantly gives what he sees without being swayed.
  4. I’ve been there,-and having to pull a team out of a league really, really hurts. I’m sure Port have looked at every option and as a club if this is the only option then that’s what they have to do. Shame some of the ‘older’ players out there don’t take the chance to move into management - yes they would have a hard season and probably be relegated - but what a great club to take on for the future?
  5. Mark - great picture, I do think Camelford’s playing surface is one of the best in the league. I agree that Falmouth would be a great addition to the Western League but not sure about the drop in standards - it’s a little like comparing apples and bananas as different types of leagues. As for Ollie and Jack - I’ve had the pleasure of watching them both about 6 years and for me Ollie as become an outstanding player. Not certain Jack has YET, I know how good he is (fairly sure he has got to England schools level) but not too sure on his all round midfield play - when you have 9 good players around you making great runs it can be easy to shine, his break up play and game management will improve when playing at a higher standard. They will be two big losses for Falmouth when back at Uni and I look forward to seeing them when back (as long as not against Camelford lol)
  6. I was disappointed with Camelford’s defending yesterday - but this game makes me feel a bit better. Keynsham gifted three goals and Helston looked very poor at the back - mind you Billy Tucker is some player . Attendance looked very poor though Helston were getting many more last year - the undoubted lack of travelling supporters must be hurting those Cornish teams that have gone up.
  7. Mark - you’ve got to keep the reports coming. Two pages of comments on here - yet only 6 match reports (2 about the same game) - if you don’t count Marksy fibbing about having a salad 😂. We all know about the ref shortage but there is also a shortage of people willing to give a personal view on games they actually paid to watch.
  8. Town Man - can’t disagree with much, if any of what you said. Camels brought a lot of pressure on themselves with a poor defensive display and poor clearances which just kept bringing another wave of Falmouth attacks. Conceding 3 headers and a mad penalty will make none of the Camels happy - but speaking to Westy after the game is said he really enjoyed the first half as it was the first game of the season where a team had stood up and challenged them (he said it without disrespect to any other team as well). Would have been nice for that to have lasted 90 mins lol Disappointing 10 minutes in the game but it happens and doesn’t deflect from a good team - having had what I would consider the hardest start of any team (Dobwalls / Bodmin / Wadebridge / Liskeard / Newquay / Launceston / Penryn and Falmouth) to have 16 points (2points a game) is still a good start for the Camels and we would have taken that at the start of the season. Camels goal for the season was top 5 and I still think a top 3 is possible. As for Falmouth, good good team and better IMO than the Parkway team who stormed the league, or the teams that have taken recent promotion. The challenge is there for any team to see if they can live with them for a full 90. As an aside - Rappo KEEP THE REPORTS COMING. I love them and they are honest and fair. There are not many who take time to do reports - a lot just criticise or make comments on games they were not at and if they were there have the choice to do their own reports - but don’t. I actually think that fair criticism of players or officials is part of a report, it’s not personal it’s just how you see the game - it doesn’t require defending or people jumping on the bandwagon or making it personal.
  9. Camelford 1-6 Falmouth Camels scored first, Falmouth did not like it and for good players they argued everything. Falmouth scored from a set piece header to make it 1-1 at HT Second half Camels started well but between 55 & 65 minted Falmouth scored 4 goals a break that looked offside, a stonewall penalty, another set piece header and a nice bit of footwork. Game over. Camels dominated for about 20 minutes but never challenged and Falmouth finished off will an Ollie Walker header - pick of the goals. Falmouth deserved to win - no excuses but score was flattering. Any team that beats a full strength Falmouth will win the league - but I don’t see it happening.
  10. Good strikers are like ‘rocking horse poo’ and Waltz fits the title of a good striker. I watched him v Camelford and in fairness he got little service but put himself in the right place time after time - and there is no doubt he will finish when given the chance. On the Western League page there is a thread about Bowker - I would have the Waltz every time over him - same sorts of player but without the screaming every time he is tackled. I think every team needs a front man who will worry defenders and score goals - teams like Camelford have to rely on everyone pitching in with goals - which is why it’s great to get Mark Gusterson back from St Blazey - another ‘older’ player who knows what to do in the box, especially playing in front of a young team with energy and talent that can supply the service a quality striker needs.
  11. Falmouth have the ‘fire power’ to blast any team off the park and a really solid defence - I just hope Penryn don’t try an absorb pressure but have a real go at it, like against Camels in second half. Penryn looked so much better when they attack. Let’s be honest it a ‘freebie’ - if they lose everyone will say expected - if they win ‘what a great result’ - give it a real go. My guess would be Westy may rest / rotate a few players as league games coming up against Camels / Bodmin and Dobwalls - and the League must be their priority.
  12. The Town Man - would love it to be a hard game - after all as sportsman10 said, Parkway swept nearly everyone aside when they won the league - other than Camelford beating them to take their 100% record lol. I don’t think anyone will bet against Falmouth for the League but I do hope some teams will at least make them earn it.
  13. Dave - I have and know it wouldn’t happen - doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a great side know though. As for Instant success who has had that with ‘bought in teams’ recently? The jury is out on St Blazey and Bodmin - Helston weren’t doing great last season, doing okay - 4 wins out of 7, but three of them against bottom 4 teams - not saying all three won’t come good but are being matched by teams playing together over time and developing together.
  14. Mark - great report, you must spend half the game keeping notes lol. Do think back to the 2017 U18’s squad and players a year either side of that. It’s a shame they couldn’t have been kept together - players who are now stand out players in their teams: Luke G / James L and Max G at Liskeard, Ed / Charlie (who have both played Western Prem) and Joe at the Camels, Luke T at Helston, Josh and Martin at St Austell, Matty B and Harry C playing higher level, Ollie and Jack at Falmouth and Jack at Penryn - plus others. Couldn’t someone like at Laffs or Massey gone for long term development rather than ££ - not that players may have left their current clubs - but it would be some team.
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