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  1. It’s a strange one because I agree with all the posts about Helston fielding first team players - it’s frustrating but it’s in the rules and down to fist team managers to decide if they want to play (and presumably pay) their higher ranked players in Reserve sides. It happened last year in the Prem with Argyle - one week 6 or 7 full time pros the next a squad of 17 year olds. It should motivate teams to play better but does make a bit of a mockery of league positions. The flip side is when some teams play reserve players for the first side (like St Austell in last weeks Senior Cup, Mullion didn’t complain). Postman Pat summed it up best -‘ suck it up and get on with it’.
  2. Dave - I thought the Senior Cup was alway ‘club linesman’ unless it involved two SWPL Prem clubs when officials would be provided - usually at around 1/4 final stage?
  3. St Austell 0 v 1 Buckland Athletic Simply put I wish I’d gone to the Falmouth game instead. A game affected by the conditions with few real chances but Buckland were better across the park. The Buckland back 4 dealt comfortably with anything St Austell tried (McGrath, who I have thought was poor when I have previously seen him was excellent) and the St Austell front players on the day lacked any decisive play. St Austell’s centre backs had a good game and stopped Buckland bar one mixup allowing the Buckland goal from close range. The real difference in the game was midfield - the Buckland 4,7 and 8 outworked St Austell, who’s 6 had a great game but was let down by his 7 and 8 (the 8 played well but looked like he was carrying an injury, the 7 disappeared for large parts of the game). Both teams ‘huffed and puffed’ a lot and both squads certainly liked to question every decision - but the better team won. A game really summed up by a Buckland supporter (of whom there were a good few) - ‘we’re an average team in our league but I expected a lot more from St Austell - but a wins a win and a good payday’.
  4. Helston have some good young players but from the highlights it looked like ‘men against boys’. Hope they enjoyed the experience and all good learning for them.
  5. WOTP - no, there are a couple of students but the team play at Marjon University and take their name from that.
  6. St Austell 1-1 Camelford St Austell Should have been a lot happier at the end of the game than Camelford with a draw. Having watched St Austell several times this season, against poorly organised teams they score lots of goal - against structured teams they struggle and for me are 3 or 4 places higher in the league than they will be come the end of the season. First half was very broken, with a poor playing surface contributing to a lot of missed passes / wayward shots. Camelford hit the post from a header and St Austell missed an easy 1v1 chance. Second half was a bit better with Camelford playing controlled football, helped by a St Austell midfield that went missing for a lot of the half. Camelford took the lead through a Leighton goal, unmarked in the 6 yard box. St Austell played a lot of hopeful long balls, most going out of play but did equalises through a long ball into the box that was spilled and tapped in. Both teams had other chances but Camelford definitely edged the game - but to be fair it was not a great game to watch. A good turn around for The Camels after the events at Falmouth and nice to see Bobby watching the game in his cast and ‘holding Court’ in the bar afterwards. I like St Austell and what they are trying to do, but they need to recruit a couple of midfielders if they want to actually challenge for the league.
  7. Been told - broken Tibia, dislocated ankle and extensive ligament damage / 2 hours surgery this morning - get well soon mate 🐪
  8. I couldn’t make the game and knowing the Camels were missing 3 of their more influential players I knew, as always a mid week fixture against an inform Falmouth was going to be a tough ask. Bobby being badly injured after 8 minutes put a completely different perspective on the game though and to be honest the final score became an irrelevance, for me. . I am sure the officials did what was best and good luck to Falmouth, a very good team. Just hope Bobby makes a speedy recovery and best wishes from me.
  9. Dave - hope that’s the case but Forest Green Rovers u18 used to play on an Astro. They have a decent, albeit newish, youth set up at Cat C/3 level, similar standard to Truro College.
  10. Personally - I think that 5-6 or the SWPL West could play in the Western Prem and a couple of the SWPL East could make the step. Simple fact is it comes down to money, commitment and player quality. Some teams have the money but very few (if any) have the current players who are of the right standard willing to commit to the travelling - if they had they would be playing there already. Whilst clubs are prepared to pay excessive amount to players to play in this league it will remain. If all clubs in the County capped their spending to a set amount (zero below Step 7) - players would play for clubs out of loyalty. Those players who wanted / ‘deserved’ more money would move up. I know it won’t / can’t happen but until individual stop or are stopped paying stupid amounts there will continue to be great imbalances in the league(s). Things did need to change but I do fear the underlying problems remain.
  11. mattelot - would rather have played you a few weeks ago!!! 👍👍
  12. McGrath played for Buckland today v Camelford - nothing special on the day.
  13. Camelford 1-2 Buckland Athletic A decent game of football, which was well supported by both Clubs, Buckland bringing two mini buses of supporters. First 10 minutes saw Camelford press and could / should have scored at least one goal but were not clinical enough. Buckland have some very good players, especially their no 11 who started the season at Truro and several ex Biddeford players - and the 11 was a continual threat with pace and power but they never really capitalised on that, against a Camels team who were not fully firing in the first half, missing 3 players from their midweek match with injuries. Buckland scored 2 goals in the first half - unfortunately through very poor defending (an area the Camels have improved massively on this season) - the first was by the Buckland 5 being allowed a free header and the second from a long ball that was the keepers ball all day long, until a defender decided to chest it back to him, wrong footing the keeper and allowing Bowker (who for once was not laying on the floor screaming) to run in behind and score a simple goal. 2-0 HT but little separating the teams. Camelford started the second half brightly - they are a team who will not roll over), but Buckland then had about 20 minutes of excellent play controlling the game and whilst mainly side to side they did create a couple of decent chances. Last 15/20 was all Camelford who scored from a header and shortly afterwards scored again but had it ruled out for offside. I don’t like to criticise officials - but the player scoring was a good two yards on side when he ran into the box to beat the keeper - a very very poor decision from the official. You know when the opposing team don’t claim and head for the restart that the official got it wrong - but there again having seen the individual several times he likes to ‘be involved’. Camels kept pushing but Buckland were too savvy and killed the game off. The better team over the 90 won and good luck to them in the next round, The one highlight after the game was reading the Twitter feeds on the Helston v Falmouth game - well done Falmouth, especially Matty B who Helston dumped as not good enough.
  14. Throughout this forum (and in every club around the country) players who play whilst not registered or under a false name are highlighted as ‘illegal’ and players who are parachuted in from higher ranked teams to win certain games are highlighted as ‘ringers’. The clubs, fans and players themselves know this and there is certainly no serious harm to a players reputation as a consequence - most players consider it a matter of pride to be held in such esteem. As many are paid, there is also no suggestion of them suffering financial loss as a consequence - so there is no defamation, at very worst a poor use of certain definitions of a word A little knowledge of a topic is not always a good thing. I have intentionally cut back on match reports and comments as I am fed up of the antic of some (it used to be the likes of Big Al’s continual goes at Falmouth or the FA) who totally distract from discussions about local football - and now new additions, who whilst obviously having a right to voice their opinions, do little, for me, to further my enjoyment of local football. Its a shame as match reports and rivalries about football have noticeably dropped and pointless garbage increased (IMO).
  15. RVP and WOTP - which such an important run of fixtures coming up (you can’t win the league pre Christmas but you can lose it) - what are your thoughts on your ‘senior’ players playing mid week games in the SWPL - I know WOTP, you did post about the home teams managers input on such games but if you lost a couple of players through injury in such games it would / could really impact on your final position?
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