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  1. Rob - a lot of the lads who play for the College are actually on ‘football based’ courses and as such it is part of their curriculum to do training and play games. They have a FIFA A Licence head coach, phsyio’s and a goal keeping coach, so they are well catered for - giving them the opportunity to play games around the Country / overseas tournaments and previously coaching from the likes of Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole - hence possibly why Ben is doing so well at st Day and now for the County. Perhaps, playing Devils Advocate, it is St Day that are applying pressure?
  2. It’s at least 3 teams with St Austell joining in the 2nd round and Camelford will not fear playing Buckland Athletic.
  3. Have to be honest, I am surprised that the CCFA did not look at the format for the Senior Cup with the new SWP Prem West and St Piran League restructure. Teams from the Combo / ECPL ‘have’ to pay and enter the competition yet have no realistic chance of having a decent run / getting large crowds - but would fair far better in the Junior Cup - which is what most of them were in last season. The county has two senior (FA Tier) leagues who imo should be in the ‘Senior’ Cup and the Combo / ECPL / Trelawny and Duchy leagues, who are all ‘recreational teams’ should be in the ‘Junior’ Cup.
  4. From the Bodmin Town Council 2019/20 annual budget: Priory Football Pitch & Clubhouse - £3,850.00 Thats a lot of money before they even kick a ball.
  5. Sid - sick with it, change will take time and i’m sure those at the club understand - as do all those from ‘smaller’ clubs without big bank rolls. You have some good players there - still.
  6. There are very few clubs at this level who can afford to travel by luxury coach, stay in what looked like a decent hotel and pay for training facilities on match day mornings - when going to Bristol, but Helston can so good luck to them. If Steve Massey wants to do a ‘Class of 92’ for his team, it’s his money and the productions are very professional (Piran films support of the County’s most successful u18 cup exploits a couple of years back was a highlight for me).
  7. Tribute - you will not meet a nicer lad. Watched him a lot for an ‘all conquering’ Truro college side and as an u15 player as captain on tour to the Dankamp tournament - he was happy to play midfield / defence and in goal to help his team - a real credit to Dennis (and family) and how young footballers should behave. To make it as a pro you need something special - and in my humble opinion he has it.
  8. Camelford 7-3 Wendron I know most interest will focus on some good results in the Vase, but this was a game worthy of mention. First half was an even affair with Wendron scoring early from a poorly defender corner and both teams looking to play but slightly fragmented. Ben (ex Camel) was solid in the middle for Wendron and Wendron probably edged the first half, helped by two Camels substitute due to injury in defence. However just before half time Ed made a great run through the Wendron defence and calmly slotted home for a 1-1 half time. Whatever Reg said at half time worked and The Camels were much more competitive at the start of the 2nd half. Then in the space of 10 minutes Bobby scores an outstanding hattrick - whatever league you support you will not witness three better strikes. This was quickly followed by an Andy assist Josh finish and an Ed assist Andy finish 6-1 with the Camels cruising and Wendron totally shell shocked. Wendron composed themselves and got a second from a solo effort by their left wing (quality player) - although Luke will question his decision making to come out of goal. Nearly from the restart Camels scored again through a Gus finish (quality is eternal) and whilst the Camels were enjoying the three points Wendron scored with minutes to go 7-3. There is no doubt The Camels deserved the win and their lack of finishing has cost them 4 points so far this season so to score 7 is a boost. Wendron played decent football but 20 minutes cost them 5 goals - and perhaps that is something for them to consider - they will play against players who can turn a game in seconds and their game management must cope. The score flattered The Camels but quality wins games. Great bunch at Wendron and always friendly and supportive.
  9. South Shield are currently 4th in the Northern Premier League - same level as Truro City so he has already stepped up several leagues and with exposure in that league every opportunity to go further.
  10. Now that would be something Cornish football could get behind - Except hosting a final in Devon?!?!?
  11. Porthleven 3v2 Camelford. Lovely pitch and great bunch there on a glorious sunny afternoon. Good luck to The Fishermen for the season.
  12. It’s nice to see Kernow FA have broadened they eligibility criteria to ‘played in Cornwall from the age of 16’ or words to that effect (Thanks for the podcast Dave, great) rather than born in Cornwall - but a shame it’s the same ‘old’ names in Sunday’s squad - hopefully their scouting will improve. Good luck for the match and getting a squad of 28 Cornish men to travel to Somaliland for two weeks in June with no alcohol and 35C temperatures - flying via Ethiopia for 36 hours lol
  13. Harry - I was a total neutral for this game , just took the game in to see two rated teams (there were a lot of neutrals there on Wednesday) - so Giler is not ‘my’ No4. I have however watched him play numerous times and whilst a fierce defender is a real gentleman - and I have never seen him react that way - something untoward was said and I would suggest it was whoever upset him was the ‘unwise’ one - although I did not hear any of what was said.
  14. Baldy - think you were a bit generous with ‘scrappy’. The first half was dire for two quality teams - Falmouth continually going for a long ball (their mid field might as well have sat on the bench) and St Austell having more possession but doing little with it - the goal was a great shot but from nothing really. Second half was more entertaining but again, I expected better. Hayden’s goal was solo effort using his blistering pace (perhaps the goalie will be disappointed though) and that should have been game over. Falmouth made three changes, players I assume are carrying injuries as imo should have started - and the game became end to end. Falmouth goal was, as you say, a stroke of luck from a deflected header on the edge of the box by Cam which completely wrong footed Chippy, shortly followed by an outstanding save by him. Both teams could have scored but for wayward finishing. The throw in incident was a goal - from my angle two players went for the ball and it clipped the defenders head before bouncing into the goal - but ref never saw it and then strangely gave a throw in again - if he thought it never touched anyone (which clearly he thought it had until surrounded by the entire St Austell team) then it should have been a goal kick. St Austell have won 4 out of 4 and with Andrews, H Turner and Hooper leading their line are going to score goals, but you could tell by their celebrations this was not a great performance. As for the F Troop, they clearly went beyond ‘banter’ as I have never seen Giler react the way he did - we was ready to take them all on, even after the game finished. Very disappointing. Still think both teams will be there or there abouts but their coaches will be having a few words at training.
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