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  1. Bodmin pre season were not great, Falmouth against St Austell were surprisingly poor, as were St Austell against Helston (even in winning) - but Saltash have been constant - so tomorrow’s games will be very interesting - to see who is shaming up now the season is properly underway, as all four imo can give Tavvy a very good run for their money (they drew with Godolphin and were nothing that special when they beat Sticker).
  2. Thanks BHD - not complaining as don’t like seeing red card - was my point though as looked like an intentional pull back but penalty scored so no issues - should have put in my review that the officials all had very good games
  3. If you want to see goals, watch Camelford - 12 scored in first two games! Camelford 5 v 2 Godolphin Expected this to be a tough challenge for the Camels, especially after Godolphins opening draw with a highly rated Tavistock team, well worth the £5 and a very entertaining game put on by both teams. Camelford had the lions share of decent possession and their pace was a bit too much for Godolphin, on the night. First goal was a great finish by Ryan Pooley from a very tight angle on the left, leaving the keeper stranded and was followed shortly afterwards by a clear penalty on Adam Sleep (that saw a yellow card for the defender, which could have easily been a red, again caused by pace) and conversion by Ed Harrison, his second in two games. Camelford had 3/4 more chances to score, whilst Luke Gwilliam had little to do in the first half in the Camels goal. 2v0 at Half time. Second half saw Godolphin start well but showed little cutting edge in the final third and they were open to the counter at will. Ryan Pooley scoring his second with a freekick, following another 'professional foul' to curtail an attack. The Godolphin manager would not be happy if he saw how far the Godolphin wall moved. This was followed shortly afterwards by a Josh Penrose close range shot, through three Godolphin players, having made another excellent run.. Camels 4v0 up and cruising - or not as the case may be! Camels made a couple of changes at the back, as did Godolphin who dropped Jamie Lowry back a bit into a more creative role and introduced two more strikers. - suddenly within the space of a minute, Godolphin had scored twice with more or less identical moves and being finished by Ben Cocqulan? - game on. Luke Gwilliam then produced a world class save low to his left to prevent Godolphin scoring a third, before Camelford regained some composure and went back to their style of play. Game was wrapped up with an outstanding hat trick goal from Ryan Poley, 25 yds out giving the keeper no chance. Finished 5v2 to Camels. Camels will be happy with 80 minutes where they looked comfortable, but Godolphin will take heart from their fighting spirit. Nice club, well supported and some quality players. Other great results for Bodmin, Saltash and Millbrook and nice to see Sticker get their account open against Torpoint. On a different issue, having taken in two Camels games and two St Austell games - interesting to see that St Austell have increased entry to £6' - seems a bit of a steep rise, they are playing some great football (against Argyle and Falmouth) but a 20% rise seems a bit much - are other clubs charging more (Camels aren't)?
  4. Looked forward to this one, having Sticker as my ‘second team’. Camels were very impressive and if you look at their form from the end of last season (and pre season for what it’s worth) they have won 16 out of 20 games. Sticker have lost some players from last season but have also added some decent players with Tyler Cheshire, Bobby Hopkinson and a couple more, but played their strongest squad in this game - whereas Camels have maintained a constant squad - although last night, due to holidays and injuries had a makeshift back four. Sticker started (both halves) well and lively but we’re simply played off the ball, Camels looking fitter and showing more desire. First goal was a blatant penalty - (dont know what the keeper was thinking with his push), slotted calmly by Ed, then a powerful shot which the keeper couldnt hold from Sleepy followed shortly afterwards by two outstanding finishes from the edge of the box, one by Sleepy and one by Pooley. Sticker scored a soft goal from a long throw in that was allowed to drop and I think McAvoy scored from a yard out - but Stickers hopes of a revival were dashed by a trademark finished from Boxy - 5 v 1 at half time and game over. Second half was more of the same with cool finishes from Boxy and a neat chip from Joe - 7 v 1. Sticker had some decent possession in the game but hardly threatened, whereas Camels were more clinical and had it not been for three outstanding saves and a couple of tap ins put over the bar the Camels could / should have scored double figures. Sticker appeared to have one game plan, that on the night was coped with by the Camels and whilst they had good players they lacked any real pace - especially through the middle. Really hope they sort out their teething issues and if they use Bobby and Tyler well they will improve. Great support, as usual from Sticker and wish them well in picking up a couple of extra players. Forgot to mention the official who were excellent and allowed the game to flow and managed a couple of ‘first game of the season’ poor tackles.
  5. Bobjfh

    Witheridge withdraw!

    What a real shame - Witheridge have struggled with players for the last 2/3 seasons, since they lost their ability to bring in Bideford players. Perhaps they should have ‘taken’ the relegation last season? A really friendly club and committee and I for one will actually miss the Friday night games and social side to playing them with the Camels, even if a seemingly never ending journey Think it will be a while before Roger’s age record for scoring goals is beaten as well. Good luck in recouping and hopeful recovery from all at Camelford.
  6. As you say, nice problem to have. Jordan will be starting striker, without a doubt. Both Jack and Mattie have pace and score goals - but if only playing two (let’s not forget Nixon) - it would be Mattie for me - bit controversial maybe but Jack misses a lot - if he scored every 1v1 with the keeper he would be contending for top goal scorer - Mattie gets a sniff and scores. Either way Falmouth will be top 3 and depending on the Tavvy / Saltash games could take the title.
  7. Great result for Falmouth, who along with Saltash seem to be the two Cornish teams in the running for the league (along with Tavistock). I watched a couple of Helston games last season and felt Mattie was being poorly used or appreciated by Helston - so not surprised by his end of season move and he must have enjoyed his hat trick - him, Jack Bowyer and Jordan Annear (if not at Tivvy) make a formidable front line up.
  8. Bobjfh


    For what’s its worth - I think Parkway will be stronger with messers Yetton and Carter - two very experienced and proven goal scorers - especially with the service they will get from Smith and Williams. With. Mr Hobbs is undoubtedly a very good striker (arguably best in league, by a little way now) but his mobility is not that much more than Carter and he has the potential for long bans at any stage of the season. Also can’t see Rosenquest as a starter - imo not of the same standard as the other 4 up front. Just hope Parkway do really well and enjoy it.
  9. They have lost Jack Bowyer / Martin Duff and Lloydy (plus I think another) - so they are going to have a problem scoring. Really like Sticker but think next season is going to be a long one for them.
  10. You’re right - not a bad result considering their exodus of players. (Huddersfield academy get around a bit mind you as their Academy first team side were playing Hemel Hempstead in a cup final on the same Saturday in Yorkshire)
  11. If you look at recent history - 3 seasons ago Mousehole absolutely walked the West league, a large batch of their players left the following season and went to (back to) Penzance and now they have been joined at Penzance by most of the remaining members of that league winning squad. They no longer have Argyle Reserves or Sticker to worry about, who were about then - Millbrook and Elburton Villa have gone up and by all accounts (from other posts on the forum) - Mousehole have no squad left , Ludgvan have lost a couple of players, Porthleven didn't look great in last preseason, Wadebridge are possibly loosing their striker for a big money move, Liskeards young striker is being looked at outside of the county - basically looks like Penzance's season lol (if only it were so easy)
  12. Jumbo - you are right, it is in my opinion and as I said I wish Hayden all the best - the bit you didn’t quote. I have also watched Hayden (and his age group - of whom I do actually (IMO) think there are better players) for 10 years since coming through Newquay Youth - however have not seen him play for the last 8 months. At that time, in my opinion, he was as I described him - Fanfare makes a good point about the opposition for a team of Truro’ s level - that said it would be nice to see him given a chance to play against higher level teams and defenders - at which point I would be more than happy to be proved wrong and see a Cornish lad playing for Truro.
  13. Hayden is a young lad (20/21ish) came through Newquay youth teams and played for Hartpury College - whilst there also some game time for GCFC, but also played for Newquay in SWPL Prem (certainly at start of season - not sure if he played all season) Very quick winger To be honest very surprised to see him being mentioned at this level - a bit light weight and easily dominated - but there again he may we’ll have matured since I last saw him play, about 8 months ago - if he has, good luck to the lad and hope he makes a go of it.
  14. Bobjfh

    Endorsed Academy

    It’s a well worded document that basically states Mousehole have set up a youth section - and that you can get Nike discount - no more, no less. It appears they have or nearly have Youth Charter Standard (i assume that is the reference to conversations with the Richard at the CCFA, although that isn’t actually his role) - as do many other local Cornish clubs. They have also moved away from calling themselves an EPP or EPPP which they initially wrongly branded themselves as. Just, sincerely hope it gives youngsters in the West greater opportunities - however i just get more cynical with each press release they do - sorry.
  15. Pistol - was unaware of the link between Sam and Harrop and to be honest I wouldn't put anything past him - he did little for Torquay Academy (probably spending too much time on TV, if he was on Come Dine With Me - he was also on Escape to the Country). That said the practicalities of using Torquay u18.s at Mousehole still makes no sense to me - apart from the fact they would really struggle at SWPL West level