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  1. Would it be Green and Black or just an off grey colour - the St Austell strip that has been through the wash a few too many times? Lol
  2. I’ll be at the Newquay game anyway - so 2 sausage and chips plus an extra sausage lol
  3. 100% - Cribbs are playing Camelford the night before the Newquay game, if you fancy a trip up, I’ll treat you and Smokie to some chips (or dog treats) - I’ve watched Cribbs a few times as one of the Camels also plays for them and they play good football.
  4. Older - totally appreciate where you are coming from, but I would venture to suggest that by the end of April / May we will hopefully be in a different place and the main reason given above is to do with finances of clubs - not being able to pay players / officials without crowd revenue.
  5. Accepting that there can be no (at best very limited) crowds, I still struggle to see why there cannot be any end of season games. Players are much maligned about how much they get paid - but surely the majority would turn out for free - just to get some game time. Maybe even officials would give up their fees, so no additional costs for clubs - use it as a pre season, officiated as such to avoid pointless cards / injuries - seems out of date - but actually play for fun and prepare for the serious stuff next season??
  6. Just a question, really, for those who know Mr Lafferty’s background far more than me. He is an exceptionally well regarded manager / coach in local football and has had great success, but has that been through bringing together a squad of ‘marque’ players, obviously at a cost - or through developing players to make great teams? I only ask with the rumours as to who may go to St Blazey, as most of the names mentioned are the same old names (good players though they are/were) that appear every year who seem to jump to the best paying team - or perhaps he is the type or manager who looks to ‘bui
  7. 100% - was good to catch up, hopefully Smokie has warmed up by now - it was bitter Not a bad game, weather and pitch considering. St Austell play some lovely football, but I actually thought St Demnis had the better clear cut chances - they probably should have been up at H/T despite St Austell having most of the play. Good goal, created by Tiago, but I don’t understand why the St Dennis Manager took so long to change it around as he was beating their right back every time - once Ed Timmons moved out wide at the back, St Austell lost their cutting edge. After the goal and sending off I t
  8. Everybody has different views on it, I’ve made my disgust known - but it’s probably attracted more comments because of the lack of any other local football being on. For those who think it has nothing to do with the FA or League - I would just remind them that two games were cancelled because of this - not a player catching the virus in their normal routine but a deliberate act - surely they should forfeit the games - then St Blazey committee can look at what (if any) internal action they feel meets the circumstances of their club being dragged ‘through the mill’ - they are the only ones whose
  9. Good luck Town from Camelford - do yourselves and the county proud
  10. 100% - have as good a day as you can, I know it’s not been a good year, but I’m sure we will all have a toast to remember those we are missing - it’s not been a great year for our small football group. Shame your game is at 12 otherwise you and Smokie could have popped up to the Camels game, where you both would have been spoiled.
  11. These players stated they were from the club a matter which the club itself knew nothing about - but their manager identified himself as such - so no it shouldn’t affect the club. However, and it is a big however, the club do seriously need to consider who they want representing them - it looked like the whole squad (they posted a team picture?!?!). These individuals broke the rules we have all had to abide by - so punish them, correct course of action. But due to their behaviour two games had to be cancelled - not through innocently catching the virus but as a direct consequence of their
  12. The club, committee and supporters had absolutely nothing to do with this, but will ‘carry the can’ . Paul and all those involved with the club will be devastated - as a local football fan I would always remain 100% behind them and support St Blazey - but can have nothing to do with those involved nor attend / support their continued revival without independent action - having spent a year abiding by COVID rules, having lost a close family member and having Xmas (and the year) ruined - surely a stand has to be made - not one forced by the FA but one by a hard working honest club - every other
  13. I wasn’t going to comment as this is a police and ccfa/ league / club matter - but I have just heard the St Blakey’s managers own posting on their team group WhatsApp page - who shared it is amazing but what an absolute idiot and if St Blazey do not deal with this situation promptly it will drag the club into a situation out of their control and something they may not recover from. He was berating players for giving their real names / mentioning the club and how the premises owner was wrong and out of order. Have to say though some of the other stuff on social media / Fake Wikipedia page is hi
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