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  1. Mr Gilbert always puts out a decent team, will be interesting to see how many of them actually start the season and stay - but some good young lads there who need a bit of stability and the guidance Darren can give. Good luck to them (except when playing the Camels, obviously)
  2. David - if for one year as a ‘post’ Covid measure it may be acceptable - if knocked on the head completely it would be a travesty. I know the FA has many areas to promote to raise equality, such as women’s / disabled and walking games but surely Youth Development must sit there as well - after the years you have put in to this area to see it all fold must be gut wrenching. Suppose Kernow FA could always start something up lol
  3. Dave - there are still teams in the league who pay £10-£20 a game and a lot of those players are better than the perennial ‘big money’ players who move at the drop of a hat for cash. The less paid ones also seem more loyal and spend their ‘expenses’ over the bar in the host club - they play for friendship and enjoyment. I have seen some of the players mention in this post,pulling large sums of money from their tracksuit pocket (not wallet - as if they have just been given the cash) for a can of coke and going home - so I would suggest the figures quoted are accurate I don’t blame the players for taking the cash (they are not the fools) - but there is something wrong when players get paid so much and some managers seem to think that because they are being that much they have to give them more to attract them - and the cycle goes on A lot of the players going to St Blazey, for example, were outstanding (and still good) - but many are ‘getting on’ and haven’t played a full season in two years - why don’t managers plan for the future and build teams rather then buying them - sorry for rant lol
  4. Great player and every club in the SWPL would love to have him - unfortunately there are probably only a couple who could afford him - real shame.
  5. Callum would be a good signing for any team, if true. The lads from St Blazey / Marjon / Wadebridge and apparently now are at Callington, are good players and they will be a strong competing playing team - just personally not one I will be paying £5 to watch - sorry to those at Callington as I used to enjoy trips there, but by all accounts the new team will bring plenty of support from over the river.
  6. Was just about to ask the same question having just seen the ‘alleged’ Callington group chat, from the new manager - surely that can’t be right?
  7. That’s was a good game of two good footballing teams - and Camelford were unlucky to come away with their only defeat of the short season. Which is why I don’t think that the remaining ‘big’ clubs will have an easy ride next season. Camelford, Dobwalls, Wadebridge and Liskeard (to name a few) have all developed and all showed that the likes of Falmouth / St Austell / Bodmin and Newquay (two of whom Camelford beat relatively comfortably) will have to earn the right for promotion. Penryn moving up are a good side, St Blazey will be strong, and if the bottom couple of teams strengthen the League will still be strong.
  8. 100% - it’s no more than an ‘old boys jolly’. The squad IMO does nothing to represent the best players in Cornwall, rather those that Darren can get to travel. All of us would pick different squads and it’s down to opinions but several in that squad would not be in the majority of our picks. Hope all involved enjoyed themselves and well done, but they don’t represent my views of Cornish football.
  9. Having watched a fair bit of Western League football over the last two seasons - all three will be top half and I could easily see two of them challenging for the top slot - bearing in mind some good WL teams have moved sideways out of the WL. Just hope they can keep it going and actually use plenty of Cornish players. Personally think it’s a good move and will make the West SWPL more competitive next season - and that there are a few clubs that will surprise those who support the old guard teams - easy to forget the actual playing performance last season and just remember the big clubs.
  10. How good it that - didn’t even know it was on, or the squad, or manager - or anything else about it lol
  11. I agree with the sentiment above, as has been a fantastic cup for many years but there has to be a degree of realism. By splitting the cups - every team entering has a chance, there has been an odd ‘giant killing’ but when was the last time a combo team got to a semi / final - without a real fluke of the draw? With so many fixtures and clubs having to pay to enter, pay for officials and relatively small crowds up until the end of the cup and small reward (other than obviously winning the cup) - the current structure makes little sense, IMO. It is a ‘senior cup’ so should be for ‘senior’ clubs which by definition is Step 6 and upwards - they are the clubs who were tied into greater restrictions under Covid as not being ‘recreational’ sport. The Junior Cup on the other hand is probably the hardest to win where any team on a run can win.
  12. If true, would be a good fit. Luke, for me, is the best young keeper in the league and one to watch out for in the future.
  13. If Mousehole are going up, think that is great news and I wish all three teams well in the Western League. Personally, just a bit of a shame that two of the teams never had the chance to ‘prove’ themselves at SWPL level by winning anything before moving up - but I suppose that doesn’t matter if they do well next season.
  14. I used to be a big fan of Mr Massey for all the work he did supporting Cornwall U18’s on their great run a few years back, however really turned off to him when I felt his ego got the better of him on some of the Helston films as I found him disrespectful to other teams, so nearly didn’t watch this - glad I did though. His enthusiasm for the game is fantastic and he made an excellent front man for Piran Films. Not the greatest game I have seen but that was secondary to seeing the excitement and joy of him watching live football again. I would definitely watch more of the same format - thanks for promoting football at this level, Mark and Steve.
  15. Both sides - surely the point will be, there will be more Cornish teams in the WL and a fair few in Devon - this will actually mean the WL will end up more like the SWPL of a few seasons ago - just a few odd away trips into Dorset / South Bristol. There will be as many decent fixtures to watch - just under a different name? I watch a fair few WL games and it is overall a better standard - but one where the top 10 in the SWPL could feature and once there - we can all look forward to FA changing it all again.
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