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  1. Just a quick thought - don’t write Helston off yet and definitely don’t write off their coach - and I am no Helston fan
  2. Wendron 1-8 Camelford Underlane looked fabulous and you will struggle to find a more welcoming club. Don’t like match reports where it is too one-sided and I expected today to be tight game . In short - Camels dominated, helped by a flying start, Ed scored within a minute - followed by Matty scoring a cracker 2-0 halftime, but could have been a lot more Second half - another by Ed and two goals by Connor finished game at 5-0 . Camels switched off and poor defending allowed Wendron to score, 5-1 . Obviously upset the Camels who scored 3 quick goals - Tom(2) and Denholm . Ver
  3. I think you will find that Sam was banned following playing for Sticker Res v St Mawgan. He allegedly punched a player - however from what I have heard it was retaliation for an offence not seen by the ref and the ban reflects a lot of St Mawgan social media - wasn’t there, so don’t know - but 18 months seems excessive (bans of this length usually involve assaults/threats on officials - also know it will be appealed.
  4. Well said - Newquay looked very good (from the highlight - which are normally Helston centric) and you can’t beat pace with quality out wide. What did surprise me is Newquay looked like they controlled the middle of the park as well - I do think Helston have gone for reputation rather than quality in the middle and it again looked like that from the footage. Any team with Goldie / Slates / Buchan and especially Tucker is going to score goals and anyone who thinks Helston are not the team who romped away with things last season (other than Saltash) - will I feel be wrong. SM said several
  5. It’s a shame really that more clubs don’t use the same system as Parkway - buy online in advance - obviously most clubs would never sell out (like Parkway) - but it covers the Track and Trace as well - Parkway have a printed sheet with names on when you arrive. The IT is easy and payment secure and it also lets people know how many advance tickets have been sold For most SWPL games they would also still be tickets available on the gate.
  6. I did say after watching Camels v Newquay that I thought Newquay would be ‘up there’ - a very good team/ squad and no ‘imports’. C74 - not sure they have one of the lowest playing budgets, but certainly a lot less than some - some of whom are simply wasting money If the figures quoted are to be believed.
  7. Camelford 3-0 Callington Another win and clean sheet for the Camels. Camelford dominated the first half and on another day Gus could have scored 3/4 before the break, but for some uncharacteristic finishing. Callington’s main threat was set pieces and a bit of sloppy defending could have resulted in Callington sneaking a goal - but 0-0 at halftime. More of the same second half with Camels finally scoring from a back post tap from Leighton. Callington still posed a threat, same problem but game was settled via a good run and cross from Ed for Gus to finally get on the sheet with a tap i
  8. Don’t know (or really care about) the East but hope Torpoint and Millbrook do well, both good sides. For me, top 4 will be Helston, Mousehole, Saltash and Newquay. Dobwalls have had a great start, but meaning no disrespect could not have picked a better 5 opening games - but who knows, so early on in season or if we will get a season. Having watched Parkway recently though - Helston will be a long long way off being as dominant when they get promoted - without a few upgrades.
  9. Camelford 5-1 Almondsbury Unfortunately I couldn’t be at this game, but a great result for the Camels - only one of two SWPL West teams to win. Camels took an early lead, through Bobby but were pinned back to 1-1 at HT. Unanswered second half goals by Denholm, Connor, Boxy and Gus secured the win against a fairly feisty Almondsbury team who had their manager sent off. Next round sees a home tie v Wadebridge - at least there won’t be much travelling costs and should be a good crowd. Well done Camels - 4 wins and a draw from 5 opening games - scoring 15 and only conceding 4, with 10 diff
  10. Rappo - (when you get to read this lol) - I do agree with your comments and sentiments. I am surprised though as to how quickly this has been resolved - hats off to ccfa if it can all be done in under three days. I only raise that as I am aware of a player sent off in a two leagues lower who has been suspended and his case sine die awaiting full hearing (obviously with no date set - viz sine die) - he is effectively suspended until the ccfa hear his case - which is something I have not heard of before?? Looks like Piran films earned their money for Helston, without it there could have been no
  11. I did try in an earlier post to gain a refs perspective but that won’t now happen from a current ref as this is a matter the CCFA will be looking at. Having now watched the highlights - to me it was a foul - by MB on the defender as he ran into him and probably intentionally - but not a foul on the keeper who was the one ‘endangered’ - it does look like the ref has taken the serious nature of the injury to apply that the foul was serious foul play (there being no excessive force or brutality). My point being if Corey was not injured (by the defender) would it have even been a yellow card - you
  12. So it’s okay for them to feel the right to have a go at you (which they did in the text) - without reply??? I’m sure it’s ‘water off a ducks back’ and please keep giving your public opinions - on the forum / in the podcast / in the magazine - does this person not know the time and effort you put in to promote local football - even if with slightly blue tinted glasses lol
  13. Dave - would be interested to know who wrote the text - I assume it was a DM to you. Shame they didn’t post it themselves. The forum is about opinions and for most of us they are genuine opinions as to how we saw things and that rightly includes good and bad about players and officials - as they are part of the match day experience, for which we pay good money. Please keep giving your opinions - at least they are in your name. I wasn’t at the game so can’t and wouldn’t comment on the incident - but I would ask one genuine (non Mousehole or Helston supporter) question of the refs out there:
  14. Glad Corey is okay he is a nice lad. Helston Twitter describes it as a clash between the GK and CB - wonder if they will appeal the red as both teams do video their games which is the only way you can appeal.
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