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  1. Ha ha see even now you won’t admit you was initially wrong with your reply, like many refs you’re reluctant to admit you got it wrong? Why? In this case the penryn player had a shot, it more or less took a deflection (stickers players ‘touch’ according to the Lino), and made its way through to an already (when the penryn player took his initial shot) offside penryn player, its offside!!!!! Ha ha ffs how have we have multiple officials reply on this topic yet not one has stated this is correct? Even rappo who’s been around a while can’t see it 🤦🏻‍♂️⚽️🤷‍♂️🤣 shaw was offside from the initial shot, which was then slightly deflected, still made its way onto him, so he’s still offside, I’ve repeated myself in hope it’ll hammer it through!
  2. Ummmm here 🤷‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ ‘Incorrect’, it IS the original ball in this instance as it was purely from a penryn player! NOT a sticker one, so shaw was then offside at that point, I’m now agreeing with rappo about the match fees for officials at this level given the lack of understanding of the laws 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️
  3. Here is the problem, you’re a referee, assessor and much more I expect (🤣🤦🏻‍♂️), but can’t even get this right?! a penryn player had a shot and it touched a sticker foot on the way through…. Yes a PENRYN player had a shot…. THEN it hit a sticker foot on route, shaw (miles offside when original shot was taken) tapped it in, Lino incorrect understood that whatever the touch was from a sticker player this meant the goal stood…WRONG! God help us all It has to be deliberate, this wasn’t, 100% should of been given as offside It’s very basic!
  4. Shaws should of been disallowed! Way offside, regardless of a tough from an opposition player on route it’s the original ball the counts! Score line flattered penryn I think 2-5 would of been a fair result!
  5. Why when they is far from a full ‘senior’ league fixture list this week are there not any midweek games in the Trelawny leagues? Given the lack of officials on Saturdays surly it isn’t hard to think outside the box a little and have some (even 1!!) fixtures during the week to ease the burden? Nights are still light enough for 6:15ko to get games in, and would avoid teams having to miss out.
  6. Is it true that port reserves can’t raise a team? What’s happening at the club, I’ve heard the reserve team manager has resigned, as has the chairman, and more to follow!? For a club of their history you’d expect the committee to be better prepared than this.
  7. Should of listened to the clubs many a year Ago and stopped accepting nee clubs / teams entering the leagues, made the amount of leagues smaller which would of not put this strain on a small amount of officials.
  8. But from what I now understand, you Don’t have to do them? As in, it isn’t an actual requirement according to CCFA / Trelawny league! 🤷‍♂️
  9. Why are teams in the Trelawny league still using ‘team sheet’ books? I saw an opposition manager ask the home manager for one the other day, home manager replied ‘we do it all online now mate’ but the away manager insisted he needed one, as do the referees? Surly in this day and age there is zero requirement for them?
  10. What about playing the odd sunday game if both teams (and officials agree)?
  11. It’s way under that!! But surly when entering the league they’d had members of the committee / ground grading come around and inspect ALL pitches they might use for their games? Unless the markings have drastically changed since then someone’s obviously turned a blind eye! let’s be honest also, it’s hardly SWPL is it! Any man and his dog can enter it, from whatever division (or a new team!!), so why nitty pick over size when it’s the same for both teams? Referees haven’t got time or a tape measure come match days! People who make pitches do so in their own time and may get it wrong which will have an effect on things. And to be honest from what I saw from the Mawnan team they could of done of playing on a 5 a side pitch their legs were heavy from the off!!! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣
  12. Was proof required for any covid related cancellations? If so I am sure this has been handed in and all accepted before the cancellation processed? I have heard mind you that porthlevan 1sts were extremely short this weekend, which meant taking a large amount from their reserves which I can imagine has left them in a position where they struggle to raise a team! Then of course, covid hit…. 🤷‍♂️
  13. I watched this game also whilst on holiday with my grandkids and I must admit the Newquay defence looked shabby at times, but whipp and Cooper are by far the best choice for them, I watched Hunter play for them in a pre season game and he didn’t look comfortable on the ball and made as many (if not more!) mistakes in these games as the before mentioned pairing, I’ve heard he’s gone to play at a lower level which will suit him much better, just a bit too much too soon for the young chap in my opinion.
  14. And here lies the BIG problem! Fal Utd haven’t even gone up fully through the leagues into Trelawny Prem, yet they feel it’s their right to have a place in the combination league? Due to the desperate needs of the combo over recent years to recruit teams it has made a complete mockery of the Cornwall footballing structure and results in this! get back to how it used to be in the Fal Helston / Mining league days where teams had to earn the right to go up a league, sign of modern times where people themselves think it’s their god given right to be given everything on a plate!!!!
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