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  1. Yes my concern is, when the league sent out their proposed ‘votes’ for how the season will end there was no mention of this at all! Teams listens to their players and some opted out, if this was mentioned I dare say this would of had a huge effect on some of the players and consequently clubs decisions. A tad short sighted on the back of a knee jerk decision from the league I feel!
  2. ‘Gain their highest positions’? How is this possible when the leagues are null and void? These mini leagues / cups surly cannot have an impact on the clubs that have opted in final league standings? I read during the initial letter sent out to clubs that clubs that opt to not take part in these competitions will not be penalised in any way, yet this does seem to contradict that statement?
  3. Isn’t the combo league dissolving soon? Now would be as a good a time as any to do this wouldn’t it? Someone said once before the combo is the equivalent to Trelawny Orem technically in the FAs eyes is this not correct? It seems if that is correct then week in week out officials are being dragged into officiating games at this level when they could well be used in the leagues above or below. About time the ccfa had a little shuffle around and now is the time!
  4. I don’t know what the hold up is? Outdoor sports to commence as of 29 March, if the league decide to play they’re leaving it a little late to notify clubs are they not? This isn’t just the odd few weeks clubs have had off. I can imagine there is a mountain of jobs to be done at clubs to get the facilities up to match day standards let alone getting the players back together to train / fitness needs to certainly be addressed along with all of the other pre season (as this is what it’ll be like) faff! Hurry up for gods sake and make the call either way!!!
  5. £20+ from what some have said, times that by all who have paid and the small amount of football they have played this season and many would be well within their rights to want it back? league and CCFA fees the same, even clubs insurance would be one I’d expect reimbursement considering it’s been out of the clubs hands they’ve not been able to play etc?
  6. If the FA (which I think they have?) have agreed to play in June, why not knock this season on its head now, and start 2021-22 June 1st? Allowing a little more time for vaccinations, and give clubs and players more time to get ‘COVID’ ready including the much needed (some more than others 🤣) match fitness back up to where it should be after a longer than usual break from football? Teams that have cricket also on their grounds can easily be fixtured away until its playable at home? We could then start the season in Aug and avoid the normal midweek pile up of fixtures come April / may, and also allow a few blank fixture free weekends for the inevitable rain come winter which I am sure most Groundsmans would be delighted to see! Will the CCFA have to reimburse the fees from the 2020-21 season? Offer a discount for the next season? What about all the players who mostly at this level pay a ‘signing on fee’ to many clubs, will clubs have to pay that back or reimburse them? Money which undoubtedly has already been spent on pitches and bills? A lot to consider for village volunteers, someone just needs to get a grip of it early and make a decision either way allowing plenty of time for clubs and committees to be able to plan a way ahead.
  7. Ridiculous, ‘allowed’ or not I am reading this almost as if you’re attempting to justify this to yourself as much as anyone else! I’m surprised the CCFA haven’t stepped in here it’s only a matter of time before one of the flexi league players / officials get and spread COVID and the media will have a field day! 🤦🏻‍♂️ extremely selfish I may add, football aside there are plenty of other ways to maintain fitness even in this current climate or keep in contact with friends. Morally I’m not sure how you or the league can justify this at all, and to say it’s the next safest place outside of your home is ludicrous, 30+ players coming in from all different working backgrounds / households it’s clear as day your risking the health of everyone involved both voluntarily and not!
  8. Also just seen the ‘Flexi league’ is continuing as normal? Wtf are they thinking and how can the ccfa allow this? Are the players in that league and officials immune to COVID? Or the venues and people who have to open / close and maintain them also immune? So selfish I cannot start to imagine the local community who live close to those pitches looking in and wondering is it worth it for a kick about?
  9. And, clubs can still train? Clubs with 1-2-3 teams have 25-35 players at training often on local floodlit pitches and have numerous other teams waiting to go on after them! Seems ridiculous to me
  10. Yet country cups still continue? Junior cup fixtures for next weekend to go ahead as planned? Seems a little unnecessary doesn’t it?
  11. Wendron seemed to play a lot of players from their higher teams, why? cant be short on numbers at their club?
  12. it happens on a weekly basis at Trelawny level! and has done for years! i cant believe we are in 2020 (pandemic aside!) and we are still having this issue. As chris rightly said, clubs could draft in a few 'ringers' and there would be no way of knowing this for opposition teams, if in a crucial game it could be the difference between a league championship or relegation! what happened to the ID Card idea? like youth teams do? pre match around the centre circle etc? takes 2 mins?
  13. Took in the Helston v ST Day game (from a distance!), and must say the ground is looking fantastic down there, and the team were on par! ST Day will be having a very long season if they continue to play like this, leaking goals in areas which at this level they shouldn't be! i was the chap who was managing last night the actual manager? some of things he was asking his team to do tactically were almost laughable, i cant imagine he's their normal manager but you'd thought they'd have someone suitable to step in if the main one wasnt? on a football front as i said it was mostly Helston, they have a good crop of experience and youngsters and will e up there this season. clinical in front of goal, although as i've said the ST Day defence didnt put up much of a fight!
  14. Agreed, so are you planning on using changing rooms and showers? Government guidelines are vague to say the least! But there has to come a point when showers after games are the norm again, but who makes this call? Even give the local teams a statement to say they’re hoping for this to come back into play on ....... etc? Seems like grassroots clubs are just being left to make their own decisions based on, well google!!
  15. I’ve noticed a lot of teams now using the changing rooms and showers again, have the FA or government eased these restrictions to allow this now or is this being done on risk by the clubs?
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