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  1. Gremlin - there is an exception for Academy players as the decision as to their suitability sits with the pro club. Good 3 points for Newquay - Argyle Reserves do make a mockery of the league standings - but that’s the way it is and as Atherton rightly states Newquay can only play what is put in front of them - and the discussions over what team they put out is well documented.
  2. Falmouth should have plenty for Godolphin but their home pitch is usually very well played by them. Camels in the middle of a couple of week period where their squad is greatly depleted so will have a hard night playing a Saltash team looking to move towards the top three. Helston and Newquay will both feel they can take points off each other.
  3. St Austell better team, on the day - and worthy winners. Play good football and have real quality from 1 - 15 You say comfortable and many chances, but the Camels keeper had actually very little to do - St Austell had ample good possession but it must be a slight worry that it did not materialise into actual goals or clear cut chances. It took well into the second half for St Austell to score and not forgetting the Camels had a perfectly good goal disallowed at 1-0 and hit the crossbar. Considering the Camels are a middle league team, playing with a very makeshift team at the moment, against a full St Austell squad hoping for top three - I think Camels would have taken 2-0 before the game. Quick mention on the officials - thought the Ref was very good and even - BUT - the lineman on the top side (I’m assuming senior as he did the subs) was appalling - and at this level should he really be telling the St Austell left back (Wattsy) - ‘tell Giler and Tom they’re playing the striker onside all the time’ - despite giving nearly every offside - even the St Austell faithful were joking about him - apparently he’s from St Austell area as well. Also slightly telling was that the St Austell fans spent a lot of time enjoying the tweet updates on the Tavvy v Bodmin game, for some reason. St Austell start scoring - they will be top 3 come May.
  4. Bobjfh

    Bodmin v Camelford

    Bodmin 4 v 0 Camelford As a reflection of the two games and this game, the score is very flattering to Bodmin, but all at Camelford wish Bodmin well in the next round and will hopefully do Cornwall proud. Firstly, this game should not have been needed, Camelford should have finished the tie in the first game when 3-2 up, 4 minutes of injury time to go and a great one v one with keeper - unfortunately missed and with last kick of game following some daft defending and 3v3. Camelford had asked (prior to the game) for the game to be finalised on the day (penalties if required), with Reg and six of their starting team away for the replay, but Bodmin, as is their right, declined and insisted on a replay - which took us to a very wet Wednesday evening in Bodmin. Camels with no manager and six of the weekend starters away and Bodmin with a perceived stronger team with the inclusion of Oxley and Danny O on the bench. Bodmin started very well, but were poor in the final third - Oxley in particular wasting good chances and several players just taking ridiculous shots, many going out for throw ins! Camels plan was clear, to play on the break, which they did well - well structured in defence and cutting Bodmins back four apart when played anywhere other than near Brokenshire (who was solid). Mid way through first half came the only real bit of controversy. Bodmin had possession on ther right from a ricochet, their player attempted to chip the keeper towards a packed penalty area and the ball was cleared, about a meter in front of the line. The Ref gave it as a goal in that the ball had crossed the line and pointed to the centre circle to everyone's bemusement. The assistant Ref was waving his flag frantically - the Ref spoke to him (I assuming pointing out his error) and the Ref then changed his decision and awarded a penalty for the keeper fouling a Bodmin player and gave the keeper a yellow card?... Up steps Mr Bowker to take the penalty - (bit of a risk because he injured himself taking a penalty in the first leg) - his standing foot slips and kicks the ball just before his shooting foot hits the ball (touching twice) - sending the keeper and him the wrong way - every player saw it but the Ref never saw it as 'my job is to watch the keeper not the ball' . Slight shame as the Ref was a young lad who I thought had a great game and that 2 minute brain freeze did not affect the game. Camelford had several great chances before half time to level the game but with missing their three recognised strikers shots were dragged and the Bodmin keeper made a couple of fantastic saves. Mr Gilbert's half time 'chat' could be heard from Morrisions. Second half again saw Bodmin start brightly and the Camels play themselves back into the game - the next goal was obviously decisive and that fell to a solo goal from the lad McGee - who in my option was Bodmins best player on the night - great dribble and finish. After that the Camels rearranged and went all out for attack and got caught on the counter (in fairness Danny O missed a couple over the crossbar from inside the 6yd box as well). There has been a lot on the forum about the decline of Bodmin, which imo is slightly unjustified. Bodmin have 2/3rds of a team of real, real quality. They have plenty to beat most teams and both get points and go further in the Vase. They lack a recognised 'in form' striker - Bowker (who is well rated by Gilby and Steve Massey who know far more than me) is good at holding the ball up but is over weight, can't jump for headers and does nothing for his team mates other than moan. Danny O has quality in abundance (as a player and individual, he was the only Bodmin player not berating every decision in the first leg - he spoke calmly and quietly to the Ref), unfortunately too many teams have real pace and that is the one side of his game decreasing, Oxley was just poor - however I believe he is better than he showed last night. Bodmin also had no quality on the bench (other than obviously Jake Ash who appears to be carrying a long term issue?). The one thing Bodim are missing though is the 'aura' of invincibility - Camelford went into the first leg expecting to win, a couple of years ago it would have been about holding them. Teams do not fear Bodmin any more and that was always worth an extra player for them.
  5. Sticker are having a big dip at the moment and having watched their last three games are struggling, but they are (rightly) not going to try and buy their way out of it. They have lost at least 6 of their squad from last season and that is without doubt costing them - and would be easy to point out deficiencies. One thing that is a great sign for them, though, is that they have 3 young lads playing for them (and I believe more coming through) who whilst not quite there yet, are showing real potential. Bearing in mind this season counts for little, other than those going for promotion (lol) - Sticker will regroup and although they are a way off title contenders (or mid table) they will be much more of a competitive side towards the end of the season and moving forward. As with a lot of the 'smaller' sides in the league it is easy to have your better players tempted away and hard to retain a competitive cohesive squad - so good luck to Sticker and hopefully a win will restore some confidence.
  6. Torpoint 5 v 1 Camelford Thought today was going to be be a tight game, with Camelford having a bare 11 and 9 of those being 20 and under, but never expected the game that transpired - and absolutely no excuses. As a first for me, in this league, the referee was a young lady, who I thought had a good mature game (even whilst being assessed) - didn't agree with some of her decisions, but that's football, she was consistent and tried to explain her decision making - her assistants were less impressive, only in that they did or gave nothing to either team. The first half saw Camelford absolutely cutting Torpoint apart with every attack. Some will not believe, being in mind the final score, but Camelford should have been at least 5 up at halftime - (I would argue 6 or 7). The Torpoint keeper made some fantastic saves with one v one's, but bottom line is some poor final balls and decision making resulted in Camelford only scoring one. Hearing the Torpoint team talk, they felt they had 'got out of jail' and had nothing to lose so tweaked their play and came out 'all guns blazing'. They started much stronger and scored within the first 5 of the second half - some kamikaze play on the edge of the box by some of Camelford's players saw the ball lost and a good finish to bring things level. Within 2/3 minutes Torpoint were awarded a very (very) soft penalty, which was well converted and suddenly Torpoint grabbed control of the game and took their other chances well - Camelford could still have scored 2/3 but were poor in front of goal. Loosing is never an issue, if the team give everything, which Camelford always do - however what was disappointing today was some of the Camelford players 'disappearing' in the second half (not tracking or committing to 50/50's), which in this league simply costs you points. The mom, as awarded by the Torpoint game sponsor, was their goal keeper - surprising for a team winning with this score, but richly deserved. A fair reflection of the game would have probably been 8 v 7 to Camelford but I have to congratulate Torpoint, who retained belief and took their chances - good luck for the rest of the season.
  7. I was actually counting Mike Cooper as the ‘7th’ first team player as he features in their first team squad. Fletcher, Rooney, Sangster and Hodges (and Jephcott, Bentley, Childs and Battle - I don’t know Boyd and only Battle used as a sub) are all full time ‘pros’ who are ‘developing’ having completed their Academy scholarship but kept on and feature occasionally in the first team squad. These lads and the u18 Academy scholars are the ‘usual’ Reserve team in the SWPL - with an occasional first team player - great to see more in this game though. For what’s its worth I thought Fletcher was the best striker on show for Argyle - Dyson got the goals but I thought he was poor (for a League 1 player).
  8. Bobjfh

    Ludgvan Take over

    Hurler - every football supporter in the county hopes Ludgvan get through this temporary hiccup - ignore any idiot comments - we all need as many competitive senior sides as possible.
  9. Argyle 3v0 Camelford. Argyle fielded 7 first team players and the ‘best’ of their usual SWPL players making up the 11 and bench. Game was as you would expect with Argyle having a lot of possession and territory but the 3-0 scoreline was very, very flattering to Argyle . First goal was a throughball cross and tap in giving Argyle the lead, it looked offside but the officials clearly refrained from any decisions against Argyle. 1-0 HT Second half was much of the same but Argyle not really looking like scoring. 15 minutes in a Camels player went down injured on the edge of the Camels box, the ball was cleared long, retreieved by Argyle who played the ball forward, about 10 passes and dribbled around the still injured Camels player on the floor to put in a cross and score - nothing wrong but not really sporting. Third goal was a corner and header from the Argyle no5 - who was lucky to be on the pitch with a yellow card and 5 talkings to by the Ref for leading with his arm. Result was never really in doubt, Camels had a couple of decent chances but held their shape and composure very well Camels did well - if you can’t enjoy playing against proper pros why play football at this level. Good luck to Argyle Reserves and hope plenty of other Prem teams get the same enjoyment playing their first team. Tonight’s Argyle Team - for those interested
  10. Gwilliam, Cowling, C Hambly, H Hambly, Carhart, Penrose, E Harrison, Insley, Adkins, Sleep and Pooley Subs (all used) O’Hara, Wilshaw and Kempthorne.
  11. Thanks Dave for putting things in perspective - perhaps the Refs would like their own sub heading?
  12. BHD - you would be surprised then. Lots play for 15 or less - proper expences - it’s only ever the ‘big’ money that’s talked about on the forum. My main point was about officials being integral to the game tough - not about how much they are worth.
  13. Before we get into and ‘arse kicking’ contest - in answer to the original post, I actually think it is a good thing to see match videos, goals, skills and mistakes - it adds to the supporters enjoyment. Officials, for me, are an integral part of the game (yes I know we all say that we can’t play without them) but when I watch a game I am watching 22 players, 3 officials and often the bench (more so with some teams) - all contribute to the match day. Decisions balance out and whilst it is frustrating that some teams ‘seem’ to get more decisions and often that’s the top or more verbally ‘aggressive’ teams - it’s football. Some teams have poor days and so do some Refs - I think refs accept that and if they have a ‘howler’ they know it themselves so should not fear videos, they can help with learning, assessing (normally when I see a Ref being personally assessed they don’t have their best games - so a video may help) and could show good decisions as well. Too many slag off officials or automatically jump to their defence, even when the official made a mistake - just treat them the same as the other participants. On a slight aside most officials in this league get paid more than the majority of players who have the same travel and time commitments, not saying that is wrong as we need more officials but as it’s all for the love of the game often in cup matches the three officials cost the club more then the teams playing ‘expences’ - just a thought for some officials.
  14. Ludgvan have asked a lot of new player ‘to step up’ who will not be use to the rigours of long journeys, especially on Bank Holidays. Bottom line is that there are not enough players in the far west who have the ability, desire and / or commitment for SWPL football for the number of teams. Ludgvan will no doubt be fined and docked points, but as a neutral I really hope they can get player support and struggle through until they regroup - no one wants to see another team drop out of ‘Step’ football.
  15. For those of you who know the individuals is Big Al actually Leed’s alto ego? You only tend to hear from one at a time and both have views that most forum members disagree with - perhaps Leeds is just deflecting when Bodmin have a hiccup?
  16. Would totally agree - but Ref only had one chance to view it - poor decision and the Saltash striker should bow his head in shame. On a lighter note the twitter feed about the decision is hilarious?
  17. Dave - I would agree that the lad has great potential, it’s just a shame he won’t test himself at a higher level. I know he’s had Cardiff trials and there are family ties to keep him at Liskeard (and loyalty which is a great thing), but until he tests himself week in and week out against better defenders, it will only be potential - maybe next year when Liskeard are promoted his true ability will shine. As for Bodmin trying to attract young players, I honestly don’t think they are a big draw for the young lads - why I can only guess with their great history, but I know of a couple younger players who have recently turn down approaches?
  18. Bobjfh

    Plymouth Parkway vs Wellington

    GRTourist - great report, thank you, felt like I was there! On the Shane Krac question, IMO, he is without doubt one of the very best midfielders at this level - however his trademark “scissor’ tackle is a red card waiting to happen every game - he is at his best when combative but at this level if Parkway have to play with 10 it will cause them problems - he has played high enough to know this so his continued use of the tackle must be a concern to Mr Hobbs. Nice position to be in though to even contemplate playing without him.
  19. Thanks for the write up - i’m Currently in Greece with a couple of Camels players. Disappointing result for Camels, but spoke to Reg and whilst he felt both penalties were unjust he did feel that Callington probably edged the game, so we’ll done Callington - always feisty games but two teams who give their best. Onwards and upwards for both teams!!
  20. Bodmin pre season were not great, Falmouth against St Austell were surprisingly poor, as were St Austell against Helston (even in winning) - but Saltash have been constant - so tomorrow’s games will be very interesting - to see who is shaping up now the season is properly underway, as all four imo can give Tavvy a very good run for their money (they drew with Godolphin and were nothing that special when they beat Sticker).
  21. Bobjfh


    For what’s its worth - I think Parkway will be stronger with messers Yetton and Carter - two very experienced and proven goal scorers - especially with the service they will get from Smith and Williams. With. Mr Hobbs is undoubtedly a very good striker (arguably best in league, by a little way now) but his mobility is not that much more than Carter and he has the potential for long bans at any stage of the season. Also can’t see Rosenquest as a starter - imo not of the same standard as the other 4 up front. Just hope Parkway do really well and enjoy it.
  22. Plymouth Argyle 5 v 0 Callington Town WALTER C PARSON FUNERAL DIRECTORS CUP QUARTER FINAL (7.30PM) Tavistock 1 v 3 Plymouth Parkway CORNWALL SENIOR CUP SEMI FINAL (7.30PM) At Helston Athletic Mousehole 2 v. 2 St Austell
  23. Saturday 24th February PREMIER DIVISION Exmouth Town 3 v 2 Launceston Helston Athletic 2 v 1 Cullompton Ivybridge Town 1 v 2 Stoke Gabriel Newquay 1 v 3 Tavistock Plymouth Argyle 3 v 1 Godolphin Plymouth Parkway 1 v 1 Camelford Saltash United 4 v 0 Callington St Austell 7 v 1 Witheridge Sticker 1 v 3 Bodmin Town WALTER C PARSON FUNERAL DIRECTORS CUP QUARTER FINAL Falmouth Town 3 v 1 Torpoint
  24. Bodmin Town 7-1 Witheridge Callington Town 1-2 Torpoint Athletic Camelford 2-2 Tavistock Cullompton Rangers 2-1 Newquay Exmouth Town 2-2 Falmouth Town Godolphin Atlantic 2-1 Stoke Gabriel Ivybridge Town 1 - 4 Plymouth Parkway Launceston 1-2 St Austell Plymouth Argyle 2-1 Sticker