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  1. Mattelot - the 250 games is good but not great. However what he has achieved in those 250 games is great and to only be applauded. Not only Westy, but all connected with the club - I may not support them but admire what has been and hopefully will be achieved.
  2. Reg is in his 31st year as manager at Camelford - which would put him well past 1000 games lol
  3. Mark - had to wait for your report before commenting. I took the game in as Camels had a free weekend and all went off together to sunny Exeter for a few beers lol. Thought it would be an end to end game, and to a degree it was - other than Penryn’s missing players made the outcome increasingly clear. Without wishing to be unfair, several Penryn players did not have the ‘legs’ or fitness to compete with St Austell. The St Austell left wing could / should have scored 5, and St Austells lack of clinical finishing has / will cause them issues. I have seen a full strength Penryn, and they are good - but they do lack strength in depth, again something that is costing them. Worth the entrance fee though
  4. Joe - Camelford has an excellent playing surface and has been commented upon by all that visit - but that is down to a few (very) unpaid volunteers - which is why those that do volunteer and give up their time should be commended, at all clubs. We all agree via different threads that without Refs games can’t be played -but without volunteers there would be no pitch or even a chance to play.
  5. Mr Blacthford - if you are still on the forum - don’t leave. Clubs and others interested in local football need all the support they can get.
  6. Camelford 2-2 Bodmin I wasn’t at the match (away with eldest’s Passing Out Parade) - but got regular updates. Camelford had some great chances in the first half, as did Bodmin but I am reliably informed Camels should have gone in at HT with a lead but not to be 0-0 Second half saw all the goals 58 Bobby Hopkinson back heel from a defensive scramble 1-0 72 Adam Boxall with a now ‘trademark’ free kick 2-0 74 Jordan Bentley header from a corner nearly straight from the restart 2-1 82 Dan Jennings - dispossessed defender and ran through for good finish 2-2 Camels missed some other great chances / great saves, as did Levi Landricombe (including a penalty shout where he dived - and was carded) - game finished 2-2 Shows how fortunes have changed - before the season Camelford would have been happy with 2 points from two games against Bodmin and their ‘big name’ players - and now they are really gutted to only have 4 points from the same two fixtures. I am still sure Bodmin will turn it around and start to climb the league - they are too good a team not to (and they owe it to Mr Gilbert) and personally happy to have got those two games done before they do lol.
  7. Gareth - excellent report Just wanted to add - having seen Callington mid week and mentioned about there continually berating the referee, today was much much different. They concentrated on their football and played extremely well - I felt they were a bit unlucky come the end, and only having one sub you could see them tire, but it was one of the best games (as a neutral) I have seen in a while - well done both teams.
  8. 100% - I wondered who my ‘doppelgänger’ was lol Unfortunately I wouldn’t have been able to get to the game till half time, so I took in the St Austell v Callington game instead (great game for the neutral) Camels team sheet should be attached (like Rappo I am not too good at technology). Camels were missing Ed (who iin fairness was away with the G Captain Dan in London), Charlie and Denholm - but Reg always seems to be able to pull a few out of retirement to help out when needed (sorry Dan).
  9. This is where I get slightly frustrated as we all hate the constant dissent witnessed at some games and it is often cited as a reason for failing to attract and retain official - yet the solution is right there and has been for a few years now. I’ m not saying referees should start from minute one at any sign of petulance - a couple of stern warning to the player / captain / even manager - after that send them to the bin - they soon shut up when it starts happening. I thought The Waltz mentioned on another thread that the yellow counts towards ‘totting up’ for ban as well - I didn’t know that?
  10. You have to have a little chuckle at this (unless connected with Saltash) - with Bodmin’s history of bringing in midweek dual registered higher league players. I’m sure Dane will be ‘spitting feathers’ as surely the fault also sits with Argyle over allowing a contracted player to play where he was ineligible - as quicksilver said ‘rules are rules’.
  11. Just to make it perfectly clear - it was not my intention to make any criticism of Shaun (or for the thread to go they way it has) and I felt I made it clear where I felt the blame for a stop start game lay. Both penalties were soft - it happens. If I didn’t, I apologise to Shaun. When I spoke to him after the game, about the abuse he had received, to his credit he said he was trying to keep 11 players on the pitch (more tolerance than me) and gave what he saw - you cannot ask for any more than that - at any level.
  12. Sorry Kernowknocker - i will bow to your knowledge, my point was in response to Greygen being surprised to see Shaun officiating at this (SWPL) level as he thought he did lower levels. I thought Shaun had been a level 4 Ref for 3/4 years and as such, now officiates at SWPL and Western League, and I thought can run the line at step 4.
  13. Greygen - I was at the match and would agree in most part to what you have said. The first goal was a flick on by Ed and it was scored by Meths. That was within 2 minutes - I felt the Callington penalty was extremely soft - the lad Koli had a very strong game at left back (although I believe he is actually a winger) but considering how powerful he was he went down to the slightest touch. But given and the ref was closer than me. 1-1 after 5 minutes. First half may mainly Camels with Callington playing on the break. Camels had a header cleared off the line from point blank range, had a chance where Gus rounded the keeper but missed an open goal - from a very tight angle, had a flick by Ed that left the keeper flat footed and hit the crossbar and about three other good chances to finish the game before young Cam made a great run and left the keeper no chance to make it 2-1 at HT. The incident you mention about the Callington 10 - he actually had the Camels defender in a headlock to ‘turn him’ - they are both powerful units and it was a clear foul - sorry. After the game the Callington management felt they could have been 4-1 down easily at half time. Second half saw Callington grow more into the game and I thought their two wide outlets were very good - it all just lacked a bit of quality / confidence in the final third. Camelford were then awarded a penalty - was it soft, it certainly looked it from where i was a defender won the ball, but I found out later it was for the reckless foot going over the top of the ball - I’m no ref but would not have been happy if awarded against me - maybe evened up the Callington Penalty? Scored by Ed 3-1 with 15 to go - frantic last 20 and Koli scored with a long range shot that took a wicked deflection with the last kick of the game. Without wanting to discuss the ref, there are a couple of points I would make. Firstly Shaun actually officiates at Western Prem and even Southern now. Second point is he stood in at the last minute otherwise there would have been no Ref. As for his decision making - it did all become very broken. He yellow carded a Callington player after about 7 minutes and spoke to the Callington captain 5 times in the first half about decent from Callington players. It was that, more than anything else, IMO, that had an effect on the game. He was getting abuse for every decision (and even after the match) and perhaps that is why Camelford got more 50/50 decisions. Perhaps, and it is only my opinion had he sin binned a few Callington players overall it may have helped the game. I was very impressed by Callington, good squad with some very decent players. They are far better than their league position and with a bit of luck and perhaps some thinking about their interactions with the Ref they will quickly climb the league. Tamar.man - Camelford played the game, missing their front man and two midfielders. Being second in the league is because they have beaten Dobwalls /Bodmin / Launceston / Newquay / Penryn / St Dennis / Sticker and now Callington and are the only team to have taken points off Liskeard, averaging over 3 goals a game - all with a low budget / small squad and carrying injuries into every game - so perhaps they do deserve their current position?
  14. I’m not so sure it is such a big loss. JBE is a great player but Newquay always set up around him and if he was off form they never played well. Now they will set up to their other very good players and it may actually make them a better team IMO.
  15. Dave - only missing something on Sticker v Penzance, Helston, Launceston and Torpoint (Robbie was away) - which isn’t bad and made for a good read. If you DM me bank details, I happily give the tenner.
  16. Mattelot - no offence at all. I’m not a great one for social media (don’t use Twitter / FB or any other such thing) - only really this forum and when I started doing reports I made a decision not to use surnames - couple of reasons - I have family connections to a player (was players) and didn’t want to be seen as showing favouritism in the reports and secondly the Camels had six under 18 year olds playing (still have 4) and whilst their surnames are out there I didn’t feel right, personally, using them on a public forum. I try to do the same with players from other teams, where I can and always for players I know personally. I also won’t mention any names if someone ‘cocks up’ from either team or even officials names. when good or not so good - just the way I am, sorry if it detracts from the reports.
  17. Haha, deserved - if you were there Foul Throw - any views on the game?
  18. Guys - nearly a whole thread about football. Missing a couple of update (Rappo / Walltz / Wendron official / Dave D / Sticker- and maybe even Robbie and Le Boss) - so much better than West Briton lol Couple to go - and £10’ given to the forum!! As a quick Edit - it’s been about football and not having a go at each other - Carts may have slowed, JBE may have moved on but more to talk about amongst us that love going to local games.
  19. Camelford 3-2 Cheddar Knew it was going to be a difficult game, Camels missing 2/3 of midfield and Cheddar doing well in the Western League 1. Game started brightly with Camels on top, but real cup tie - Camels dominating and maintaining possession but Cheddar looking bright on the break 33 min Cam scores from a Ryan shot, would of been a penalty as handball on the line but bounced to Cam who scored. 41 min lovely run by Ryan pulls back for Ed to calmly finish. 2-0 HT 48 min Cheddar no7 scored from a breakaway - game on 2-1 Next minute Gus hits the crossbar with the Cheddar keeper stranded. 62 min could of been a straight red card for Cheddar no9 65 min could / should of been penalty for Cheddar - not given 80 min Cheddar no7 scored again 2-2 - looked like penalties coming. 83 min Gus scores a lovely goal from an Ed flick and a tight tight angle 3-2 and game over. Proper cup tie - no quarter given by either side Camels deserved it over 90 but Cheddar should be proud of their fight back in second half Officials had good games Att 67
  20. We Two - totally agree, but it makes it more entertaining when talking about lots of games rather than a whole thread being about 2/3 games or 2/3 incidents in a week.
  21. Guys - the forum has been very quite recently and unfortunately lots of posts that don’t relate directly to games. As a ‘challenge’ there are 17 Cornish teams playing Vase or SWPL games tomorrow - if there are 17 ‘proper’ match reports (one from / for each team) - I will donate £10 to next years forum upkeep - anybody fancy following suit and getting things back to talking about football? Bob
  22. Real shame to lose Mike to Bodmin, but he wasn’t getting much game time at the Camels - wish him well and will miss him. A great lad and will add some much needed spirit to a, so far, lack lustre Bodmin.
  23. Adam - sorry about the Pat Pat - it’s been a while since we spoke lol. I’ve watched The G a few times - I think what you are doing there is fantastic - a team many wrote off before your arrival but now looking a team that will challenge many and building again. You are right about Falmouth - teams can give them a real game, problem though is doing it for a full 90 minutes and no one has been able to do that - and to be totally honest I don’t think will - even Liskeard who are the one question left for them. But you never know they play to their best and Falmouth have an off day it could happen. Good luck for the season
  24. Or was it Porthleven - thought that was the connection with The G’s through Pat Pat.
  25. I was aware of the St Austell assault - I was there and slightly more than a spat. Never heard of managing a local team, he’s been a ref of the highest standard for the last years I have watched SWPL and higher local football. I did think he was still helping the CCFA with Referee development - but happy to be corrected. Am surprised you (Greygen) have knowledge of the initial incident as not normally released by the CCFA - or that you know of the managers appeal - he has actually already been found guilty so we will all have to await any appeal.
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