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  1. I'm certainly & never have affiliated with mousehole, in fact, I only support local football as a whole. But when I see blatant fact being twisted, I will speak up. I don't see this 'seagulls being despised' other than the ones down St Ives, maybe this is where you are getting confused? The recent appointment of Jake Ash has been seen with huge compliments for him & mousehole, so again, seems like a club on the up & up. Helston another team on the up & up but again they get bashed for doing so. Seems to me, people just don't like to see anyone doing well & with statements like above, they will try to twist & make others like bad, when they should sort themselves out, maybe even try copy the model..
  2. All of this bringing up the Mousehole thing! Just seems to me, why not sling mud to deflect the Penzance crisis after their saviour turned out to be a Joker. We all knew that PZ approached Mousehole about a merger this season. Why try to dress it up as anything else. Sort out your mess in private & stop trying to stir up the pot! That boat has sailed if you know what I mean.
  3. What was the starting 11 & subs made please?
  4. Let's hope so, don't need more clubs folding up!
  5. What a joke! Laughing stock of Cornwall! Will they still be 'Sail All Together'
  6. Cardiff are out in the usa, so cant any of the 1st team being avalible last night, so it would have been a lot of u18 involved to i would say. https://www.cardiffcityfc.co.uk/news/2019/july/pre-season-tour-2019-north-america/
  7. Porthleven sounds far more appealing to me.
  8. Give the lad a chance, if he fails, so be it he gave it ago, unlike some who think they are better than Truro, if he does well... Well Done from me plus all the KEYBOARD WARRIORS in here #smirk
  9. Combo is like some sort of medieval league, time for change but as normal, the combo will stick their heads in the sand & hope it all goes away. Except the change for once & enjoy the new set up!
  10. Combo has been stuck in the dark ages for to long!! This looks like a chance for a big change! About time in my eyes. 😃
  11. Combo has been stuck in the dark ages for to long!!
  12. Sounds like a good move to me.
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