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could somebody just clarify how many senior players can play for a combination team if their parent club (SWPL West/East/Prem) do not have a game? is it 2 or 3 ? quite a vague rule / law as far as i can see but having witnessed a few games recently and done a head count some teams seem to be playing 2, and others 3?

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Combo Rule was (2012 season), 

" A team shall not include more than three players who have taken part in a more senior competition match during the current season, unless a period of 8 days has elapsed since they played. For the purpose of this Competition a more senior competition is one at Step 7 or higher in the National League System"

Not sure if it has changed now, I thought it been removed all together and only applied to 'higher ranked players' playing in Dutchy and Trelawney Leagues? Certainly in the National League system there is no such rule.

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16 hours ago, John Mead said:

There is no longer "senior" or "junior" status in Cornish football. Leagues outside of the NSL (Recreational Leagues below Step 7) are ranked from Combination/East Cornwall down to lowest division of Trelawny/Duchy.

I see you have said this before, so what do you refer to players as for the rule? Only 'x amount' of step 7 can play in a step 8 match? 

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