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  1. If I remember rightly, county affiliation etc was free this season following the early finish to the last one.
  2. Bugle Orient played in the Duchy League for a few seasons and I went to Molinnis in 2002-3 with my team for an "interesting" league game on one occasion. They finished third in Duchy 4 West that season. The stand in which the teams changed was still there but more or less derelict and so, although they had a decent Duchy team, I'm not surprised that their players decided to enjoy their football in slightly more pleasant surroundings elsewhere. I remember that our changing room had a carpet of broken glass! A real shame that those running the club at that time couldn't stop the team eventua
  3. St Minver Res. 1-1 Grampound (after extra time) St Minver won 4-3 on penalties A patched-up bare 11 Grampound team took the lead 10 minutes before half time but conceded a penalty after 80 minutes and the scores were levelled. The home side pressed hard in extra time but a resolute and well-organised defence held out without too many alarms. St Minver were slightly better at penalties and go through to round 2.
  4. Don't know what they've done to it but it is often so slow now as to be almost unusable for much of the time. When adding and trying to register a player a couple of evenings ago, each mouse click took about 2 minutes to be enacted. It took a frustrating 30 minutes to get it done (on a fast PC with a fast connection) when about 5 minutes should be the absolute maximum for the whole process. I've written, managed and used databases for many years but I've never seen such a poor example that has been constructed by "professionals".
  5. I presume that means we should arrange a friendly for 5th September if we want a game. Not sure why we can't play a league game on that date if we are able to.
  6. Is there a date yet for the Duchy League AGM, whether it is real, virtual via Zoom or similar or onlime otherwise?
  7. Grampound v Biscovey is ON. Been down there all morning getting it something like playable. Going to be heavy/sticky in parts but need games to be played
  8. Grampound 11-2 St Ann's Chapel Hats off to the visitors who continued to battle throughout the game, even after being 6-0 down at the break. Grampound striker Dylan Fox scored seven times, all but one outstanding strikes and he was also denied more goals by some terrific saves by the St Ann's Chapel keeper. Dylan really showed his power and energy brilliantly today. The other Grampound goals all were pretty good too!
  9. Boscastle Res. v Grampound is OFF. Happy Christmas everyone!
  10. Thanks for getting back but quite a number of our players work on a Saturday morning. The Roche Reserves manager has kindly agreed to stand in.
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