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  1. Grampound 4-0 Bude 3rds A good start for Grampound's squad that has been put together over the summer. Bude created a few chances in the first half but were 2-0 down at the break and an adjustment by the manager to Grampound's midfield shape at half time saw the team move to what was a comfortable win.
  2. A referee is needed for Grampound's last friendly of the summer on Saturday 17th August, kick off 2.30pm at Grampound. If anyone is available to help, please contact 07967 207577 or email awebb@grampoundafc.co.uk Thanks
  3. Grampound has had a cancellation on Thursday 1st August. You are welcome to step in if you wish. Referee and pitch booked. Tel or message 07967 207577 or pm on here
  4. Thank you, but all sorted now.
  5. A referee is required for Saturday 27th July at Grampound. If there is anyone who can help, please message on here or contact 07967 207577. Thanks
  6. Sorted already. Thanks for the enquiries.
  7. After our opponents have been given an unexpected league fixture, Grampound require a friendly on Saturday 17th August, home or away. If interested, please contact Allan on 07967 207577, email awebb@grampoundafc.co.uk or pm on this forum. Thanks
  8. Grampound (Duchy 1) are looking for a friendly this coming Saturday (23rd July) after being let down but we would have to play at yours. Can you help.

    Allan, Grampound FC Tel/text 07967 207577

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