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  1. I think it’s good. Get everyone singing off the same sheet. It is a little re inventing the wheel but at least it is structured and The ECPL and combo as they were won’t be playing to a different set of rules. The ECPL I would imagine would run with 1 League now, and should probably just become the top league of the duchy and feed the new league. Run two cups-a east and a west and a combined.
  2. Struggle to get myself there each week let alone 14 others!
  3. Who knows how many sides are actually going to leave the ecpl for this new league??
  4. Wasn’t a moan-just saying most of the finals are played there. Great pitch to hold them at. I personally don’t like cup final there but that’s purely because the last two I’ve been involved in played there I’ve lost lol
  5. Probably st blazey-they usually get them all. Although was at Liskeard last couple seasons but not sure if they stuck name in the hat for it.
  6. Theirs to loose now Dave in my opinion. Great season had by the lads down there
  7. Take nothing away-defended well and did what you had to do. Park the bus/10 men behind the ball call it was you want. Regardless it worked and credit to you. Bit of an exaggeration saying all but 2 have appeared for first when 4 of the starters haven’t played once this year and another with 1 appearance. but I take your point. Pete got an early shower so had load of time to clean up around us mate lol
  8. Scorline flattered. Callington has a game plan and parked the bus very well for the first half and got a breakaway goal just before halftime. We had two off the line and keeper made a couple great saves. Don’t t think callington could of complained if it was 5/6-1 at HT. second half started more of the same with us failing to score. Then a soft (one of many) free kicks resulted in number 2. Poor keeping on my side there. A big deflection for the third and the game was done. 4th goal came after a sending off and the defence sleeping. Well played callington. Frustrating game for us with I think 8 yellow cards shown to callington 1 in a game where, in my opinion, 1 bad challenge that warranted a card all game. Apologies to my friends at callington for not going in the clubhouse after-but felt I best not for fear of making my feelings about the official known and getting in trouble. I think was the first time in 19 seasons of snr football where I haven’t shook a refs hand after the game which I think speaks volumes!
  9. Tavi turn to get the abuse. Moved on from Torpoint-we been getting that for years!!
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