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Wendron managerless?

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Craig resigned after Saturday's game. He felt that he couldn't commit to the club as much he would like due to recently having a baby boy.

We would like to thank Bushy for his efforts over the past few months, he has being extremely committed and always had the best interests of the club. He has left his successor with a great set of lads who are playing some attractive stuff and full of confidence, they just need that bit of experience to take them that bit further.

We hope to see Craig in a Wendron shirt soon as he gets back to fitness as a player, and wish him and his family all the best.

Injured Ryan Tresidder will take charge on Saturday and we hope to name our new manager by the end of the week.

Although Jamie Gray was short listed for the managerial position, the players claimed they would strike if he was out in charge due to the fact that they are already sick of his voice.


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Ryan did a very good job today good young side at Wendron who try to play football in a good way. Ryan did well but I'm sure many will agree he still has a lot to offer as a player I'm sure the old warhorse Peter Thorne would be a good shout.....people say he is related to chuck Norris!!!!!

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Thanks Pitty. Yes we are fortunate enough that our previous two managers, Rob Watt and Craig Martin, have been great coaches and got us playing football the right way - good set of players for someone to take over who want to and can play the right way.

Ryan did a great job yesterday and I know he was extremely disappointed only to get a draw, big thank you to him and we all can't wait to get him back playing.

Ha, some say that Peter Thorne's glare can kill a bull elephant from 50paces.


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