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  1. Fordy? No new stand, just something to help the sell-out crowds see better.
  2. Like Steve said, we’ve requested that we start our season with away fixtures
  3. I agree, I just thought it was no longer a thing
  4. How can Veryan be subject to their ground meeting specifications? I thought they didn’t exist at this level now? The Combination were instructed to scrap theirs?
  5. What are Sticker’s pre season fixtures? We also play Ivybridge in the coming weeks. What league are your reserves in, maybe they would be able to host us? Great facilities and only 20miles 😉
  6. Sorry my JC and SC comment was tongue in cheek. Best parts about Cornish football in my view. Maybe I should’ve or could’ve been clearer. Having posted this in the St Piran’s sub-forum I was hoping for a St Piran’s East team. Thanks Josh McDonald Wendron United Res
  7. I find your response completely petty and unnecessary. As you well know, my personal opinions regarded the EAST Cornwall League and Combination League (not those above) and if you are that much of a fan of my posts or opinions you would know how much I was looking forward to a county wide St Piran’s League. As I said before, my thoughts were due to sustainability of clubs, including Sticker, at that level of football in the county given the history of clubs from East Cornwall transferring into Combination League football. Not a reflection on Sticker who - again as I’ve said previously - I’ve got a lot of time and respect for. The reason for my request of a friendly versus an East team, preferably in St Piran’s or even above, was in order to get a fixture against a team of a similar standard of league as the one our reserves will be playing in (St Piran’s West). I hope you got the response you wanted from your post. PS ban the Junior and Senior Cup. Far too much travelling
  8. Are there any East teams willing to play and host a friendly on Sat 10th August v Wendron United Res. (West). Thanks
  9. It wasn’t a non-starter though as it was the clubs who expressed interest and paid fees - more than enough to fill the league. It was only as dates approached that they pulled - the final ones that did so did at the last minute. If the clubs had done their research and made a decision to commit or not, then the ECPL and Combination and subsequent leagues would not find themselves in the position they are in. That being said, I admire the respective committees for their passion and commitment to heir leagues in ensuring they are run for the foreseeable future; although I hope avenues are explored to secure them.
  10. Looking at how the league is potentially shaping up, it may be more competitive than it has been lately. Le Boss, the same could be said of any standard. Several Combination clubs were unable to fulfil their fixtures in the 18/19 season, as were several teams of a higher standard! The standard overall may not be as high as recent seasons - the league is not to blame for this - but I’m sure that it will be equally, if not more competitive.
  11. Wendron’s ‘banana pitch’ was combination approved last year and has hosted SWPL Div 1 fixtures. I echo Paul’s comments from Helston. I know the situation isn’t ideal (in my opinion the clubs are the only ones to blame as they are the ones who applied and then withdrew leaving each division scrambling); and each league has done the best with what they have been left with. As for Ground Gradings, it is something that shouldn’t have existed at this step anyway. My credit goes to the Combination League for doing their best in keeping the history and the league running, I’m sure it will be something monitored throughout the season. As for Lanner or Ruan or anyone else applying. Fair play to them, especially if their ambitions are to progress into Step football where they can access extra grants and funding. Ruan aren’t short of backing, so expect them to turn some heads. Even if they were to get relegated after one season, they’d be in a higher division then the one they’re currently in - clever!
  12. @Steve Carpenter or @cornishteddyboy (or anyone else)... Am I right in saying that although the Combination League and Trelawny Premier are classed as recreational, and in that regards are on equal groundings; is the Combination League a tier above the Trelawny League? If not, how will promotion/relegation to the St Piran’s work? Will they take from both leagues? Could you be relegated to either league? Also, with promotion beginning to be enforced on clubs - would promotion to St Piran’s from Combination/Trelawny be enforced on a club should they finish high enough and ground pass (unless the club already have a team in the league)? And the same for promotion out of St Piran’s? Will it be enforced as long as the club don’t already have a team at that next step? Thanks
  13. To be fair, JT is ex Port anyway. Blakey has a chance of progressing as a manager in what was effectively 2 leagues above the one he was managing - an opportunity that he would’ve never got at Helston, or at least not for a few good years. And has there ever been loyalty in football? A handful of players are loyal to their clubs. This has always been the case all through football! Probably more publicised now though.
  14. It’s not the CCFA! Can’t blame them at all. And we wouldn’t be in a situation which is a ‘shambles’ had the clubs firstly not expressed interest - over 26 of them. Then a further 20+ actually paid the application fee before teams started withdrawing. Had the clubs not initially registered or even gone as far as applying then this would’ve been sorted and organising months ago. I feel for all League Committees involved in the process for firstly getting the league running, work co-operatively and having to adjust plans at short notice because they’ve been let down themselves.
  15. If a club is run effectively and properly, then this would never happen - it would only ever happen if a first and reserve team ran as two separate entities and the committee, management and players did not buy into a club ethos.
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