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  1. Entertaining one last night at The Underlane! Wendron 3-0 up inside 20 minutes then guilty of some misbehaviour so were 3-0 yo but down to 9 men for the remaining 60 mins plus. Despite conceding twice, they were held on to an important win. All the best to Mousehole and Mark Rose in the middle did very well too.
  2. Preferred it when you didn’t write reports Rappo! 😉 Penryn played some good football, especially through Vallejo and McPhilbin. Thought we could’ve/should’ve been a few goals to the good in the first 15 mins or so but didn’t take our chances and were punished when Penryn caught us on the break. Good leveller from our perspective and should’ve seen the game out when we went 2-1 up but Penryn would argue that they were good money for a draw but snuck the win with a good Jack Rapsey header in the last few minutes. Thought Mr Edge was generally good. We had a good penalty shout turned down but Penryn may say that evened itself out after their one at their place. All the best
  3. Over the last week we’ve had a player versus us done for dissent for kicking a ball away yet in the next match the ball was kicked away three times by opposition players with the ref not bothering much. I’m not arguing what is/isn’t dissent but clarity and consistency is good. Many refs, as people are anyway, seem to put up with more than others when none of them should or have to.
  4. Great game down at Underlane last night and full credit to St Dennis. Played really well with their number 7 and 8 having great games. Wish the St Dennis player who picked up a nasty injury all the best.
  5. Good day for us. Great atmosphere with an attendance of 110, 6 from Bishop Sutton who made the journey down. We started brightly and forced a few half chances before Bishop grew into the game and it evened itself out with their 7 in the middle of the park looking sharp along with their front two. Both sides forced a few half chances without threatening too much, with ourselves probably having the better of the game. Bishop Sutton scored on 35 mins from a swift counter, a good cut back allowed their winger to score. The next 10 minutes was all Wendron as we looked to level before the break but some good chances weren’t taken. It didn’t take long to level after the interval. Lucas Potts had a few shots from distance that carried little threat but he struck one from 20 yards, which got a fortuitous deflection to wrong foot the keeper and end up in the bottom corner. Wendron went 2-1 up about 10 minutes later when we won the ball up high. A pass around the corner sent Jack Noy away to finish smartly. A few further chances to see the game out weren’t taken and Bishop Sutton had a good spell at the end but we held out to get our name into the hat. Well officiated by all three officials, no real moments of controversy but managed the game well. Best of luck to Bishop Sutton for the remainder of their season.
  6. Thought the three officials had a very good game Saturday, including Barry Raiker who was on the other line for the first time. Just touching on @Bobjfh’s point about sticking together, Wendron are currently sat joint 2nd (3rd on GD) with last year’s squad and 7 of the 11 who started on Saturday have come through the youth system at the club.
  7. Don’t want to give anything away! 😉 Blazey started well, but we quickly found our feet and won a penalty about 15mins in when the defender handled in the box. Everyone bar those with a Blazey badge on thought it was one. His arms were raised, the forward lifted it over him and would’ve been in on goal if it hadn’t struck his arm. Nothing deliberate about it but a definite pen. There was a further penalty shout in the second half waved away when the Blazey centre half seemingly controlled it with his arm under no pressure whatsoever. Anyway, the penalty was well converted by captain, Scott Palmer who then proceeded to celebrate a la Ronaldo fashion with no shame whatsoever. Pretty even game from then on, both sides had spells of possession but Wendron probably looked the more threatening before a well worked corner on the stroke of half time led to a Young shot being parried into the path of Palmer who finished with aplomb. Second half was relatively even, inevitably Blazey gathered some momentum but rarely threatened, only a couple of half chances which were dealt with well by Fearn. Wendron had chances to put the game well and truly out of Blazey’s reach but couldn’t convert. Think that’s now 20 goals in 5 games, first clean sheet, undefeated in 5 and 4 wins on the trot. All the best to Blazey.
  8. Just bumping this. If you can’t make today but would still like to support then you are welcome to donate directly to either charity - who are both local charities doing some wonderful work - on behalf of both Mawnan and ourselves. Alternatively, contact either club to donate through them. Thank you
  9. Think Glenn means that Wendron Reserves are our St Pirans team, it was Wendron 5th team - our newly formed side - that Dropship Res played.
  10. Some within West Cornwall will be familiar with the name Jamie Gray. Jamie was a larger than life character, who was the life and soul of any room he entered. Knowing Jamie, it’s hard to imagine that he had severe problems with his mental health, and last year he lost his battle with it leaving behind a wife and young family. Jamie started his footballing journey with Wendron as a youth player and then went on to play much of his adult playing career with us, also playing for Porthleven and more recently, several years with Mawnan Smith where he was a larger than life character within to their club. Many of us would’ve never had guessed Jamie struggled with his mental health, it just goes to show that we must always check on our mates and loved ones. On 29th August, with Mawnan Smith, we will be hosting a memorial match in honour of Jamie; raising funds for both Man Down - a Cornwall based charity supporting those with mental health problems - and Penhaligon’s Friends who do superb work in supporting young children. Please see the attached poster. Thank you 💙
  11. Mullion v Wendron is now postponed due to COVID related reasons. A shame for us as midweek when our 3s played their reserves they had stated they were short due to Boardmasters so would be taken some reserves and it is now the second bout of COVID they have had to face after a friendly v our first team was called off last month. Their club house is still open though which suggests it wasn’t an outbreak within the whole club which is good. Hope those isolating are well. Such a shame to read @JonColenzo’s post regarding a player in the ECPL being hit badly by it - wish him well. Let’s hope that the season isn’t disrupted too much. Best of luck to all those kicking off their St Piran season today!
  12. Think in honesty we got out of jail with it, I also think that it was doubly infuriating for Harry and Penryn given they had a controversial pen given against them on Saturday by all accounts - I’m sure that these will even out as they tend to over the course of the season. Rowan is a top Cornish ref too - he’s already achieved lots in the game and I’m sure he will continue to go onto bigger things, he reffed and managed the game well overall in my eyes. I think we all know it was the wrong decision, and he probably does too but he shouldn’t be chastised for it in some ways I’ve seen here and on Twitter. We are all guilty of making mistakes on the pitch. Some players on both sides missed some great chances themselves. Both sides have good fixtures to look forward to on Saturday as they both host prestigious sides at this level.
  13. Can’t disagree too much. An entertaining game, not heaps of quality but it had its moments and plenty of heart. With my claret and blue tinted glasses, our first goal was well summarised above. The pen and red were clear, I think it would’ve been a red card anywhere on the pitch; it was late, reckless, dangerous - he raked his studs down the back of Cam’s ankles. As for Penryn’s penalty shout, from my viewpoint the ball nicked our defender’s 4th stud down on the right side of his left boot... I think it was one of those games where both sides felt that they could’ve and should’ve won, both created some great chances - but at the same time happy to come away with the point. Good crowd too, good to have Penryn in the league. Huge shout out to @TheolderIgetthebetterIwas as well - cracking playing surface, full credit to you.
  14. Just online tonight but hoping to bring ‘real’ ones back over the course of the season.
  15. Tonight’s match programme available here: https://wendronunitedafc.co.uk/filep_newsandevents_blobstorage.aspx?id=396082&type=n
  16. If you aren’t able to make tonight’s match then it can be viewed and recorded, for a small fee to cover overheads, here: https://emea01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Farena.joymo.no%2Fapi%2Fshare%2FRJO7yw18hsiiNBDYqPND&data=04%7C01%7C%7Ceaa8212ebbb5405a5dd008d958553f7d%7C84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa%7C1%7C0%7C637637945416076272%7CUnknown%7CTWFpbGZsb3d8eyJWIjoiMC4wLjAwMDAiLCJQIjoiV2luMzIiLCJBTiI6Ik1haWwiLCJXVCI6Mn0%3D%7C1000&sdata=o4oG%2FwJhGP9eyRXsSX5uiiLwlkxkIv%2F1VLfb6tAPTWg%3D&reserved=0
  17. Great stats Mike as always. Perhaps the 2016 one can be a little omen for us in regards to it being Mike’s first competitive game as manager as well as Steve Annis reffing that game and Friday night’s. Really looking forward to this one, competitive football for our first team has been a long time coming and a great way to start it back up at The Underlane v Falmouth and their F Troop.
  18. Sorry, nearest parking for buses is approximately 5.6 miles away and drums are not permitted in case they wake the horse next door.
  19. We are delighted to welcome back ladies football to Wendron United! Give their Facebook page a ‘like’ for more information: https://www.facebook.com/Wendron-FC-Ladies-106872734578745/
  20. I don’t think anyone is doubting the ability or quality of the players, and none of this as far as I can see is a reflection on them as footballers or people - if anything they have been put in a difficult position here by Truro’s decision to enter the league as they’ll have loyalties at other clubs but will now have some decisions that they will have to make. There will be money involved at some point (I don’t know who brought this up so why it has been mentioned I don’t know) - as the side will now be a men’s/reserve side - not an u18 side. This means that ‘first team’ players lacking game time or coming back from injury will be getting minutes here - which is perfectly acceptable. By creating pathways - which I think near enough everyone thinks Truro should have been doing for quite some time now anyway - is this the answer at the right time? Would entry into a development league not be the first step - not into men’s football. A few have mentioned the player’s development - I think everyone wants to see new, young players taking on the mantle - especially after the last 18 months where people of all ages have lost interest in the local game. However, entering a squad of 16-18 year olds directly into a men’s league is a risk to development? The best young players I have seen come through locally have been aided by having a veteran centre back or midfielder along side them, or a strike partner who has been there and done that. I think those roles are vital in a player’s development myself. I don’t know what the answer is to those - there are probably different view on it. It’ll be interesting to see how the next 18months - 2 years pans out for the project. Both in terms of the new facilities and what happens with those once S4C is complete (if ever), and of course the side itself: will it aim to continue as a development/reserve side once this crop of players develop - maybe one or two will break through to the first team hopefully.
  21. Totally get and respect your angle - hope you can see mine too, even if you don’t agree. I think it’s a combination of things and that’s a small factor that contributes to some people’s views on the matter and I understand it’s a difficult one. Love your work - see you soon. Josh
  22. Dave - no personal issue so please don’t make it one. As I said in my original post, I’m not anti- Truro as some are. I’m not bothered by the outcome as it has no implication on me - however it bothers me that it impacts many local clubs in the area and the sense that a newly founded team can enter what is effectively the second highest tier in Cornish football is morally wrong and lacks integrity, and if it bypasses the rules and regulations then yes I do put that above the development of the players as for many of them they were accessing high quality coaching and opportunities to progress at their attached clubs already. To make that last comment on your post is wrong, and you have got a rise out of me there. My original post clearly stated that this was my personal opinion and not that of the club I post under. And you, as many others know, that Wendron have clear opportunities for progression from youth to progress throughout our youth to men’s section and although I don’t know the workings of other clubs, I’d say that presently and historically we do that the best within our locality, although there are others doing great work in that field too like Helston and Mousehole, as well as Porthleven now setting up a youth development. Also, as in my original comment too, by entering the Combo or ECPL it still gives those players that opportunity to develop, taste competitive ‘men’s’ football at a good level without having years to progress through the Duchy or Trelawny pyramid and allows them as a newly formed team to have a season of sustainability before progressing further. My views are in no way a reflection on my views of any players - as you know I know some and hold them in incredibly high regard. Likewise with any of their management/committee - I don’t really know them so have no judgement on them. I’ll leave it on the matter now, said my bit and thanks to @John Meadand @Steve Carpenter on answering my questions. Don’t envy your task in the slightest and they both know I’ve been a huge fan of the league; which again the reputation of is a consideration in this too by allowing a team in in this fashion, although that is seemingly out of their control. All the best to you all! Enjoy your weekend
  23. Haven’t made it easy for themselves have they? Is this document accessible as the only one I have seen - admittedly I haven’t looked for long - is this one: Not making it easy for the leagues up and down the country by being so secretive about it - and how was it that Truro knew when nobody else seemed to? By the way, it’s of no bother to me personally what the outcome is, just raises a few questions.
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