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  1. Mawnan 6-1 helston Dan “the milkman” knowles returns with 6 fantastic assists Jago taylor adam Keenan 2 ben Oliver peroni Pete 2 jack hannaford for helston
  2. Had a young lad in goal when we played them. Looked quite intelligent. His dad on the sidelines didn’t though........
  3. Any referees available tomorrow mawnan vs Falmouth town
  4. patch

    Any refs available

    Thanks for that. I wonder if that was the case when I posted ?
  5. County website is incorrect then. Definitely 9-0
  6. When you believe you can achieve
  7. Mawnan 9-0 Constantine dan knowles with 3 hat tricks
  8. I believe he also used a five letter word also beginning with c and ending with t