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  1. Got to agree Hayle are every bit as good if not better facilities than blazey, away changing rooms are much nicer and bigger and I must have missed blazey's 4g pitch next door 😂 I would say the view is better at blazey especially when looking out from the changing room goal end, good luck to both teams today 😘
  2. I hope ludgvan is off made arrangements 🍻🍻🍻
  3. Nigel Owens is a class ref and to be fair and technically both decisions were right 😣 We're off by the way, knew I came on here for something football related 🤣🤣 Ludgvan v Helston off
  4. Helston and Colchester two great clubs tho I might be slightly biased 😀
  5. Could put a team out with what the fine is for not raising a side, maybe
  6. Helston ressies 3 saltash ressies 2 aet Came from 2 down to win it in extra time goals from Freddie Williams, Azzy and Mike Hallibone, all the best to Saltash
  7. I personally am looking forward to seeing the f troop in action tomorrow I was part of the few thousand that marched to that there London to support Truro in the case and was great to see so many faces so far from home, numbers don't matter I am regularly part of a solid 100 or so supporting the mighty Colchester at Argyle, the f troop were missing during my time at town but it's great to see them back and creating a great atmosphere, bring on tomorrow apologies to Westy, Charlie, James, Barnsey etc but come on Helston x
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