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  1. Scott was on the bench. He just loves playing football
  2. Penryn 5-1 mawnan kyle cooke matt mcillroy liam dent kirk Davies glen Jeffries for penryn Alex ottoway for mawnan
  3. Don’t think you can class him as loyal if he got in the car and drove home after half hour
  4. Mawnan 1-0 penwith Steve winnan in the 87th minute penwith had loads of players, one of them is still here cleaning his windscreen He’s just left, forgot his t shirt though
  5. Absolute shambles. This picture was taken this morning. Bloody lines are already there
  6. Stithians vs mawnan is off Stithians forgot to mark the pitch apparently, what a shambles
  7. Mawnan 4 - 0 mousehole Ryan James with 2 screamers Adam Keenan and Greg Hobbs with tap ins
  8. At leat your not sitting on the fence 🤥
  9. Who do you think will win each league?
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