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  1. Following the resignation of Tony Whitehead, we are looking for a new 4th team manager; currently playing in the The Whirlwind Sports Trelawny League. We would like to express our thanks to Tony, who led us successfully out of Division 4, for all of his commitment and hard work over the past few seasons. Applicants must believe in and implement the ethos of Wendron United FC, and would be willing to contribute to the wider aspects of the club. We are passionate about our fourth team developing our younger players and being a platform for transition from youth to men’s football. The successful manager must work closely with the other managers at the club. As well as match-day operations, the management would run training sessions, which we provide facilities for. Please express interest in application by contacting chairman, Peter Thorne on: 07950755213 Alternatively, email us at wendronunited@hotmail.com
  2. Is the merging of clubs not a formation of an entire new club? Would they then not have to start at the bottom of a ladder. New name? New committee?
  3. They pulled out before Mousehole came in Andy. Effectively Mousehole have taken their place
  4. Derek was never ‘involved’ in Wendron - and nor was his money. He merely supported one of our Trelawny sides as his son played in it at the time. This was before his stint at Porthleven, before his time at Mousehole. Restaurant owner in Penzance and former player of both Penzance and Mousehole I believe. Good man from my knowledge, but can’t say I agree with this... There are more links though - wasn’t Hough, former Leeds chairman involved with Penzance, with Leeds having links to Mousehole too? I think this has been on the cards for some time
  5. You may read my comments as negative, but I’m trying to be positive toward the West teams. It is definitely not against clubs that have good facilities as there are clubs in the Trelawny that have great facilities. I’m negative in regards to travel and teams transferring from one league, certainly in regards to Newquay who I love as a club and what they offer in terms of facilities, but it does not sit right with me that they can avoid relegation from the Combo by transferring to the ECPL, only to be relegated from that. Now to be request transferring back as they face relegation from Division 1, which is effectively below the Combination League. My reasons behind opposing Sticker joining, again it is not opposed to the club - who were second to none in hosting our recent Senior Cup semi final - but in regards to the geographic location. We have teams pulling out of St Piran’s because of travel commitments, in my opinion the Combination League provides the standard for teams in the West of the county. We already have teams failing to fulfil fixtures for relatively close games, now they have the prospect of games even further afield. As Whistleblower proved, a lot of teams from the area of the two teams in question have had a demise or now no longer exist, a key reason for that was travel at this level. Sticker reserves currently sit 4th and could finish 5th in the Duchy Prem, I’m aware it is a League that can feed into the Combination but it still doesn’t sit right with me personally, purely a matter of my own opinion. I think that you’ve made my thoughts seem negative, and apologies if I’ve come across that way, but I’m trying to be positive in ensuring sustainability to clubs and giving clubs in the Trelawny League, the Combination’s natural feeder - although not only feeder - league the opportunity to progress. Definitely not a case of negativity or anti forward thinking as we are hoping to be represented in the SW Cornwall Premier, St Piran’s as well as applying to the Combination for our third team (may be part of the reason behind my perceived negativity 😉). Nothing personal toward Sticker in the slightest - a club to be admired. Sorry - your use of ‘we’ I took as multiple people and thought it may be a view that the Combination League expresses or shares. My apologies for the misinterpretation, just the way I read your initial comment.
  6. Why does the league need teams with lights? This is not on the criteria stated above so how can clubs with lights be given preferential treatment over those who don’t?
  7. True Whistle Blower but where are those clubs, if still about, now? There’s a reason that they’re playing in the East, because for them it would be unsustainable.
  8. Makes sense to me. The Combination League has great history and following, but it’s in danger of falling behind the times and isolating itself from Cornish football. I love in principal everything it stands for and it has been/is and hopefully will be for many years to come. I think it is important to realise that all of this is an FA directive and therefore, the CCFA have to implement. What doesn’t sit rightly with me is how Newquay - and yes I can understand how they are a club with great history - can expect and probably be moved into he Combination League? They transferred to the ECPL to save themselves from relegation, they then got relegated from the ECPL and now find themselves second from bottom in the EC Div 1, a relegation spot. Now they are expecting to not just make a sideways move, but one that involves going up a league when they are in the relegation zone of their own league? With Sticker applying, I love their facilities but is the Combination League not a league for West Cornwall teams? I know historically teams from further afield have entered, but with the changes in creating St Piran’s as a county league, I think it’s important that the Combination League offers local football. Pendeen to Sticker is 1hr 5mins from each other. There are teams in the Trelawny League that would be assets to the Combination, one hopefully being promoted to the Premier and have expressed interest in joining the Combination League (I say with Claret and blue glasses on).
  9. You can book your youth team’s place in our renowned Sharon Wood Tournament 2019 by following the link below. Our tournament has been running successfully for some years and in the process we have raised thousands for Cancer Research. https://wendronfc.files.wordpress.com/2019/02/swt-entry-form-2019.docx
  10. If you want information on Supporters Club etc give me a call


    01752 767059

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