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  1. We are delighted to welcome back ladies football to Wendron United! Give their Facebook page a ‘like’ for more information: https://www.facebook.com/Wendron-FC-Ladies-106872734578745/
  2. I don’t think anyone is doubting the ability or quality of the players, and none of this as far as I can see is a reflection on them as footballers or people - if anything they have been put in a difficult position here by Truro’s decision to enter the league as they’ll have loyalties at other clubs but will now have some decisions that they will have to make. There will be money involved at some point (I don’t know who brought this up so why it has been mentioned I don’t know) - as the side will now be a men’s/reserve side - not an u18 side. This means that ‘first team’ players lacking game time or coming back from injury will be getting minutes here - which is perfectly acceptable. By creating pathways - which I think near enough everyone thinks Truro should have been doing for quite some time now anyway - is this the answer at the right time? Would entry into a development league not be the first step - not into men’s football. A few have mentioned the player’s development - I think everyone wants to see new, young players taking on the mantle - especially after the last 18 months where people of all ages have lost interest in the local game. However, entering a squad of 16-18 year olds directly into a men’s league is a risk to development? The best young players I have seen come through locally have been aided by having a veteran centre back or midfielder along side them, or a strike partner who has been there and done that. I think those roles are vital in a player’s development myself. I don’t know what the answer is to those - there are probably different view on it. It’ll be interesting to see how the next 18months - 2 years pans out for the project. Both in terms of the new facilities and what happens with those once S4C is complete (if ever), and of course the side itself: will it aim to continue as a development/reserve side once this crop of players develop - maybe one or two will break through to the first team hopefully.
  3. Totally get and respect your angle - hope you can see mine too, even if you don’t agree. I think it’s a combination of things and that’s a small factor that contributes to some people’s views on the matter and I understand it’s a difficult one. Love your work - see you soon. Josh
  4. Dave - no personal issue so please don’t make it one. As I said in my original post, I’m not anti- Truro as some are. I’m not bothered by the outcome as it has no implication on me - however it bothers me that it impacts many local clubs in the area and the sense that a newly founded team can enter what is effectively the second highest tier in Cornish football is morally wrong and lacks integrity, and if it bypasses the rules and regulations then yes I do put that above the development of the players as for many of them they were accessing high quality coaching and opportunities to progress at their attached clubs already. To make that last comment on your post is wrong, and you have got a rise out of me there. My original post clearly stated that this was my personal opinion and not that of the club I post under. And you, as many others know, that Wendron have clear opportunities for progression from youth to progress throughout our youth to men’s section and although I don’t know the workings of other clubs, I’d say that presently and historically we do that the best within our locality, although there are others doing great work in that field too like Helston and Mousehole, as well as Porthleven now setting up a youth development. Also, as in my original comment too, by entering the Combo or ECPL it still gives those players that opportunity to develop, taste competitive ‘men’s’ football at a good level without having years to progress through the Duchy or Trelawny pyramid and allows them as a newly formed team to have a season of sustainability before progressing further. My views are in no way a reflection on my views of any players - as you know I know some and hold them in incredibly high regard. Likewise with any of their management/committee - I don’t really know them so have no judgement on them. I’ll leave it on the matter now, said my bit and thanks to @John Meadand @Steve Carpenter on answering my questions. Don’t envy your task in the slightest and they both know I’ve been a huge fan of the league; which again the reputation of is a consideration in this too by allowing a team in in this fashion, although that is seemingly out of their control. All the best to you all! Enjoy your weekend
  5. Haven’t made it easy for themselves have they? Is this document accessible as the only one I have seen - admittedly I haven’t looked for long - is this one: Not making it easy for the leagues up and down the country by being so secretive about it - and how was it that Truro knew when nobody else seemed to? By the way, it’s of no bother to me personally what the outcome is, just raises a few questions.
  6. Before I stick my nose into this, I’m commenting as an individual - not the club I represent. I didn’t want to create a new profile as people are quick to dismiss the views of new profiles as keyboard warriors. I’ve no issue with Truro City - for a long time I’ve felt strongly about Truro putting Cornish football on the map and would’ve hoped that their FA Cup run several years ago would’ve aided this. I’m a fan of S4C for the benefits of football within the county and for a long time have thought Truro should’ve had a reserve side - and that the original one shouldn’t have been disbanded (on the flip side, we as a club benefited from this). I’m also a huge fan of the St Piran league, from its formation it has been run impressively and I even nominated them for an award in this year’s County FA awards! I think it’s important to respect everyone’s views on this and they’re entitled to have opinions on the situation and their views of Truro on seemingly petty things or historic issues surrounding Heaney etc. I dislike Perranwell because they served me burnt chips once and didn’t have toilet roll when I needed a poo (unrelated incidents), so people are entitled to dislike Truro or not want them to enter directly into this league for the way they conducted themselves when last at this level/step/standard of football - so be it. On the other side, people are entitled to positive opinions on the matter, it may mean more football (although that’s not even a given now!), or raise the standard of it. My own thoughts/concerns/questions are: - the impact it has on surrounding teams. These players are not ‘new’ players coming from the u18s - many are attached to current clubs in this league and those around it and represented them last season. - what happens if Truro win the league? Will an enforced promotion take place and do their facilities allow it? I don’t believe ‘S4C’ will be ready then and a ground share isn’t an option (hence why the St Dennis ground share proposal broke down to my knowledge?). - surely the votes and opinions of the league’s founder members stand for something, the fact that this took place and has now been ‘cancelled’ (for want of a better term) brings unnecessary disrepute upon the league as well as unnecessary tensions. - the fact that this has been overturned within a day. The St Piran League has a clear Appeals policy which looks to take longer than a day, unless this has been taken above that then the question would be how, why and what power would then make that decision. I know several CCFA members are involved with Truro Res/u18s, but surely they wouldn’t be involved in this if those rules are similar to the appeals rules within St Piran League which state committee representatives associated with clubs can’t sit on the appeals panel. - I know that John Mead mentioned above regarding the SCOR - I have had a quick look through the FA’s 2020/21 SCOR and it states that: 3.1 The matter of placements for Clubs in Feeder Leagues is for the League (pg 396) This indicates that the vote at the AGM was correct? Happy to be pointed in the direction of any other relevant SCOR though? - the St Piran rules say that the AGM is for election of clubs - so if this isn’t true surely the relevant Gov. bodies would pick up on this when the rules are submitted. -Morally it feels off. Would the same apply to a SWPL looking to enter a newly formed reserve side? -They could enter the Combination/ECPL, establish themselves for a season, support the development of the players and then enter, or apply to, the St Piran league. Entering at what is effectively the second highest league in Cornish football feels morally wrong. Sorry for the long post, and a bit of a tedious one. Doesn’t sit right with me and I am a bit of a stickler for rules and regs and I can’t see how this has been turned over so quickly when all look to be above board originally? Josh
  7. Would it depend on where Truro are based?
  8. Pleasure hosting the semi and final next week. All the best to both sides.
  9. Agree with all been said but we/clubs/secs are as much at fault as nobody picked up on it when the rules were released or brought it up as an issue when the proposal/rules were first made or issued. Know it’s a massive pain and could be seen as an unfair advantage but at the end of the day, you’re playing competitive football and have the opportunity that most other teams or lads don’t have at the moment - so make the most of it! Know after going out on goal difference last night we’d do anything to have been playing a competitive game this weekend whether it had been in Bude, St Mawgan, Polperro or anywhere else. Best of luck to the teams involved on Saturday and thanks to the league for giving us an extra month or so of football!
  10. Currently Wendron and St Day on the same amount of points... We play each other on Wednesday night. Should the game be a draw, what would happen? I believe our goal difference is the same, head to head wouldn’t apply so I guess this would go down to goals scored? Just seen St Day have one goal advantage over Wendron so this wouldn’t apply
  11. This is why we deliberately lost 5-1 to you this weekend...
  12. Would any Combo sides be interested in hosting Wendron Utd Res on Sat 24th April as the side have a break in the St Piran Cup. Thanks
  13. Surprised nobody is talking about teams that stand to be promoted to the league. Some good clubs in contention with Penryn and Hayle from St Piran West. Truro Reserves too - could be interesting to see their pull of players, will it be mainly their current u18, where will they be playing, will they be granted permission to go straight into the league?
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