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  1. Don’t know what you are all moaning about. That was a nice day going by what we normally get at Wendron. Thanks to all those who supported the event and raised funds for a more than worthy cause. In terms of the football, the main difference was that Falmouth were ruthless and took full advantage of any opportunity, where as we were guilty of not doing so.
  2. Thanks, proud of what we’ve achieved considering we are just a farmer’s field in the middle of nowhere Best of luck in the next round and for the rest of the season. Good bunch of lads and although I felt we played some good stuff, Torpoint were more than worthy winners, really capitalising on some individual errors.
  3. I know of places it happens. Real shame for Redruth though, difficult time of year and hope they pull through.
  4. Beat me to it. Unfortunately the horse’s hoof has sunk into the turf, ruling the game off. If anyone would like to come and take some pictures then feel free.
  5. Get your midweek football fix with Wendron United and the horse in the next field
  6. Great pictures. Do you mind if we use the pictures for our programme? If you had stepped foot on it then you’d know it wasn’t playable, as was your pitch which was also called off today. You can tell from the photo that the pitch is sodden. Next time you come up, would you mind refraining from swearing at someone with their son who has nothing to do with it.
  7. Credit to Perranporth for offering to host our fixture yesterday and for a playing surface that was brilliant considering the recent weather.
  8. Did he miss it then claim he did it on purpose?😉 Great sportsmanship Simon, credit to you. And fair play to the lad who picked the ball up following what he thought was a nasty head injury. Could’ve worked against him but good to hear of stories like that.
  9. Ben was at the meeting where they were given out.
  10. I don’t think it’s all bad. As Mike said, Matt Friday does a cracking job at The Packet - his features on his Twitter are great. Although not so local anymore, Lee Hall did a cracking job and still does. Also, last year’s combo reports in the Indy were great thanks to Rappo. I did write the Trelawny reports for a short spell but really struggled getting information off of teams.
  11. Best of luck to all today - great to see it all up and running now. Well done to everyone’s hard work
  12. Played St Dennis yesterday and some really good lads there and a great set up - all the best for the season.
  13. Fordy? No new stand, just something to help the sell-out crowds see better.
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