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  1. Kian wore number 10 midweek, Jack Noy wore 11. Thanks for the comments on the pitch. Both look too good with a goat on their chests to go anywhere!
  2. Hi Beefy A friendly has been arranged. Thanks though
  3. Would anyone be able to host our reserve team (St Piran West) this Saturday for an early KO please? Alternatively, we may be able to host Friday night? 21st August. Thank you
  4. Are there any Combination league sides that would be able to host our Reserve team (St Piran West) this coming Saturday? Thank you
  5. Really excited to get this up and running...
  6. Is there are time saving way of re-registering players/requesting their consent other than doing it for each individual? There’s a tab to assign multiple players to a team, but I can’t see one to request consent? thanks
  7. Wendron Res v Mullion GAME ON... all be it on the back pitch
  8. Agreed, every youth player (and I believe every men’s player) should aim to play as high as possible at some point in their career, however how it was phrased - or read by myself perhaps - implied this was a message been sent out to players whereas the progression to men’s football and continuous progression is one that should be encouraged. Apologies if read wrong.
  9. This whole thing is ridiculous. It is a complete accumulation of things that contribute to the lack of players and teams folding. Firstly, we act like the fact teams fold is something completely new. It has happened since the introduction of football and is because of things such as finances, lack of infrastructure, poor management at various tiers, lack of youth, managers promising 16 year olds the world, money or incentives being thrown at teenagers even in Cornwall (I wonder what will happen to those youth players at Helston who have been promised or given incentives when they
  10. I know of places it happens. Real shame for Redruth though, difficult time of year and hope they pull through.
  11. Beat me to it. Unfortunately the horse’s hoof has sunk into the turf, ruling the game off. If anyone would like to come and take some pictures then feel free.
  12. Get your midweek football fix with Wendron United and the horse in the next field
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