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its a horrible and embarrasing situation.I personally feel let down .I will not air my players excuses those who matter, ie helston know why.All i can say is apologies to the helston lads who were looking to give us a damn good game on sat.I wish all you guys the best of luck in your own games this sat and i will try my best not to let this happen again.

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div 5

st erme vs clipper bar match off

clipper bar manager asked the league if they could cancel the match due to a family bereavement.

so not pointless mr deacon!!!!!!!!!!

I know clipper manager personally, and family bereavement is why the game is off! He has given plenty of notice and st erme are a good bunch and will respect his reasons! There is no issue here apart from whoever heard lack of players is talking crap and anyone critisising clipper calling the game off should not post until true facts are known!

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