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  1. Portreathlegend

    Trelawny League - Saturday November 17 2018

    Div 2 Illogan 2 Falmouth town 1 Scorers : Aaron Richards and Corri Braymar
  2. Portreathlegend

    Trelawny League & Cups - Saturday 10 November 2018

    Scott is signed on for Illogan senior forms...... Signed on for Holmans this week but no 7 day approach was made to Illogan......
  3. Portreathlegend

    Trelawny League & Cups - Saturday 10 November 2018

    Falmouth DC 2-3 Illogan thirds Where do I start....Illogan came out of the blocks from the start... 26 seconds in and our first attack saw Corri Braymar swing a cross in to find Jordan Richards at the back post.... 0-1 15 mins later and bang another goal.... Same scenario... Corri Braymar supplying another chance for Jordan Richards to make it 0-2 to Illogan.... 15 mins later and we are 3-0 up and again Jordan Richards finds the back of the net..... Half time came well too soon for Illogan and the restart saw us stay in the changing room.... Falmouth got a early goal when their right winger chipped scoffy in goal..... 25 mins til the end and we are back in control of the game, until a mix up in the back line sees the Falmouth striker with just a Illogan defender to beat..... well he didn't but not sure a goal line save is allowed If your not the keeper.... Penalty scored 3-2 This was now the only time Falmouth really took a grip in the game and whatever they threw at us we dealt with... Quality first half.... less than quality second half... score line doesn't show how dominant we were today. 3 points today but more important a quality performance and battled well when got tough.... whole squad played their part.
  4. Portreathlegend

    Trelawny League & Cups - Saturday 10 November 2018

    Watching is the worse place you can be..... not safe on the sidelines.....
  5. Portreathlegend

    Trelawny League - Saturday Oct 20 2018

    Div 2 Mullion 5 - 1 Illogan 3rds Lovely afternoon down Mullion... Sun shining... great ref... great team to play against.... shame about the result but we were outplayed and out worked by a good Mullion team... Chris minns had our goal... don't know the Mullion scorers, their striker had a couple... Jason Robertson... their captain had a hat trick and well deserved as he worked him socks off all game and their keeper made a couple of decent saves.... They keep that team together and playing like that then they will be picking up a lot of points this year.
  6. Portreathlegend

    Trelawny League - Saturday 13 October 2018

    Illogan 3rd vs Redruth United..... Cancelled Pool School/Acadamy have deemed the pitch unplayable especially with incoming weather later and through the night.
  7. Portreathlegend

    Trelawny & Cups - Saturday 6 October 2018

    A couple of tough weeks at Illogan for me.... Frogpool game is done and dusted.... county will punish the individual in question and as for the game it was a decent game up to that point and one we were in control of even with only 10 men. Constantine was a completely different story..... Constantine had a game plan to rough up a team 2 divisions above them..... trust me I know because even though I wasn't there, I have seen 3-4 of my players at training with stud marks at least knee high or above...... They managed to bully a 16 year old boy... both verbally and physically and when the boy in question had received enough abuse he reacted..... again determined the way he reacted and he is sorry that he struck a player on the pitch.... but several Constantine players pushed him around all game and I understand why.... this 16 year old is a quality player and was ripping them apart and if I was up against that back in the day I would have made sure he knew I was there and kicked the shit out of him. But there are a few things I don't understand..... A red card was issued.... the player left the field and the game could have continued..... but rather than play on the Constantine team walked off and refused to play on..... 2-1 down... 15 minutes to go, not had a shot on goal since their goal in first half.... maybe they saw this is a way to get the result...... When they get home, they realise they did wrong by walking off and then decide to accuse us of playing 3 second team players and a player banned.... who was at game with daughter and texting me to keep me updated on result..... told the league they had photo evidence and then can't supply it..... trying everything they can to make the result go there way.... Go back 5 years or sooner..... who hasn't been in a game where a pinch was thrown.... a red card issued and we all carry on playing...... not this season.... it seems if a incident happens in a game then you have every right to walk off and fight for a game you were losing...... even when the ref is happy to carry on and the situation had been dealt with and no reason to stop........ Illogan is not a club out to cause trouble or fight everyone.... ask all the teams we have played accept the last two games and they will all say it was a decent game and Illogan played decent football. So before you all jump on the band wagon of banning a club or banning a player..... just remember there are rules to abide by.... red cards are issued all the time and I am pretty sure there are rules about just walking off the pitch and deciding not to play anymore just because you want to..... so whilst my player receives a ban and quite right he should..... I hope the right people in the right position in both county and league see that in both games we had abandoned it wasn't because of a assault happening on the pitch of sidelines, it was because our opposition were losing and they decided they didn't want to continue even when the match officially clearly stated we were ok to carry on because the situations were sorted out correctly....... That's enough from me....... rules are there to be kept to and if my player is red card because he broke a rule, then the rules to just decide to not play and walk off should also be enforced........ Redruth on Saturday and I know for sure it will be a good game and there will be no incidents.........
  8. Portreathlegend

    Trelawny & Cups - Saturday 6 October 2018

    Wasn't at Illogan game today as was on holiday with the family. Illogan 2-1 up with 14 minutes to go... Illogan issued with a red card, Constantine team decided they didn't want to play on..... From reports, alot of abuse and hefty tackles going in on a few of the younger and by far better players from the Constantine boys..... Ref handled the situation well from what I heard, Illogan player left the field of play and went to get changed but Constantine decided not to continue. .. nothing ref could have done but end the game...... Illogan also accused of playing a player that was banned.... the player was sat watching the game with his young daughter...... quality allegation guys... Illogan take on redruth united reserves his week.....
  9. hi alan could you please contact me on 07894279866 regards anthony

  10. HI MATE




  11. Hi there, i dont think we will be able to do our friendly on saturday, i am sorry. alan Portreath afc

  12. we are just looking for anytime in june/july really so hopefully the cornish weather will be good to us. do you know how much the lights cost you to hire, i might see if they will donate the lights for a couple of nights use. i will keep you updated.

  13. Hi Alan,

    Thanks very much. What a good idea. We used them for training those portable lights and got them from HSS Hire at pool. When are you looking to hold the event???

  14. hi mark, thanks for the other, obviously i really appreciate the offer and i wont say no yet, because floodlights will be needed but i can try to arrange portable lights through speedy hire, so i will definitely keep st.days offer on the table at the moment, thank you mark i really am grateful for the offer. alan

  15. Hi Alan, i have just read about your charity football match. I am the groundsman of St Day Fc and wouldd like to offer are football club as your hosting venue. The only thing i think you will need i suppose is flood lights which we don't have, but i thought i would offer any way as i like to help any charity any time i can.

    Whens t going ahead.

    Kindest Regards