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  1. When is the draw for Semi Finals?
  2. Portreathlegend

    TRELAWNY LEAGUE - Saturday January 19 2019

    We (illogan) have played Four-lanes twice this year and we have had no problems at all, the boys who play for them are all natural winners and come from a line of winners and play the game like its a cup final every week. Yes you do hear comments about fighting and roughing it up, but its just said in the moment and 9 times out of ten its for show and it works, they get in your hands and instantly put you on the back foot, its part of their game and if honest I wish my team had some of that fight...... But before the game and after the game these guys are gentleman and better guys then most players we have come up against. I personally hope that the red card issued is taken back, especially if it was wrongfully issued, we dont want a player not playing on a Saturday because of some fault of another individual. The top of the league looks tasty and rest assured Fourlanes wont drop another point in the race I am sure, so pressure is on Frogpool now.... Good luck to Fourlanes in the race to the top from all at Illogan thirds
  3. Portreathlegend

    Mining League & Falmouth/Helston League Best

    Brett Wasden as defender... Helped portreath win league without a loss... What was name of robartes striker....
  4. Portreathlegend

    TRELAWNY LEAGUE - Saturday 12 January 2019

    Div 2 Illogan 3rds 1 New Inn titans 3 Good game, two teams playing football with Titans having just better quality all over. Illogans goal was from Matt Doe making his debut in an Illogan Shirt.
  5. Portreathlegend

    TRELAWNY LEAGUE - Saturday 12 January 2019

    Protected yes.... Babysat no.... You admitted nothing was nasty so stop trying to blame the ref and look closer to home for the reason you lost maybe?
  6. Portreathlegend

    TRELAWNY LEAGUE - Saturday 12 January 2019

    If there was no nastiness then why are you saying the the ref had a poor game? Get over it.... you lost to a team that beat you by playing men's football by the sounds of it... Get rid of a ref that did a good job and you won't have a ref for a future game.
  7. Portreathlegend

    Trelawny League - Saturday 5th January 2019

    I think its crazy that someone who has senior football experience can not make the first team at Threemilestone and has to play DIV 4 Shame on Threemilestone for not giving this guy a chance in the first team........ I would have thought they would want best players in first team Or maybe he wants the glory in DIV 4 I fear its the latter option and in that case well done on him being the best player in the worst division in Cornish football. I really do feel sorry for clubs who stick out Div 4 football whilst many other clubs use this league to 'restart' and bring in quality players to play in their 'reserve' side just to bring some glory to the club when actually their reserve team players should actually be representing their first team.... I think clubs dont always understand first team and reserve team and reserve team is in lower league because its a standard that allows less quality players to play against less quality players.... we only have ourselves to blame at the end of the day...... its the culture we have created that praises players for doing really well at a level they shouldnt be playing at, Imagine Marcus Rashford dropping down to play for Truro City, Sure he would do very well, would we call him a great player or would we call him something else,,,,,,,,,
  8. hi alan could you please contact me on 07894279866 regards anthony

  9. HI MATE




  10. Hi there, i dont think we will be able to do our friendly on saturday, i am sorry. alan Portreath afc

  11. we are just looking for anytime in june/july really so hopefully the cornish weather will be good to us. do you know how much the lights cost you to hire, i might see if they will donate the lights for a couple of nights use. i will keep you updated.

  12. Hi Alan,

    Thanks very much. What a good idea. We used them for training those portable lights and got them from HSS Hire at pool. When are you looking to hold the event???

  13. hi mark, thanks for the other, obviously i really appreciate the offer and i wont say no yet, because floodlights will be needed but i can try to arrange portable lights through speedy hire, so i will definitely keep st.days offer on the table at the moment, thank you mark i really am grateful for the offer. alan

  14. Hi Alan, i have just read about your charity football match. I am the groundsman of St Day Fc and wouldd like to offer are football club as your hosting venue. The only thing i think you will need i suppose is flood lights which we don't have, but i thought i would offer any way as i like to help any charity any time i can.

    Whens t going ahead.

    Kindest Regards

  15. Hi Alan - St Agnes AFC - right on your doorstep! Minis train on a Saturday morning at St Agnes School - he would be Under 8's for our new side next season. 9.45am - 11.30am - £2. 07974 370666. Mandy