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  1. I think all teams at Illogan want to push the club on and me personally running the third team we have some good youngsters coming through the ranks and even have had a few boys step up and help out both first team and reserves in cup runs and league campaigns. Good foundations are being put in place across all the teams and this I am sure will only mean when the club decides to step up again that it will be all 3 teams stepping up and pushing together rather than a massive ability gap from first team to third team.... Good things are being put into place at the club and rest assured the boys have the desire to push on, but its about the right time and having the momentum behind us to make sure its not just a flash in the pan and only becuase there is money in the background, because as we all know money can easily be directed to other clubs if there is a sniff of short term success....
  2. hi alan could you please contact me on 07894279866 regards anthony

  3. HI MATE




  4. Hi there, i dont think we will be able to do our friendly on saturday, i am sorry. alan Portreath afc

  5. we are just looking for anytime in june/july really so hopefully the cornish weather will be good to us. do you know how much the lights cost you to hire, i might see if they will donate the lights for a couple of nights use. i will keep you updated.

  6. Hi Alan,

    Thanks very much. What a good idea. We used them for training those portable lights and got them from HSS Hire at pool. When are you looking to hold the event???

  7. hi mark, thanks for the other, obviously i really appreciate the offer and i wont say no yet, because floodlights will be needed but i can try to arrange portable lights through speedy hire, so i will definitely keep st.days offer on the table at the moment, thank you mark i really am grateful for the offer. alan

  8. Hi Alan, i have just read about your charity football match. I am the groundsman of St Day Fc and wouldd like to offer are football club as your hosting venue. The only thing i think you will need i suppose is flood lights which we don't have, but i thought i would offer any way as i like to help any charity any time i can.

    Whens t going ahead.

    Kindest Regards

  9. Hi Alan - St Agnes AFC - right on your doorstep! Minis train on a Saturday morning at St Agnes School - he would be Under 8's for our new side next season. 9.45am - 11.30am - £2. 07974 370666. Mandy

  10. Hi Portreathlegend, I don't know if you got my answer to your query about sizes of kits to take to Uganda. We tend to try to take small to youth sizes but anything is better than what they have at present I.E. nothing!!! We don't take boots or socks because they mostly play barefoot. Having said that the odd pair of 7-9 boots to take out to the sports teachers would be much ...

  11. Hi and thanks for replying. We tend to take small to youth sizes of kits but, as they usually play bare foot, we take just shirts and shorts. Boots, socks and shin pads are a rarity. I know that the odd pair of boots size 7-9 for the sports teachers would be appreciated by them and give them an air of one upmanship amongst the other sports teachers when they go to local competitions.


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