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  1. Thank you for your kind words, it was in fact myself. You guys were a credit to your club. Made the game easy to officiate. I have nothing but kind words to say about your club yesterday. Even some of our lads said after the game despite the heavy defeat, you didn't rub it in our faces, didn't showboat, didn't take the. You just played football. As for Newlyn Lions another 2 injuries yesterday, were really struggling for players at the moment. Could be a long end to the season for us. If we make it that far...
  2. Trelawney Premier Mawnan 5-1 Newlyn Lions (HT 3-0) Newlyn never got going 1st game since 7th December, and it certainly showed. Mawnan deserved winners. All the best.
  3. Thanks bud - 2 games already that I've reffed now this season rather enjoyed it.
  4. Newlyn Non Athletico definitely won the game as I filled in as referee tonight.
  5. Newlyn Non Athletico 2-0 Newlyn Lions (HT 0-0) Deserved win for Newlyn Non Athletico Newlyn Lions never got going. An evening game with no ref assigned. Is that how short of refs we are? First I’ve seen it.
  6. Trelawney Premier Newlyn Lions 2-3 Illogan Res (HT 1-3)
  7. Trelawney Prem Newlyn Lions 6-3 Troon (HT 3-2) Newlyn Goalscorers: Leon Dixon 5 Oliver Pridham 1
  8. Misappropriation of money or not. Alan was very old school, and didn’t move on with the times. He paid a lot of money out of his own pocket at times. And loved the club. I prersonally believe had Alan still been involved the club would not be pulling out of the league. Think back to the 55-0 drubbing to illogan. He would have made sure a side turned out to finish the fixtures, turning up with 7 men.
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