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  1. Portreathlegend

    Trelawny League - Saturday Sept 22nd 2018

    You really don't have to keep defending your decision to not carry on.... as a manager I would have done the same thing..... 1-0 up against 10 men and then finding yourself 2-1 down and being presented with a chance to void the game I would have not carried on too..... you did the right thing.... See you again soon, hopefully without the dramas..... was a good game up to that point.
  2. Portreathlegend

    Trelawny League - Saturday Sept 22nd 2018

    I won't comment any further than to say you and your assistant were very happy it was abandoned..... and all your players were too...... Your assistant was very vocal in saying he wanted it abandoned as soon as the incident happened and the ref was very happy to continue and would have if it wasn't for all your boys saying they wouldn't play...... I would have been happy too if I was being over run by 10 players.... More than happy to replay the game though as I reckon the result would still be Illogan 3 points..... Let's see what the league decide though.... Again I will be vocal in saying frogpool are a good bunch and shame the incident happened as it ruined a decent game, apart from the guy who got sin binned.....😁😁😁
  3. Portreathlegend

    Trelawny League - Saturday Sept 22nd 2018

    Illogan 3rds 2- 1 frogpool Game abandoned..... 27 minutes to go Frogpool go 1-0 up..... Illogan players gets sent off after 30 mins... dissent or swearing in frustration... not aimed at ref.... but there you go.... Half time Second half we come out of the blocks and equalise after frogpool right back commits a foul in box and calls the ref a '******* joke' but gets lucky and only sin bin issued..... penalty put away 1-1..... we then hit frogpool on counter and score another through Duane Britten.... Illogan are all over frogpool.... then the incident on sideline..... Game could have carried on, ref was happy to carry on but frogpool players decided they didn't want to, ref had no choice to abandon the game..... could have carried on and sure we would have if score was other way round..... Ow well..... decent bunch the frogpool boys and shame the afternoon was wasted..... wait to see what happens now in regards to the result.... dependant on league decision it could mean a lucky escape for the frogpool boys who are early contenders for league.
  4. Div 2 West Cornwall res - 1 (og Carl Palmer) Illogan 3rds - 2 ( Jordan Richards and Corri Braymar) Illogan defended well and kept West Cornwall well away from goal. Good game for Illogan to win and moving forwards to the next one.... Man of the match for Illogan- Mark Curnow.... as 16 years old this boys name is going to keep coming up.... quality boy....
  5. Look forward to playing you next week Craig
  6. If st.day haven't responded then more than happy to bring Illogan thirds over to your place on Tuesday.... Alan 07943692178
  7. Hi there, i dont think we will be able to do our friendly on saturday, i am sorry. alan Portreath afc

  8. we are just looking for anytime in june/july really so hopefully the cornish weather will be good to us. do you know how much the lights cost you to hire, i might see if they will donate the lights for a couple of nights use. i will keep you updated.

  9. hi mark, thanks for the other, obviously i really appreciate the offer and i wont say no yet, because floodlights will be needed but i can try to arrange portable lights through speedy hire, so i will definitely keep st.days offer on the table at the moment, thank you mark i really am grateful for the offer. alan