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  1. Calstock vs bude off Bude refused a 12pm ko on 3g as players couldn't get there in time, then refused a 4pm ko
  2. At the start of the season we had practically the same team which ended last. Then we lost a few of our better players to Bere Alston and lakeside after the 1st game. Some more left as they were their friend. Those were replaced with some of tavi 18s. Then we lost another 5 due to work commitments. We've been left with a side of 16/17 year old and the rest over 32.
  3. FC Tavyside have a Devon cup match fixtured tomorrow.
  4. Being an ex Calstock player I know the majority of the team and yes they had 2 players who played against nanpean who play at a higher standard usually which breaks no rules. The players in question sign on every season and grew up with the local lads, one started out their when he was younger. The 6 changes are due to players not being committed week in week out.
  5. Maybe the rule should be changed before someone gets offended by being labelled one or the other.
  6. Grampound 1-3 Lamerton Great pitch and facilities down at grampound. Good luck for the season lads. We all enjoyed the trip and staying back at the club house to watch the football. Got a bit messy on the way back.
  7. Lamerton 12 - 1 St Columb Fair play to the visiting side as they have had their problems in the last few weeks, and even on the day with players pulling out. They never stopped and even though after 20 minutes being 4 or 5 down they had their spells and caused us problems. 2nd half they scored from a corner which should've been cleared. But tiredness kicked in and gave us a few extra goals towards the end. I hope St Columb keep going for the season, they have a couple of excellent young players who will only improve and will do well in future years.
  8. Just wanted to see what people predict for league winners for the coming season. Mine are: Prem Torpoint 1 st Dom 2 Lamerton 3 st dennis 4 north Petherwin res
  9. I believe they have played at Albaston all season and have moved their permanently, we declined the opportunity to ground share with them full time as we wanted to keep football in the village as the locals who enjoy coming to watch won't be prepared to make the trip up the hill. Was there any specific reason for this thread?
  10. Up at Albaston, i don't think Gunni have used the Bealswood ground all season. I t would've been as wet as ours was all winter anyway.
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