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This announcement has been pre-empted by alforone1889 on Truro's forum, but I still want to express my many, many thanks to so many people in Cornish football who I encountered over the last, oh, fourteen years, as I plodded round the County - and beyond - for BBC Radio Cornwall. Working for the station was a real pleasure most of the time. I made so many friends amongst players, managers, club officials and supporters. I was always willing to listen to criticism because I saw it as my job to do what the listeners wanted to hear, and I was equally willing to accept the many kind and generous words I received as well.

The time has come for the programme and myself to part company. Some might say that had already happened, but coincidentally, in my life outside the football grounds and studio, I've been elected to something called the GTC - something to do with teaching! - and it will take up a lot of my time over the next four years. So what better time to jump ship. Rumours about a move to Atlantic FM, whilst flattering, are simply not true! (I wonder what money they're offering........?) I'll still see games on Saturdays. I'm possibly getting involved with Truro City's match videos, which I believe they need in the Southern League and which will be fun: commentating for video is quite different from commentating for radio. Although apparently I wasn't any good at that, anyway! I'll attempt to get to other grounds not too far from home, for old time's sake - but of course I'll be paying to get in, so I'll expect some exceptional football!

I will miss you all, miss the crack - but life goes on.

See you later!

Tom Trust

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Thanks Tom for what you've done for Cornish football, and thanks for taking the time out to let me know your decision before going public.

I know, around various grounds throughout the county, there's loads out there that will miss you and wish to pass on there best wishes for your pastures new. But as time permits with your new position, make sure you get around to some games.

All the best.

Dave Deacon

:c: :thumbsup:

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Guest Man on the Post

All the best Tom, I will miss hearing you on the Radio. I will never forget the Trust / Ellis double-act from Blazey. :clapper:

I thought that GTC stood for Get Tom Cake! :yahoo:

The other day I was looking through an old RCGS magazine from 1972, (yes I know I’m very, very sad), and in that magazine you answered 20 questions. Amongst other things I found out that your favorite holiday destination was ‘anywhere there was an open-air pop concert’ and that the three living people you would most like to meet were Mao T’se Tung, Fidel Castro and CLODAGH ROGERS!! Why and did you ever meet her? :rolleyes:

Once again all the very best for the future. :thumbsup:

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Tom - all I can say is Good Luck. For the short time I worked with you, I always found you open and honest with a real love of this game of ours. I really hope the Truro commentary works out and that you still get to as many games as possible. See you around. Ken

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Guest Peppermint

I would like to echo the thoughts already mentioned and wish Tom all the best for the future. The airwaves will be the poorer without your contributions and it was a pleasure on a Saturday afternoon in the Summer sharing some time with your broadcasts from the surfing competitions whilst I was doing some cricket.

Sadly those days are now past thanks to Radio Cornwall's double standards but at least I will be doing some live cricket reports for Atlantic FM.

Good luck with the new position Tom and hopefully I will bump into when you are watching some football sometime in the future.

Best wishes - Graham Drew

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tom,would just like to echo everyones comments.you did a great job over the years and its a pleasure to know you,on and off the mike! i know you will be sorely missed by many players and officials around the county. hope to see you at a match somewhere in the not too distant future.best wishes mate,Rappo x :clapper:

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Well best wishes Tom in your new venture

I know you and I have had several conversations where you confirmed that many had spoken to you about what was happening at Radio "Pard" and our collective dismay about the quality and direction the saturday afternoon slot was taking.

Can still remember our trips down to the Barn club many many years ago - and must ask - Do you still have those terrible purple loons trousers.

I am sure our paths will cross again - although now it may be shopping in Truro - instead of an aftermatch interview.

On a general note to all other members or administrators - I know this is a general forum and may not have a recognised voice with the general public - but why cant we poll the all the members on how we think Radio Cornwall is performing regarding the coverage of our sport.

We could then use this as a lobby document to try and get it back to representing LOCAL football

My own opinion for what it is worth is that it is losing its identity from being Radio CORNWALL and is trying to be like all the other local radio stations which when I have listened to them have no identity or rapport with their listeners.

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I have known Tom since he tried to teach me at Redruth Grammar School .........when his hair ( yes he had hair once !!!) flowed all the way down his back .

Many happy memories from those times when you could actually have a laugh and learn at the same time!!

We then crossed paths on the football circuit during my refereeing career when he ran the ladies team at Illogan and met many , many times over the years whilst running lines at South Western League matches ,where he was always happy to have a chat .

A dire bottom of the table game was his real enjoyment and he somehow always managed to make them sound interesting on the radio ..and his post match interviews were a joy to listen to .

You are sorely missed by many listeners now ...likewise Tommy Matthews , Dave Jenkin , etc people who understood the passion of local football .

Good luck in your new venture and hope it is enjoyable for you :thumbsup::thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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