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  1. Goals at Carharrack were 4th (pen), 12th and 45th+1 minutes (all to Redruth), then 61st and 65th for the reds. Player dismissed on 80. How many clubs coach tactics for when playing either with 10 or against 10 men? Very encouraging 2nd half for Carharrack but alas no points. Players still diving in rather than jockeying despite manager's efforts. Too much forgotten as they cross that line onto the pitch! Might have done better if the half-time words had been heeded: not one shot out of the sun in open play in the second half: very disappointing. The 2nd half effort, though, was 100%. Chatted with Hoony 1st half, he worked with Billy for years so came for the minute's silence. Nice the way he players arranged themselves round the circle for that. Billy was a true legend.
  2. I wussed out today, didn't fancy watching a game dominated by the wind; though had Carharrack played I would have been there to stand for the minute remembering Billy from when I first encountered him back in the early seventies at Carharrack's old United Downs pitch: a tough-tackling, take-no-prisoners full back, fiercely Cornish with that marvellous voice, but good enough to give this newly-arrived up-country incomer a fair crack. What a shame his type, loyal, active, helpful, a one-club man, are so few and far between. A privilege to have played and trained with him and to have known him.
  3. Tom Trust

    Truro vacating Treyew Road

    Crazy times for the Truro fans. I don't see how the club can survive like this.
  4. Yes, but, curiously, I find myself agreeing with what he says!
  5. Got to agree about the tea at 50p...made my afternoon! ?
  6. Carharrack 1, Porthleven 8. I've come home after a couple of Carharrack drubbings feeling rather low but somehow I don't feel too bad about this defeat. Port might have been some players short but it was still their Pen West squad, so only shipping 8 is something of an achievement: and how many sides have failed to score against this Port team this season? (I don't know but they must have kept one or two clean sheets.). The goals came as follows but I've no idea who scored them: 12th minute, 16 (pen) (keeper got his hands to both of those), then Carharrack had one ruled out for offside (18), 32: so 0 - 3 at half-time with Port playing down the slope wasn't bad! Then 48, 55, 74 (straight from a corner), then joy of joys, one for Carharrack on 76 (their No 7, well-taken after a MOVE, partly making up for his rash defensive play but he's learning, then 78 and 89. Oh, and Carharrack had another one disallowed for offside on 83 and, tbf, Port had one chalked off for offside as well late on. But: Signs of improvement in defence. Less of that rash diving in rather than jockeying, though still too much of it. At least two goals were down to defenders rashly diving in. There were other times when patient jockeying of the man on the ball led to their making mistakes, so they're climbing that learning curve! Nice to see Anthony Reynolds for a chat, and Vidal James. Good luck to Port in the next round. I enjoyed some exciting times covering their games for Radio Cornwall in those halcyon days back along. They may be propping up the table at football but their tea is still leader of the pack at 50p! Redruth, Wendron and St Agnes are up next.
  7. What of Carharrack down Pedeen? 3 - 0 suggests they are going in the right direction.
  8. Sorry, Marksy, I misquoted you: you said "very average". I thought at times they matched St Day, so I'd rate their performance today as better than very average. Cracking game for the neutral, the injury-time goal for St Day the icing on the cake.
  9. St Day 4, Perranporth 2 Cracking game, I wouldn't agree that Perran were poor: St Day battled the better and deserved their win but at times it was not neccessarily a foregone conclusion, especially at 3 - 2. 1 - 0 Gavin Boon (19), 2 - 0 Dan Richards pen (45), 2 - 1 Ed Wilton (40 seconds into the 2nd half!), 3 - 1 Tyler Oliver (55), 3 - 2 Justin Searle (77), lots of nail-biting, then 4 - 2 (gavin Boon) 90+5. I can well believe the attendance, boosted by St Day Reserves whose match was postponed due to the lack of a Ref. Getting serious when a Combo match is without one, though. The whingers of St Ives can take some of the responsibility for the crisis (I heard little or no ref-baiting today....). Paid £2 to get in - fleecing a pensioner! But I did get 2 cups of tea for £1 as Mark wanted a positive report.....! had a nice chat with david Searle, what a nice chap, the sort of bloke that every club needs lots of to make sure that games get played and that clubs keep alive. Thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, sunshine, football, banter, some good goals, and a result that opens things up at the top of what is turning out to be a very good Combo season.
  10. To John Mead: thanks for that. It would be unfair of me to reveal my (clearly misleading!) source!
  11. Comments about the shirts are fair enough - but it does seem a bit bizarre. By "FA" do you mean CCFA or the FA? The latter would be totally unaware that down here, refs wear black! As to the "awful" tackles, there were some late challenges that the ref let go on grounds of playing advantage and, yes, I thought he might have pulled some up, but I didn't see one deliberately malicious tackle. Desperate, yes: an outpaced, outskilled team of players who were junior players last season against a team who were predominantly Pen West players last season and I didn't see anything but honest effort and a complete lack of complaining that I could hear from the touchline from a side suffering yet another drubbing in a sport I thought participants were supposed to enjoy. I note Cornish Dave's comment above concerning the defeat of St Ives at Perranwell. It will be interesting to monitor the St Ives conduct through the season. As I originally wrote, there were complaints about everything to do with the event, not just about bad tackles, which conveyed a complete lack of respect bordering on contempt by some of the St Ives outfit for their opponents and the referee. I may try to catch their games at Falmouth or Penryn and enjoy watching them get a bit of a hammering. Mind, they might win as it's a funny old game! I look forward to my football. Falmouth v Perranporth and Falmouth v Penryn left me feeling really good as they were such excellent games. But there's still a nasty taste in my mouth from yesterday: it has depressed my whole weekend.
  12. Carharrack 0, St Ives 9. Poor old Carharrack! I think from 1 to 11 the most important bit of coaching would be: DON'T DIVE IN! Goals in minutes 8, 13, then a good spell spoiled by an off-target penalty on 34, then 54, 55, 59, 68, 77, 78, 87. The reds battle on, but must accept that most of them won't find many opponents they can beat 1 on 1 so have to be man enough to accept that and pass the ball to get past opponents. So my unanswered question from last week is that yes, teams in the Combo have to play away games in their 2nd strip. Is the Combo getting above itself? But why allow a club to choose a predominantly black strip? Often I could not pick out the referee. Is it his responsibility to have an alternative-coloured jersey? I have to say, the attitude of the St Ives bench and too many of their players was dreadful. 4, 5, 6-nil up they still whinged and criticised everything: the ball ("it's too soft, ref!"), the pitch (so used to the bowling green perfection of theirs), if a replacement ball wasn't immediately available even when there were usually 2 spares in sight, the ref, the opposition. They kept demanding bookings or red cards (so sporting) and one case in point which angered me to the point of shouting a comment. Their 4th or 5th goal was a very well-taken goal, under pressure from a defender resulting in the scorer sustaining a nasty knock. "Book him, ref!" "How many more times, ref?" and (gravely) "this is a serious one, ref!". The guy went for the shot under a challenge and got a bang. He was helped off the field, with his team mates and bench whinging like billy-o and I called them out for their constant whinging. They weren't happy and so seriously was the striker injured that a few minutes later he made his own unaided way to the dressing room, admittedly limping. Like I said, he took a nasty knock. This used to be a man's game. The ref eventually booked a St Ives player for something he said but their No 3 got away with verbal murder, guilty of serial dissent. Another ref would have booked him and had he continued, sent him off. They must be murder to watch when they lose! The above-mentioned conduct was whilst scoring nine goals against a struggling club, with a load of Junior football players doing their best, and I was just disgusted by their attitude. They could have played the 90 minutes without saying a word and I don't think the score would have been any different - but without leaving such a negative impression. Tea still 50p but I had a couple of cups of chocolate for a change - the universal quid!
  13. I know nothing of the proposed (or are they now confirmed?) restructuring, but I do know the game last evening, and the Fal v Perranporth game a week earlier, were of a way higher standard than many Pen West games I have seen in the past. The current Combo league has quite a few really tasty sides. Pity if it gets disbanded.
  14. Falmouth Town 1, Penryn 4 Brilliant evening's football. Penryn worthy winners: Town had no answer to the speed of the Penryn front runners. Goals came in the 3rd minute (Falmouth), then Penryn's on 12, 22, 24 and 32. 2nd half a classic anti-climax punctuated by bookings for various Falmouth players and excellent saves by the home 'keeper. Opens up the league a bit. Sat by some Perranporth players whose opinion of Penryn was that they were "hoofers"! Anyone dismissing them as such is in for a rude awakening. They played some outstanding one-touch football at times. No route one jokers are they! Nice chips, hot choc, and I was in two minds about whether I'd go or not! Glad I did. And: attendance well over the 100 stated at the top of this thread.