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  1. Was it the school's fault you got kicked out of English or could someone else have been responsible?👨‍🎓
  2. Know where you're coming from! I've still got two pairs in a drawer that I wore in the 60s and early 70s! Some old Redruth Grammarians will remember the yellow ones! On a more serious note, the way the ref dealt with the incident was absolutely spot on as I wrote earlier. I just hope the jobsworths at County and National level don't do the wrong thing and somehow sanction the ref and the Blazey players involved by insisting on the full application of the laws of the game - you know, red cards for the players - because There won't be a spectator in the ground (apart from the perpetrators, perhaps) who would say anything other than the actions of the ref and players were absolutely in the best interests of the game of football. Let's hope that all we hear about the incident is the arrest and summary conviction of the flare-holder and any other law-breaker. I knew nothing of the incidents before and after the game referred to aabove.
  3. Can't call it boring due to the last 20-25 minutes. They didn't announce the attendance. Have to wait for someone to post it.
  4. Falmouth Town 5, St Blazey 0 Well, I can't complain about VFM today! Though, the 1st half was a bit scrappy and boring ((1 - 0 (8) Johnson, (19) equaliser disallowed for something, 2 - 0 (36) Brabyn allowed in to score)) but the second half was livened up off the pitch by the flare incident. Was it a brave Blazey fan venturing up the F-troop end to let it off, was it a naughty F-trooper letting off a green flare to get Blazey into trouble, was it a wandering Argyle fan with a spare green flare? Answers on a post-card. We'll know soon enough. It didn't need a whole Paddy Wagon plus jam sandwich: I thought the police were low on manpower? Blazey's No 2 was over the fence in a flash to hold the perpetrator and well done him. Whilst I think the odd flare adds atmosphere, I do know the law in this country and my thinking it unnecessary is irrelevant. From the point of view of football in the UK the No 2 was spot on. Technically he could have been given a red card but the ref applied law 13 and common sense prevailed - a rare enough occurrence in Britain today! The game went on, Falmouth scored again on 84 having been denied on 54 (goal chalked off for a push), 57 (point blank save by keper though the shot was straight at him) and 63 (great save by Blazey 'keeper). The 3rd goal ended a sweeping movement up the left followed by a cross-field pass. Great goal. 4 - 0 on 86 after a ball was played forward with two Falmouth players in offside positions only to realise that, letting a lad run in from an onside position to score. Sort of goal that still has fans who don't understand the modern offside law seething! 5 - 0 on 90+7 after a lad beat the offside and chipped the advancing 'keeper. Lots of added on time mainly due to the flare incident. Lovely to see Tommy Matthews and be educated about this playing-from-the-back stuff, which bores me rigid but I do understand the philosophy behind it. Trouble is, it is okay for Premiership sides but at local level the skill levels aren't what they should be to make it a safe tactic! Some framiliar faces from St Blazey, too, from my Radio Cornwall days. Nice to hear they still provide buttered saffron cake for club officials at half-time. I used to love that! F-troop brilliant again - thanks, lads and lasses, for contributing to the afternoon entertainment so magnificently. You were the brightest thing about the 1st half!
  5. Thank you for what I know is a genuinely friendly invitation - but sadly now I have to sit down at games: I can't stand for a whole game without paying for it the following night and next day. I do enjoy the atmosphere you all bring to the game which is felt all round the ground. I will sit as close to the half-way line on the back row of the stand as I can get, wearing a yellow hat unless it is VERY cold in which case I sport a tasteless fur-lined thing with ear flaps!
  6. Yes, Falmouth/Blazey looks the best game for me next Saturday. I've already made a preliminary decision to go.
  7. Bad luck to Storm - but they scored YET ANOTHER goal, so improvement looks as if it is happening. Keep it up, lads!
  8. Truro City 0, Chesham Utd 1 I wonder if I might have enjoyed the entertainment more at Falmouth this afternoon? A gate of over 700 just for a league cup game seems excessive, but then I expect the F-troop were in good voice. Pity there is no equivalent at Truro. But Truro's game obviously looked the top game in the area and it cost me £7 plus petrol (£5 admission, £1 car park, £1 50/50) and afterwards I felt cheated. The game was shaping up well until the 19th minute. Then the ref sent Ryan Dixon off. He was in possession just in his own half and was moving forward when out from behind the floodlight post (which was more or less directly in front of me) flew a Chesham player at full speed and low. He didn't get the ball, there was a clash - boot on boot or boot on shin pad, it was all too sudden. The Chesham player gave a yell and was rolling around, other Chesham players yelled and flew at Dixon who was still on the ground and in the ensuing melee Dixon was shown a red. A neighbour said something about Dixon having "followed through". Well, when you kick a ball, you follow through. When someone slides in and tackles you, you can't stop dead so that you are stationary when he makes contact. You can't withdraw your foot. It is a man's game (or it used to be) and knocks and bruises happened. I really don't see why he got sent off. I thought HE had been fouled! But off he went and that was it as far as I was concerned. Against 10 men for 70 minutes Chesham managed only about 5 or 6 shots on target. Their goal on 41 by Brown was a defensive lapse. Chesham's players yelled and fell at every opportunity. Their 'keeper turned out to be magnificent and pulled of at least 2 worldies. The ref was appallingly inconsistent; and with 10 against 11 you need 9 outfield players who will run and run AND RUN so why Harvey wasn't substituted at half time I don't know. He's an asset until the chips are down, then he's a liability. Of the little energy he does exert, too much of it is in silly fouls or trying to con the ref. He was kept on when that Swan lad was substituted - big mistake IMO. Attendance 620 Winning 50/50 477. Would have been a nice prize today! Teams win games they don't deserve to and lose some they deserve to win. Today, Chesham were the winners without deserving it and Truro did not deserve to lose. It was no surprise that the ref was soundly booed off the pitch.
  9. Wow! Well done and hard luck! I shall be keeping my eye on you! I went to Truro today because to be honest I thought you were in for a hiding! As Greavsie used to say, Football's a funny old game!
  10. A lot of love around the ground for Rayvon. Minute's silence in the 444 crowd meticulously observed. He would have enjoyed today's game. 1st half very nip and tuck though the only save of note by the home 'keeper was off a lad who was offside. Then in the 45th minute Niall Thompson raked in a hard cross from the right for Battle to head home. Question from the old stand side was, was it going in anyway or going wide? Never mind, 1 - 0. The second half was a bit different. Though the Met looked useful, fit, skillful, in the game, young, they conceded on 55 through loan-signing Swan after a corner hadn't been properly cleared - he lashed it in from the edge of the box - then on 73 it was 3 - 0, Swan again after a Met corner, with eleven City players back, was cleared and three players went on a break with Thomson providing the assist, again from the right. Then a happy moment on 88 as late sub Yetton was on hand to net from close range. He could have added another with the last kick of the match when he broke away for a 1 on 1. He slid the ball past the young 'keeper and with the crowd behind the goal cheering prematurely the ball agonizingly hit the left post and rebounded into the 'keeper's arms! For me, first time seeing Ed Palmer back in the side, looking way slimmer than last time and performing outstandingly at the back; and where did Truro find SEVEN blokes with forks to see to the divots at half time? Valiant effort. Never saw the like of it in Heaney's or Masters' days! So, last week, watching Trelawney League's bottom side Storm, today Cornwall's top side. Not chalk and cheese: more like two varieties of cheese! £5 entry, £1 parking, £1 50/50 (didn't win!) and I felt well-entertained for the money.
  11. May I add my condolences. I read the news with great sorrow. A character, soft-hearted, always ready with the one-liner: the word "banter" characterises the comments here and we have lost one of those great touchline sages with his footballing and musical knowledge that hid behind the banter. Good on yer, Rayvon!
  12. Well, trh84 (bit enigmatic, that!), I take my hat off to you, doing such an apparently good job of keeping Trelawney's bottom side going in such good style. How do you motivate your squad for games like next Saturday at home to the Div 2 leaders? Can't be a prospect you relish - or perhaps you do? Aim to score a goal against them? Anyway, best of luck on the day! I'm sort of tempted, but only a bit: as my primary Club to support is Carharrack, after their awful, torrid time last season I'm a bit wary of potentially very one-sided games! (You must have been a bit disappointed by the Illogan Park pitch - surely you don't usually play on unmarked pitches?)
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