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  1. So having read about Mt Ambrose, what's the story from Carharrack?
  2. What happened at Constantine? Didn't reckon driving all that way and I don't know what conditions are like for watching. Could i have watched from my car? Still, I seem to have missed an eventful game despite Carharrack suffering their 1st League defeat of the season. (I think. So fiddly to find everything especially when your computer craches and you have to boot it up from scratch!)
  3. Odd to see Chorley celebrating together in a changing room. We have to be 6' apert and are advised to wear masks (should be compulsory imho) but footballers can ignore that during a game. Double standards! Challenging times. Was thinking of going to Illogan yesterday but woossed out - I don't watch games in a high wind if i can help it plus I'd rather go somewhere where I can see from my car - but Illogan (2nd place) v Penryn (bottom half of table) and Penryn run out 6 - 1 winners? What's the story? Were Illogan's players trying to observe the two meter rule?
  4. As we have gone way off topic I've just written a long PM - only to find you don't receive them!
  5. Couldn't let 1o89 go without leaping on it - too good to ignore! As to Camborne, I've never lived there! Always centred around Redruth. On the question of places without League Football Clubs (i.e. ALL Cornwall), to be faced with the option of MOTD with Gary Linekar or however you spell his name, with his houseful (not) of illegal immigrants, or no local footy to watch - I'll pass. I've found the highlights from Sky on YouTube - that's all I need, what with all the ridiculous piped crowd reaction noises (VERY cleverly done, but REAlly!) and the occasional British player. I'd started to watch the revived Carharrack team - starting from the bottom, true, but live football, fun, plenty of space for social distancing (though I still don't understand how it's okay for players to huddle at corners and when goals are scored but not be allowed to use their changing rooms. Admittedly the virus is a very minute risk to young healthy players, so why not let them carry on as usual - a bit like the Barrington Declaration approach - readers can Google that). Obviously the County leagues and F.A. have to follow directives from On High: feel sorry for the officials. Glad I'm not one of them (too old!)! Incidentally, at Carharrack's 1st game this season, (Sep 5th) Chownie told me he didn't think football would continue unbroken all season and forecast a halt before Christmas. Clever lad!
  6. Warwick should have a capital letter (Proper noun); we knew you were old, Isaac, but your dates supposedly at Warwick show up your fraud: Warwick Uni was only established in 1964, or 875 years before you claim to have begun your Post grad course there - which must be about the longest research project ever! 😉
  7. Thanks, Mark. I'm glad because I would have gone but without looking forward to it because I hate watching games in a high wind which, I always think, completely spoils a game. Hopefully it will be refixtured on a nicer day. Mind, in the mean time I'm missing my bacon baps!
  8. Ouch! Just seen Carharrack's result! Bad luck lads. Far too wet and windy for me to stand in a draughty field with no cover and no bacon sarnies available (as far as I know)!
  9. It is now Friday 23rd October and nowhere can I find the fixtures for the next round which is tomorrow! How do I follow my team if I don't know where they'll be playing?
  10. To Chris Davey Commiserations with not being able to raise a team for the game against Carharrack. What happens? Do you just forfeit the game, with 3pts to Carharrack. I repeat, such a shame that no game was possible as your pitch looked absolutely brilliant: smooth, level, short grass, crisp markings: anyone, up to Premier League, would enjoy playing on that! Looks a good village facility, what with that fenced in all-weather area at the end of the car park. There was even a group playing cricket in there when I was there! Bit of a double-take for a minute! I wonder how many of your signed-on players were actually playing for someone else on the day? Just a thought: I wouldn't be surprised, loyalty being a thing of the past, or so it seems these days. Best of luck for the future.
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