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  1. Naturally I'd prefer refs to concentrate on the game. The boys were doing what they were doing for a long time and as I mentioned, at one point a lad had to scarper off the pitch rapidly to get out of the way of play. Ref ought to have spotted that. Another time, the ball came out of play quite briskly and one of the lads, who had been watching play at this time, trapped the ball with a very commendable "first touch" and I noted this to myself, that at least he had shown a bit of skill there. Ref should have seen that. I don't want to build this mountain out of a mole-hill any more. I'm sure all involved will have taken note, not just of my comments but of others as well.
  2. Sorry, Mr Bean, What the kids were doing is as I wrote. I was concerned about what they were doing. Note John Mead's comment about insurance. They certainly were not "away from play" as you claim. You were on the line on the other side of the pitch in the second half when all this was going on. As for the whiskey comment - uncalled for. Unnecessarily speculative and inappropriate. And as far as any "issue" and "slating", ask Mrs Annear in the tea hut if I have an issue with the Club. I have already commented on this forum how made up I was to hear that you won't be moving from Bickland Park - it was from her I heard it at the Illogan game (last night's game was better than that one). Probably my favourite ground to watch football in: always has been. I pay my entry fee, buy the tea, hopefully enjoy the game and should be free to comment both positively and negatively. You have overlooked my wording, that I thought the image of the Club had been adversely affected. I obviously felt disappointed. Falmouth Town is one of Cornwall's greater Clubs and venues.
  3. Falmouth Town Reserves 2, St Day 1 Yes, TMH, 7.30 was right. It is irritating that it is so hard to find kick-off times. I don't buy the West Briton or Packet as their sports coverage is so poor and random and e.g. on Falmouth's Facebook page I could only find stuff about their 1st team. Anyway, not a bad game: all St Day 1st half except they barely carved out a shooting opportunity. Little evidence of attacking players actually seeking out goal-scoring positions (you only have to watch a few EFL highlights on Quest if you can stand that irritating little Irish bloke who presents the programme - more of him, pundits and adverts put together than screened football - to note where a lot of goals get scored from). In fact, Falmouth had the best 1st-half chance - 'keeper error, open goal, goal-bound shot too gentle, cleared by last-minute defender. St day led 1 - 0 at half time (22 mins, scorer unknown). 2nd half and Falmouth a bit more determined, more possession, more threat. It was another 'keeper error that allowed the equaliser on 70 mins - again, scorer unknown. Falmouth's winner came out of the blue - Lewis Ellis got possession just outside the box, rode a couple of tackles and scored inside the left-hand post. Cue jubilation, celebratory run-and-dive, shirt removal, ham-string pulled (looked like), yellow card (obligatory), substitution! Last time I saw him he was playing for Carharrack. Big-money transfer? Couple of points, apart from being judged young enough to pay full price (tactical flattery?), followed by a tea (£1) and burger (£2.50) - very nice: can someone tell me the status of the technical area in this league? Dugout personnel seemed to ignore it, hogging the touchline in the linesman's way and often encroaching the pitch. Is this okay at this level? And (Grumpy old Man point) I thought the image of a once-great club was somewhat tarnished by everyone allowing two little boys to kick a ball to and fro on the touchline. I counted eleven times their ball went onto the pitch during the 2nd half and on one occasion one of the boys had to run off quickly when fetching his ball to get out of the way of the men. I thought this disgraceful especially when not even the linesman or ref pulled them up on safety grounds. The boys themselves showed no respect to the Club by their actions. Do Falmouth allow this at their Peninsula West games? Rant over: some good football on view for the reasonable-sized attendance. Notwithstanding all the ructions the formation of this league has caused to lower leagues, it does seem to be very watchable.
  4. Yes, Andys, not Rappo but the lad who passed to him. And yes, Paul C, not Penryn Res but 1st team.
  5. Senior Cup Round 1. I missed the first 25 mins because I guessed wrongly that it would be a 2.30 KO to allow for extra time. No information I could find on here or elsewhere on t'internet. Apparently it was in the Packet and West Briton but who buys them any more for sports news? I don't. Penryn already led 0 - 1 by the time I arrived - a rapsey goal. Don't know when. 2nd half: 0 - 2 (54) Leivers; 0 - 3, a lovely low drive across the 'keeper into the far bottom corner; (64) Rapsey - the player who passed to him looked a yard offside from my position almost level with the incident but there you are. Then 1 - 3 (81) Rose - well deserved and a copy of Leivers' goal; then a pen that probably wouldn't have been given before this new ruling was introduced. A Perranwell defender fell and as he fell the ball hit his hands that were out to break his fall, Ref had no choice but to award the spot-kick converted by Rapsey on 86. The game ended a bit bad-tempered. Having seen Falmouth and Illogan in this league last week I can't see Perranwell staying at the bottom of the table for long: even with all their injury problems and with some reserves making up today's side they weren't a bad side. Penryn were apparently graced with a few Carharrack players today as they were available because Carharrack couldn't raise a side to travel up to Bude. Tea £1 as usual, nice brew. Good crowd, about £100 raised via the bucket apparently. NB the Ref originally appointed for this game was from Plymouth! WHO would arrange something as daft (and expensive) as that?! Fortunately common sense prevailed (a rare enough commodity these days) and the appointment was changed. But Come ON!
  6. Where can one find an up-to-date league table?
  7. Yes, Mr J, I've thought that the standard of the St Piran league standard is much like I remember the Combo of 40 years ago.
  8. Falmouth Town Res 2, Illogan RBL 0 The main difference between this league and the Combo is that in the Combo you often see players making the wrong decisions. In St Piran you see the right decisions being made more often but with insufficient skill to put them into effect! Makes for unexpected excitement, of course. But there I was saying I'd rather watch these two tonight rather than England on the telly because there'd be a load of this boring "building from the back" pony and blow me, at times both Falmouth and Illogan were at it! Mind, in patches both teams played a pressing game to force the backs to unload but neither team did it for 90 minutes. Should have been a "one-niller" until the Illogan 'keeper decided he was Messi and got caught in possession (capital offence in my opinion!) for 2 - 0. Goals on 63 and 90+2. Illogan had a couple of players who thought they could take on the whole opposition and over the 90+ minutes didn't learn the lesson that they weren't good enough after being C.I.P. so many times. It was the poorest St Piran game I've seen so far this season. Illogan's strikers were woefully off-target all evening and should have seen Falmouth off if only they knew how to shoot! And - why make a substitution in the 5th minute of added-on time? A real mystery, that! SOME good news - well, news to me, that according to the Tea Lady (tea from a pot, £1 but a polystyrene cup), Falmouth Town are staying put at Bickland Park. I hope that's right, it is such a wonderful old ground with a lot of history and a great vantage point from the back of the stand. I was really, really pleased to hear that: fair cheered me up! Their burgers look really good value, £2.50 for a quarter-pounder.
  9. Choice between a boring old "build from the back" sideways passing monotony and 22 (fairly) local lads busting a gut to win a game, a decent cuppa, perhaps a bacon butty and who knows who else might be there for a bit of gossip and banter - no contest! And thanks, S Abbo.
  10. Are Illogan playing at Falmouth on Tuesday 10th, in which case what is the K.O. time, please?
  11. Carharrack 1, Penryn Res 2 AAAAAAAAARGHHH!!! Another frustrating afternoon at Ting Tang. I thought that was a thing of the past but apparently not! Game thrown away! I can't give the names of the scorers but the goals were 0 - 1 (59), just seconds after Carharrack had hit the Penryn bar. 1 - 1 (65), a header off a FK from the right, somewhat against the run of play. 1 - 2 (83), Carharrack knackered and mostly thinking slowly or switched off due to fatigue. Now, Carharrack started with the psychological disadvantage of only having a bare eleven (who forgot the kit?) (no, not really!) but that wasn't helped when, kicking off up their slope, it was clear that the team was viewing the slope as another disadvantage that they had to overcome by defending like mad to try to reach half-time without conceding: which they managed by the skin of their teeth. Their 'keeper played a blinder and some of Penryn's shooting was characteristically (for this league) wayward. I was worried that having thus survived they would kind of rely on the slope to win them the game rather than having to win it themselves. Penryn played the second half much as they did the first though with less of the long route one stuff that can work down a slope. Mind, it can work UP a slope as well. Route One requires no help from gradients! With a lessened determination brought about by the false comfort of playing downhill, Carharrack fell behind and their equaliser came out of nothing from the aforementioned free kick. They were getting cramped, legs were like lead and it was no surprise when they conceded again. Still they played FAID football (fannying about in defence). Take note, boys: Penryn first team play this way with one important difference (as seen at Perranwell Tuesday). When opponents pressed there were loud calls from team-mates to clear the ball when danger threatened - and this the defenders almost always did. No such team-work from Carharrack today. Frustrating to watch defenders repeatedly caught in possession or giving passes to the opposition in their third of the pitch. I know Carharrack have yet to field a settled team but there are some basic football skills missing. Almost equalised in added-on time from a free kick but the final touch was a shot blasted just wide. Shame! The home 'keeper prevented Penryn clocking up a massive score - well done, lad! Tea and sausage bap, £2. Yum yum!
  12. Yes, had me cuppa and bought Older the one I owe him. No need for me to write up the game. Wasn't near a computer last night and I don't know my password for this site so can't connect my not-very-smart Phone up to post from that! Nice strong cuppa, mind - and out of a POT, none of this tea-bag stuff with all the mess. You don't often see a big tea pot at events these days, probably some EU 'elf 'n' safety balderdash! Thought 4 - 0 a bit harsh - the gap wasn't that wide. Question: playing advantage. Perhaps a ref can come on here and explain for me. As Rappo has described above, Luke Shaw was clipped but george played the advantage. That I understand. But the advantage just happened to be wasted. Shaw hit the bar. Advantage allowed but squandered. So why give the penalty retrospectively? What does the advantage rule say? That if retained possession after a foul is wasted, by shooting wide or passing badly or whatever, never mind, son, have a free kick instead? I don't understand - you see it all the time, not just last night. Someone? Cracking game, good crowd, good conversations, good banter, bit of gossip - brilliant. Pitched looked great.
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