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  1. Thanks to everyone for adding to this thread. Unless I'm missing something, no-one seems to be putting Trlawney fixtures on here ahead of the weekend so I'll see if I can manage it.
  2. Div 4 Storm 1, Carharrack 10 The single most miserable match for me was a couple of seasons ago watching Carharrack lose 14 - 1 at Falmouth Town (it was 14 - 0 until the last minute!). So I suppose I have to be willing to watch Carharrack win by a hatful in this Phoenix season of theirs. It wasn't a good game to watch: Carharrack could and should have had more but so often dithered in front of goal rather than shoot. I think the psychological influence of expecting to win easily affected their performance. They should have had a goal or two beforea spirited Storm side went a
  3. Trelawney Div 4 Carharrack 5, Constantine 2nds 2 Whilst about 420 souls were suffering a dour 1 - 0 win by Truro at Treyew Road, about 35 souls were treated to a seven goal contest at Ting Tang - and all for free! 1 - 0 (16 minutes) - good layback followed by 1st time low drive to beat the 'keeper just inside the post. 2 - 0 (21) (pen) - no way a pen, a shoulder-to-shoulder challenge - but Will ? tucked it neatly home. There followed a lot of pressure by Carharrack, playing down the slope, bringing a couple of fine saves out of the Constantine 'keeper. 3 - 0 (68)
  4. That's a coincidence! I donated some old jeans to Oxfam and now they're all over the world as well!
  5. Er.... This IS Trelawney League, isn't it, or have I slipped into a parallel universe?
  6. Carharrack 3, Mount Ambrose 2 Bit of a close one, this, with Ambrose probably feeling hard done-by at the end. They led at half time through a splendid free kick in just the 10th minute but couldn't add to it and by half time Carharrack had seen more of the ball and more chances. 2nd half and playing down the slope Carharrack looked more dangerous and were level on 52 when Elliot Carveth drove home from outside the box. Just 6 minutes later and Carharrack took the lead through Dylan Tiddy and a hatful of goals looked likely; except Carharrack became a bit flat. Perhaps complacency took ov
  7. Div 4 Carharrack 12, Stithians Res 1 Footy back and Carharrack back! Bliss! I've been used to seeing a hatful of goals at Ting Tang over the last couple of seasons but at least today they were at the other end! I note that most tipsters back Carharrack to win this division so a win was vital. In the end it was that huge, but still worth 3 points. No idea who got all the goals but they were: 1 - 0 (6mins); 2 - 0 (20); 3 - 0 (26) - a fine, low drive; 4 - 0 (28); 5 - 0 (36) - great shot from left channel; 5 - 1 (40) - well-taken free kick; 6 - 1
  8. Are spectators being allowed at games in enclosed arenas?
  9. Sounds good. Looking forward to the bacon baps and tea!🍔
  10. The title of the thread asks my question. Is the club starting up again in the new season? I hope so.
  11. Illogan 2, St Agnes 3 Illogan get pegged back again! They were 2 - 0 down by half time (goals in minutes 12 and 42), uphill and against the wind. They looked to have turned it round by scoring in the 49th and 61st minutes but found it hard to establish any shape - their formation wasn't clear from the stand: 4 at the back, it seemed, then - what? The wind helped to pin Aggie back for long spells but Illogan couldn't take further advantage and a well-placed shot from outside the box just inside the right hand post sealed it for St Agnes in the 82nd minute. they even had time to hit the bar
  12. You've made my point for me. You turn round at 1 - 1 against the wind and so face a 2nd half WITH that wind PLUS the one man advantage. Having equalised against the wind against ten men, a team should win with 45 minutes against ten and with the wind. That's why I said "SHOULD have comfortably won. But footy being what it is (Watford 3 Liverpool 0), although Illogan in the circumstances SHOULD have won (so should have Liverpool, top v 2nd-bottom), they didn't - because St day didn't lie down and accept the "inevitable" (like Watford) but faced Illogan down and took the game to them. And, as yo
  13. Oh, Illogan! How to lose a game you should have comfortably won! St Day went ahead on 4, lad left too long on the ball, allowing him to set himself up for - was it a shot or cross? Bit of wind assistance, I think. But St Day were well kept out for the next half hour, Illogan struggling with the really strong wind. Then during a rare Illogan attack, a rash challenge on a forward who was just about to face a 1 on 1 with the home 'keeper left St day with 10 men on 30 mins. All Illogan had to do was hold on 'til half time then attack the ten men with the ind behind them. They even equali
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