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  1. See the attendance given for the replay? Ouch! (As well as the result!)
  2. St Day 3 St Dominick 1 Standard cup tie, really: the higher league team won but really, this was title chasers St Day against a mid-table "lower league" t Dom, in which case the ECLP must be a higher standard than the Combo. St Dom went deservedly ahead through James Bloomfield on 11 mins and they kept u p the pressure. Tom Hogarth for 1 - 1 (41) following a corner and it was another corner on 57 that found Luke Hart coming in late at the back post for 2 - 1. St Dom might have equalised but for a timely save by the home 'keeper, then Darren Richards wrapped it up on 80 from a free-kick. Sterling stuff from St Dom who gave a good account of themselves. St day have had easier games in their league. Pitch outstanding, so well done St Day. There was sunshine, there were heavy showers, but the pitch was still playable after the game. And the technology at Vogue - ooer! Not only can you pay using your card, you can pay contactlessly (is that a word?); then a lot of the faithful watched the 2nd half from the warmth and comfort of the clubhouse as the game was on Sky (not really - just on their TV screen via an outdoor webcam!), so loads of Brownie points for St Day! Apologies to any other clubs that also have these facilities - I just haven't seen the like before (I don't get out much!). Tea a quid, the chips looked lovely but I held firm! Nice to see the usual faces there especially Dave Searle; and the 2nd half made enjoyable by the partisan but friendly banter between the two bunches of supporters either side of me on the balcony. The home lot were giving the St Dom No 6 some good-natured stick and he seemed to take it all in good spirit. Kept a smile on my face! So once again, no grumbles from me. I even enjoyed the cantering horses in the fields beyond the far goal - a beautiful setting for an afternoon's footy.
  3. During my years doing the Truro PA there were quite a few occasions when there were anomalies regarding the team sheet issued: often numbers appeared on the pitch which didn't feature on the sheet. There was one time when, having established the number on the back of a visiting scorer with those around me, I announced the scorer and time and a bloke in front of me, supporting the visiting side, turned and said "he's not playing"! I showed him the team sheet and he confirmed that the player named against that number wasn't even on the bench! Announcer should have been telling people between music tracks where they could get pasties up to kick-off and at half time. You just can't get the staff these days!
  4. Truro 1, Blackfield and Langley 1 Bit of a yawn after Saturday at Falmouth. Hardly seven quidsworth (£5 entry, £1 carpark, £1 50/50 - I was ONE out - whoever bought the ticket after me won!) Boot and rush with an awful lot of ball in the air. All Blackfield 1st half until Niall Thompson got going after about 40 minutes. The only time Truro looked anything like it was when he ran up the right wing. 2nd half Truro a bit more lively but still playing that awful "play from the back" style which Blackfield exploited , exposing the risk of that modern tactic - SO easy to play against and tedious to watch. Then BOOM - Jamie Richards off a corner on 65 for 1 - 0. Then POP, Lerose Plummer for 1 - 1 less than 60 seconds later! And that was it, really. Not a good game to watch, Truro with few ideas in their opponent's half. Attendance apparently around the 130 mark! Replay Saturday up there, home tie v Kingstonian the prize.
  5. At last I'm at my PC! For my 20th game this season, what a cracker it turned out to be. 70 or 80 minutes of dissatisfaction at a rather lack-luster game. The the Falmouth 'keeper did really exceptionally well to beat out a snap shop by the visiting No 10 which would have buried Town, and hope sprang. Then the pen. My neighbour and I both thought it was a shoulder-to shoulder challenge and it is interesting, watching the Packet video, that he AR on that side didn't appear to be signalling a pen - or was he indicating a FK for Town? Then the ref consulted VAR - the Valiant Assistant Referee - after which the pen was awarded and duly converted. Then the wonder goal - as Deacs says, sublime - and extra time. The 2nd pen was very obvious, the rest a bit of footy history. Nice it was in front of a decent crowd especially with all those former players who all went to join the F-troop for the 2nd half and extra time. Nice to see so many familiar faces and great to see such a good (for these days) sized crowd. The F-troopers made it sound like a proper football match - thanks, lads! 0 - 1 on 44 by their No 8; 0 - 2 on 51, didn't get his number; 1 - 2 (90) Luke Brabyn pen; 2 - 2 (90+3) Jack Webber; 3 - 2 (110) Luke Brabyn pen. Great credit to the Groundsman. Pitch heavy but perfectly good - congratulations! Great cup-tie!
  6. Big thank you to Simon at Hayle for finding my invaluable notebook where I left it in their stand. I didn't see him this morning when I picked it up so couldn't thank him personally. 'Course, my enforced Sunday morning visit did acquaint me with what must happen at a lot of clubs, that is the Youth football. I watched the last 15 mins or so of Hayle v Helston U10s and it was so refreshing to see so many healthy-looking youngsters (no obesity crisis here!) enjoying a full-blooded match, ending with a 4 - 3 win for Helston. I'd wondered if I might witness some of the boorish behaviour that one reads of where parents get nasty towards the ref, the opposition, their own kids - but I saw none of that, just mums and dads encouraging the lads. But there was one mum, bless her, of the Hayle 'keeper - bless her. The lad took a knock conceding the 4th goal. Nothing nasty but he was rubbing a sore ankle as the teams went to kick off - and his mum ran onto the pitch to see to her son! Will he live it down? But when you read about neglected kids, even kids abused by their own families, its nice to see a caring mum. Be embarrassing for Jordan Pickford, though....! Hayle had a lad wearing 6 who was different class, a real natural: ditto Helston's No 12. Now, people expect me to be grumpy and critical; in which case, where was all this brilliant organised club football 60 years ago?
  7. Hayle 1, St Ives 0 Cracking game, good ad for league, good local derby. Each side found the woodwork twice, St Ives had a couple sent off in dying minutes (one sub talked his way into two yellows all following one incident: classic!). Both teams played out of their skins, St Ives on top for the 1st 30 and second half but sterling Hayle defence held them at bay. Goal against the run of play, really, but not undeserved. Very much worth the entry money! Entertained off-pitch by Otis and Hettie. (?) Pitch really incredibly good, even at the end. Glen did his usual divot work at half time. haven't given the timing of the goal as it is written in my note book which I left on the seat next to me as I left! Huge thanks to the club for finding it for me: I will be collecting it tomorrow morning. Good bunch down there. Nice banter in the stand. Freezing (well, okay, just very cold) wind from Clubhouse end didn't spoil things.
  8. Should have been an opportunity to gain 3 points as well as improve goal difference. Well, they got the 3 points but, oh, don't they need some sort of Sports Psych to get them into the right frame of mind. 2nd from top plays 2nd from bottom! Turn up and collect the points! A lead in 5 mins (header by James Ward off a corner) and a second on 18 (Luke Jephcott) as Truro totally dominated the game should have been the prelude to a right thrashing, but the solid start affected the players too much and though they dominated possession and territory some lack-luster finishing meant that no more goals were added. Hendon came out for the 2nd half on fire (half-time bo11ockings are much easier to administer than pre-match mind-setting) and started to match Truro all over the pitch. Truro were truly awful in the 2nd half and Hendon always looked the more likely to score. The "building from the back" mantra nearly cost them a goal but then on 87 Francis Amarti burst through to score resulting in a nervous finish by Truro. Before even Truro's 2nd goal went in someone near to me commented "you can see why they (Hendon) have only won on game" and I agreed, but anyone opting to come in just for the 2nd half would have been forgiven for thinking that Hendon were playing in white! Positive spin: playing badly and winning - usually recognised as a good sign. Sympathy for Hendon who, with their 2nd half performance, against a mid-table team might have gained a win. One to forget! 428 paying customers. Announcer didn't announce Hendon subs and scorer. He should have done.
  9. Glad I decided to go to Truro, then.
  10. Me in goal, even in 5-a-side? It was always Mike Trezise who was the Staff goalie, unless perhaps we put out two teams one year and I got shoved in goal! Those were indeed the days, that 5-a-side tournament - we probably had more spectators than many clubs in Cornwall! Of course, Teachers v Pupils footy games have long since bitten the dust in the name of, what is it? Health and Safety? Child protection? Teacher protection? I don't know (Grumpy expression!). Makes you wonder how on earth we survived those dark, violent times! Thank you for your kind words and I hope you enjoy your grandchild. You'll probably end up wishing you'd had him or her first!
  11. Yes, I saw that. Bit worrying for the clubs involved. Heard a bit of gossip last evening, that the Pirates aren't too happy with Truro's gates this season.
  12. Hang on! My only grouch was about the announcing, or lack of it. Oh, and expensive tea, that's two grouches. That carefree hippy you refer to is 47 years older and rendered cynical with age. As well as nearly bald. I've discovered that life, for me, WAS better back then, hence the Grumpy Old Man phenomenon. Remember one who appeared on that programme (Rory McGrath) was in the Lower Sixth when I arrived in my little blue van! (All-in-all I came home with a good feeling of having been well entertained last night!) (And - who ARE you? Got grand-children yet?)
  13. Thought it looked a good fixture for a fiver's worth but I nearly went home at half time to catch episode 2 of that new crime drama on BBC1 (I'll catch it on iplayer). 0 - 3 down at half time due to goals from Baker (16 and 32 mins) and Carmichael (45+2), with no announcement of the teams beforehand or of the goalscorers, I thought it was a pretty poor show. After a bright opening 10-12 mins, Truro lost it. Still, the company was good and we were saying "remember Wealdstone"... 2nd half, this new team came out for Truro. 1 - 3 (52) Jephcott, 2 - 3 (65) which we on the half-way line saw as an own goal but the announcer, active since announcing the return of the teams onto the pitch for the 2nd half and tucked away at the far end of the ground gave the goal to Tyler; then the peachiest of peachy goals by Ryan Law on about 90+1 - picked the ball up wide on the left and advanced on the pen area. Then one of those rare moments when you are thinking "he ought to...." when he DID, he let fly from at least 25 yards, and the Poole 'keeper, bless him, who could see the ball all the way from Law's boot, stood centre of goal on his line and watched it fly inside his left post! Sweet! Still time for Truro to win, but, you know, the modern "build from the back" still had to be employed thereby wasting precious time playing footy 80 yards from goal instead of lumping it (technical term!) into the box to see what might happen. Poole were always quick to chase down the backs in possession and in the windy, slippery conditions, well, you never quite know! Incessant rain driving away from the clubhouse end: might have been a factor in "a game of two halves". But 3 - 3 it ended, that's £1 a goal (including the quid for the car park), so good value. Took my own tea. Thirty bob for a cuppa is having too much of a laugh in my book! Shame about the announcing. Attendance not given, 370 according to the league website. I know volunteers are hard to come by, but this IS the Southern League.
  14. Poole. Top fixture, judging by the table.
  15. Rub of the green. So I went down to Hayle but then got called away! And Dave, I know that AT 2.15 we're all out at a game - I was just about to leave home myself: hoped there might be something on by then, there often is. Never mind. And this IS the best Forum around; just about the only source of information about Cornish football now that the West Briton and Indy are so poor. Truro Tuesday evening, good fixture.
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