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FA Cup Draw Timing

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3 hours ago, Dave Deacon said:

Another moan about the FA

McAtee and Doyle not being able to play in the semi final for Sheff Utd because loan players are not allowed to play against their parent clubs in the FA Cup!

Right and proper imo. Applies to league games as well.

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No one's mentioned the 5.30pm kick-off !

Can remember as a youngster getting in front of the box at 9am for the build up......it's a knockout,Saint and Greavsie,the reporter at the team hotel,on the bus to the ground ,it made it an occasion.Okay so not as many live games back then,but still a good day and throughout the match you'd pray for a draw (if neutral) so you could do it all again on the Thursday !

The F.A were trying to recoup the overspend of building the New stadium at a cost of £750m which is why the Semi's are played there,surely you'd like to think they've made the money back by now,what with the play-offs as well.However if you've got a good thing going that's making you money hand over fist,why would you give it up ?

I agree with you Darren a neutral ground would be better especially if say you've got an all Merseyside semi and you're dragging everyone down to London when Old Trafford is down the road !

Sadly the F.A Cup is now for the big Prem teams the 3rd choice trophy nearly on a par with the League (EFL) Cup,only got themselves to blame.

Moan over !

' Up The Town '

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