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  1. Just heard Mark Warburton come up with a great idea for finishing Cup competitions postponed due to Coronavirus : IE : The F.A. Cup ----- Put aside a week in the summer and play the Q/F on the Monday,the S/F on Wednesday and the Final on Saturday (World Cup style). Or alternatively my personal idea : Q/F in Oct on the same weekend as the F.A Cup 4th Qual Round ,S/F in Nov on the same date as the F.A Cup 1st round and the Final in Dec on the same date as the F.A Cup 2nd round. This way the Final is still played in the correct calender year and you only have between 1-3 games to re-arrange,depending on how far the club goes. Going back to the week in the summer,Euro 2020 will probably be cancelled,Wembley already has dates put aside for the Semi's & Final so there are your dates for the F.A Cup. What does anyone think ? Love to hear your suggestions ! ' Up The Town '
  2. Going back a bit,I've always wondered why the ex England manager Hope Powell hasn't been given the opportunity at managing a men's team say League 1 or 2 level. But as Keith B has said Emma Hayes would certainly be ideal to take England forward. However if as might be the case,the Women's Euro's are put back to 2022 then that works in Phil Neville's favour as it would give him an extra year to experiment then a year to play the same team every time injuries permitting. ' Up The Town '
  3. I would hazard a guess at Liskeard and St Blazey for the Semi-Finals and Bodmin for the Final again. Makes sense geographically,but then we're dealing with football, so when did sense come into it ! ' Up The Town '
  4. It was in the news yesterday that the ' powers that be ' are looking at the offside rule with a view to changing it,so that there has to be clear daylight between players,which will take away the need for VAR for offside,which will surely make everyone happy. For the best example of correct use of VAR you only have to go back 18 months to the World Cup Finals where every incident the ref wasn't sure of the pitchside monitor was used,the difference in the Premier League is that it appears all the games are being reffed at Stockley Park with the ref on the pitch all to happy to pass the buck(Maybe that way they feel they can deflect any criticism that comes their way). I read someone earlier mentioned a line running to the touchline from the end of the 18 yard box,probably the most sensible solution of the lot. In my opinion VAR should only be used as a confirmation device therefore letting the referee on the pitch manage the game (like pre VAR) up until the point where he misses something ie :handball,a thrown punch/elbow/spit then a word in his ear could stop the game where he must consult the pitchside monitor to make his decision. By making the movement of going to the side of the pitch it immediately includes the crowd who now realise something has happened which no-one saw,you still don't need to show the replays on the big screen (because of crowd influence) until he turns back to the pitch,then let the crowd see the incident but only from the angle of confirmation that the ref had,this way the crowd see the same thing as the referee and theoretically accept the decision. Currently we are getting potentially 5+ VARs a match I believe if this was introduced that would be halved. PS: Happy New Year everyone ' Up The Town ! '

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