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Amazing comeback for Millbrook last night. First half Saltash scored with ease and Millbrook looked out of the cup being 3-0 down.

Second half a few vital changes of positions and clever substitutions by Macca was a game changer. After the goal by Sheperd Millbrook grew in belief and thier passing game was back. The flood gates opened and Millbrook started the fight back.

Further goals came Sheperd, Youlden, a fantastic header by Toulson who went from defence to partner Sheperd up front in the second half and got them in front. 

The whole team played as a team and it was so exciting to watch. Tom Payne scored and you thought 5-3 Millbrook had it in the bag but Saltash dug in and got a goal back but Ed Goodman had other ideas and scored for Millbrook to seal the win. 

This was a brillant advert for football and the Fa Cup. Wonderful atmosphere with supporters enjoying a flurry of goals. Grassroots football at it's best. Well done Millbrook your spirit and passion shone through. A well deserved win 


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As I passed by the home dressing room at the end someone clearly had an attack of Tourettes. 2 out of every 3 words starting with an F! To ship 5 unanswered goals when 3-0 up at home is unacceptable. 

Millbrook a good footballing  side. Nice pass & move team who are well coached. Credit it to them, but as soon as the first goal  went it confidence ebbed away immediately from the Ashes. That was alarming and was seized upon by the Brook

To date the Ashes have done well under Dane. Good players don't become bad ones based upon one perfornance. It will be interesting to see the response at Clevedon on Saturday.

Enjoy your trip to Willand in the next round Millbrook. Nice club and ground to visit. 



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To be honest Saltash have a number of big named injuries with only 16 year olds as replacements and lightweight subs.

The problem was that Saltash thought that they had the game won or rather Dane did,  and introduced

the youngsters to soon after half time, its time to get some much more  needed experienced players into the

club as there are a few players who getting past their sell by dates who can no longer play full 90 minutes,

last nights game was a big wake up call and a steep  learning curve for Dane but he will have learnt a lot from that disastrous result

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I’m saltash through and through, and I’m still in shock at the result.   Not angry at all because millbrook thoroughly deserved the result.  This was the definition of never giving up!!! After the ashes 3rd goal went in, most people watching would have thought that it done and dusted. Ashes subbed a striker for a CB and seemed happy to defend for the rest of the game.  Cue several defensive errors with the ashes defenders seemingly losing the ability to track the flight of the ball with millbrook players ghosting in at the back post unmarked.  

not really the result I wanted, but fair play to millbrook and best of luck for the next round.  

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First half(57 mins) was a relative walkover for Saltash with me thinking Millbrook looked a very average team

Last half hour Millbrook were absolutely unplayable.. Rarely seen a change of performance like it. 

I'm sure Chris menhenick would be happy to be called a youngster and also, as young as he is, Reece Thompson is a very able starting player let alone sub. 

Saltash understandably took their foot off the pedal but cdnt have expected the barrage they received from Millbrook 

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I had to leave the game before kickoff due to family emergency, but couldn’t believe the score- like most when I got 3-0 text I thought that’s it. Reminds me of the home game v St Austell last season. We got lucky that night perhaps we’ve ridden our luck once too often. 


Still tomorrow is a new game and I’d expect a real backlash at Clevedon tomorrow and we’ll put them to the sword. Hopefully some returnees from injury like Dave Barker will help.  

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Crazy topsy, turvy game. Millbrook will be thrilled, but know that they need to put it out of their heads for the next league game. Saltash will be desperately upset at letting it go from the position they were in, but will have to put it down as a freak result. They too will move on.

A memorable game, especially if you were fortunate enough to be there, but not a marker for the season ahead for either team.

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