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  1. What matches on Boxing Day - Sat 26th will be ticket only entry please?
  2. Fantastic result for Millbrook today against step 5 club Bashley FC. Bashley were a well drilled team and the game flowed at a face pace which suited Millbrook. It was a fairly even game and you would not know that Millbrook were a step 6 team. Millbrook goalie Chris Wearing made 2 crucial saves when Bashley were awarded 2 penalties, the first was a very soft decision and the penalty was very poor. Jake Foster scored a sublime goal from distance which gave Millbrook the fire to stake a claim on this match. Bashley pressed hard and their No7 was particularly dangerous. They had their chances and failed again on the penalty spot and Millbrook was awarded a penalty and our own Captain Tom (Payne) stepped up and fired home our second goal. Millbrook defence was put under pressure in the last 10mins but Millbrook kept up their determination to show that they can compete in this competition. Great 2-0 result on a personal note well done to the subs who have not had a chance to get many minutes on the pitch but should be recognised and are part of a wonderful squad this season. Up the Brook you are making the club proud and Cornwall
  3. Fantastic result for Millbrook. Great atmosphere at Jenkins Park. Millbrook showed thier pace up front with Foster and Sheperd in great form. An early goal from Sherborne against the run of play but soon it was Millbrook with all the possession and they took control of the game. Superb goal by Sheperd only downside was Hamilton picking up an injury but all the subs played thier part and I lok forward to the next round but the big match will be versus Torpoint it will be a cracker on Boxing Day
  4. Great result for Millbrook on Saturday it is a shame that the supporters stayed away as they really are a competitive team. I still feel it is such a shame they are not in the Peninsula West league as they would really be at home amongst the big pocket teams and enjoy bigger gates to help this club build off the pitch. Credit to Mark and his team for giving Millbrook the support and passion for local football. Also great to see the Cornish times giving coverage to Millbrook and Torpoint who are Cornish teams flying the flag in the East Division.
  5. Keith B I am a supporter and I agree maybe players can avoid being carded and the team I follow players pay their own fines for cards! I just feel was it necessary to put up the fines for a yellow card it is obviously not a deterrent as I see a lot given out. I know a lot of teams are not getting large gate numbers to off set costs. Small club houses can't even accommodate teams after matches or punters due to number restrictions and covid precautions. Not all clubs can afford extra staff to provide table service there seems to be extra pressures. On a positive note it is great to see football being played.
  6. Agree it could be very costly if you have to pay half the gate and travel costs that you could be left out of pocket even if you win at home for smaller clubs. I find it shameful that the cost of a yellow card has gone up especially as grass root clubs are under such restrictions this season.
  7. Do home teams pay towards travel costs of Away teams in the Fa vase? Seems a very odd rule if they have too?
  8. Elburton caused lots of problems for Millbrook last night in a very scrappy game. Lots of challenges and a good defence stopped Millbrooks normal fluent attack. It is a shame the sin bin was not used as this game? The introduction of Chapman and Payne helped steady the boat and Chapman and Hamilton both scored to save Millbrook both defenders as the strikers Foster and Sheperd struggled tonight. It was the worst performance I have seen by Millbrook these season and their passing game was non existent the midfield was poor. Big matches ahead Ilfracombe, Dartmouth, Crediton next month and Millbrook need to step up.
  9. Followed Millbrook and get to games as often as I can to watch my son play. He has been in the 1st team for 5years and I would agree that loyalty and friendship hold this team together. Great to see them improve as with the facilities and this season they are getting travel expenses which is needed in the East Division. They have a good mix of youth and let's say experience but I think the advantage is a couple of players who can play in any position which is a great asset to have. They have a weakness of losing thier temper at times but so many players do and leaving it too late to bring substitutions on but they are resilient and enjoy attacking football so always great to watch if they don't suffer too many injuries I think this will be a good season for Millbrook
  10. I follow Millbrook and I feel it will be crucial ties that will decide this League a very competitive league and I think teams that have kept core players do well. I agree that Torpoint and Ivybridge have great young players but do not rule out Ilfracombe or Sidmouth. For the West league I feel Mousehole will win. I think teams that don't lose their heads win through, so many teams argue and waste their breath shouting amongst themselves or to a ref it is farcical at times!!
  11. I feel the East Division is a stronger division made stronger by 2 excellent Cornish teams who will be fighting for the title😉of course.
  12. Great result for Millbrook quick off the mark with Sheperd and Morcom scoring not long after the whistle. Liskeard slowly got into the game but had very few chances and the Millbrook keeper Wearing was quick to react and was on good form. Millbrook grafted hard especially thier captain who Tom Payne who got a well deserved goal from his free kick. Millbrook with a few missing players due to injuries were still a team to be feared. Tough next round but it should be a cracking match. On a personal note it was good to see the young wing backs in action
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