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  1. don’t have a team as such as like all cornish trams to do well just like county football as a whole and then to do well
  2. tough results for helston and Saltash today maybe this knew league isn’t as easy as as thought brigdwater and bitton the first big teams they’ve played really
  3. good game to watch this saltash manager thought had game won at 3 nil and made changes that let millbrook back in it a shouter and moaner not a manager good to see millbrook not let they’re heads drop and fight back
  4. bridport 2 big losses already good one over at helston tonight hoping to go
  5. same as when ferguson signed rinaldo from smaller club years ago. happens in life every where some people more ambicious than others fair play wanting to build a good team and lads wants to play higher up
  6. and another one levi landricombe to Bodmin wasted in the swpl could still do it in the western
  7. ryan ricjards leaving parkway does that mean back to Saltash or a swpl side
  8. all change at callington they think a whole new squad maybe the st blazey lot that left a while back
  9. wouldn’t bother harder than you think
  10. just back from shops and heard bloke saying torpoint are losing few to a higher side millbrook maybe
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