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  1. Bowks always great value. Good striker. Rather 'finely balanced' in the penalty area though 😉 Bowks and the Waltz would make great panto villans!
  2. Its been great to see sides like the Dron, Wadebridge & Camels develop their sides without lashing the clash as a short cut to success like others have sought to do. Wish you well at the Underlane.
  3. Much prefer managers and clubs that coach and improve players, alongside facilities enhancement, than those that buy established olayers at a cost with focus almost exclusively on the first team. Not dissing any one club or manager, just stating *my preference!
  4. Tricky game for me. Long time Bucks fan, but I've gone from watching the Ashes quite often to being a regular this season. Super match and irony of the game was after some lovely football first half the Ashes went in 1-2 !! The spurned chances and good saves this PM from the Bucks keeper made me think it may not be the Ashes day. Bucks fans unhappy with the second penalty and the referee generally, but Saltash kept at it and on the balance of the game they deserved to win, albeit at the 11th hour! In truth, Ashes created enough chances to win three games. Bucks can play much better, but they will struggke to score a better goal than the Owen Stockton strike today! Good to see plenty of faniliar faces backing the Bucks. Fantadtic club! If you've not been to Homers Heath you'll experience great facilities & a warm welcome. Do go! I thought Sam Hughes was superb today - congrats to him on reaching 400 games in the red & white. Tough game on Wednesday at Exmouth now beckons - hope to be there! Tavi v Helston on Tuesday looks a storming fixtire too.
  5. 6 points, 4 goals, none conceded - that'll do nicely for this week Clarets!
  6. Think all the Cornish sides WILL end the season in good positions, but early results maybe clouded expectatiions. Injuries aside, one or two of the stellar performers in the Saltash side off form too. However, good players are exactly that, so patience needed from the Ashes faithful. The beast that is Callum O'B is really missed.
  7. Saltash 2 Ilfracombe 3 Observations rather than full match report. In short too many players off form and injuries starting to bite. The Ashes squad needs more depth! To that end, good to see Dan Perryman on board. Now the Ashes have surrended 3-0 and 2-0 positions at home and sonehow managed to lose this season. Very disappointing This is especially so having seen Tavi dispatch the North Devon side with ease whilst only being in second gear the previous midweek. This loss more painful than the 3-0 defeat to a very good Bridgwater side on Saturday. Possibly for the first time since taking over Dane Bunney has some thinking to do and challenges to overcome. The first XI are competive when everyone is fit and on form No need to panic. TBF luck seems to have utterly deserted Saltash ATM. In some ways maybe results recently will dispel any notions that the WL is easy. It isn't. Next two ganes home to the Bucks and away to Exmouth will be anything but that!
  8. Lanson 3 Wadebridge 0 What a performance from the Lanson boys! Energetic, organised, committed and superb in every department last night. The Waltz reprising his panto villain role to great effect again. Clarets won most 50/50s and were first to most second balls. With a very tough first 6 fixtures W3 L3 is a very creditable start by Dan Hart's team. Every department not only did its job but bettered a usually impressive Bridger team. 22 Mins a penalty won & dispatched by the Waltz! 29 mins stooping low header from Stidson and 2-0 Deserved too! Predictably the visitors had lots of possession in the second 45, yet arguably Launceston still created more with lively counter attacking moves. This was no more better illustrated than a glorious solo Hamson goal on 86 mins The curling shot around the away keeper was sublime. Dan Hart clearly providing good shape & organisation. A mostly youthful side will be inconsistent whilst the team develops. It will get bumped heavily by the very vest sometimes, but Lanson season is defined by results against those expected to be in the bottom half of the SWPL. Most though bottom 3 a given at the season start, but I can see the input Dan Hart is having! Outside the bottom 6 a real possibility I think. That would be progress! Negatives? None really! Sone robust challenges and a testy gane at times. Referee was disappointing Lost a bit of control which didn't help the game. Bridgers are an excellent outfit, but created little with their possession. They are capable of much better. Just an off day for them. A complete team performance. Well done Clarets!
  9. He certainly did after drawing foul for a penalty to Lanson! Brings so much to The Clarets. Think he loves reprising the Panto Villain role! Keeps opposing defenders on their toes for a full 90 mins. Waltz worth the adnission money alone! Will do a match report tomorrow, but Launceston were fantastic in every department. Fully deserved the win over the usually impressive Bridgers!
  10. A touch of hyperbole from Dane, but IMO Ashes *were* the better of the two teams tonight.
  11. Ashes 0 Helston 0 Ashes dominated posession and had the best chances and IMO deserved to pinch a tight game. That said, the pressing game from the Blues was very effective. As 'Footy' said Beattie handled (often very literally) Sam Hughes very well. Bye, as ever, impressive with his range of passing and vision. In both games this season, Blues and Ashes have largely cancelled eaxh other out. Over the two games points shared not an unfair outcone. Both sides will be top 5 at the season end. 195 crowd a tad disappiinring! An obsorbing rather than thrill-a-minute game tonight. Another toughie for the Ashes at Bridgwater on Saturday.
  12. A workmanlike 3 points for Cally against a limited St Dennis side. The latter did go close a few times first half and 2-0 flattered the Pasty Men. Second half, in monsoon conditions, saw the hosts have numerous chances, but only a super dipping shot registered. Credit to St Dennis for sticking with it and a late goal was deserved. Overall, not a game to live in the memory! Lastly, having not produced a programne for my two previous visits to the Marsh, good to see one on offer today. Good stuff Cally!
  13. The Carter signing a retrograde decision IMO. Veal Out, Carts In - a curious bit of business from Parkway. That said wish both strikers well at their respective cluba.
  14. As my username suggests I watch football on both sides of the Tamar, both SWPL & WL. Fewer 'big clubs over the river and I see the East as a straight shootout between the Point and Brixham for the WL spot. West has half a dozen sides who could claim their title and some of the fancied outfits not doing as well as expected. 'The West' is more competitive and better supported at the turnstile. SWPL West definitely stroger!
  15. 6 points for Lanson at this stage - 5 more than I was expecting! A pity many of the responses are all about Bodmin - lets give the Clarets some praise. Dan Hart, I think, is trying to make Lanson competitive and to keep a shape in order to do so. Pretty? No! Will they trouble Falmouth at the weekend? Probably not. Lanson are in a mini-league with the likely bottom half or lower of the SWPL. These are the games than Launceston need to pick up points from. Any from the likes of games with Bodmin is a huge bonus. I saw Bodmin on Saturday. A collection of talented individuals who were bested by the collective team spirit, work-rate and organisation from Dodwalls. I always think if you turn up late to a game involving Bodmin you can always tell how how a game is going. If Mr Gilbert and his bench are railing against the officials, well that tells a story. Historically I have always lamented Town being happy to spend big sums to be a big fish in a small SWPL pool and not take promotion. With the 'Cornish 4' going up to the Western League it slightly feels like Town have been left behind. A crucial season for them and its not going well. Please don't get the impression I am solidly anti BTFC. I am not! I want the biggest Cornish clubs in the WL. Hopefully another of them will be playing at a higher level next season - maybe two if Torpoint can win the East division!
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