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Lots of people having issues submitting clean sheets. For anyone following Dave's thread, team sheets are entered on Full Time or The FA Matchday App. Neither is associated with the issues the WGS is currently having. The App once you figure it out can take less than 5mins to submit your team sheets, including subs used/unused, scorers, bookings, sin bins, captains, all sorts! Below I have pasted a link for all guidance on the App for your clubs. 


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7 hours ago, Dave Deacon said:

Isn’t it more the registering of players that is proving an issue?

On average an It’s at least 1 hour to gain access to the Whole Game System Dave Via a Q System and WGS is the only system that deals with Registrations, Referee Reports, Transfers and paying Discipline infringements. A real headache for club secretaries currently added into the mix if you want to sign and register a player you have to ask them (via automated E-Mail) to accept to play before sending to the league Meaning 2 or 3 visits to the website


to be fair to CCFA they have sent guidance out today to contact them directly for certain tasks but it’s not ideal

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1 hour ago, Jamo said:

I can log in but can't do anything as according to the app we are still in trelawny prem and don't have any fixtures despite us being in combo , so havnt got an option to even fill out the online team sheet , will be fun nxt weekend with our first fixture!

You need to contact John Roberts Jamo I had the same problem when I looked last week and John sent me a link.I have to have two different accounts now for the two different leagues

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