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Kernow in Group C

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The draw has been made this morning for the CONIFA World Football Cup 2020 which will be taking place in Skopje, North Macedonia between 30 May - 7 June.

Group A

Parishes of Jersey



Chagis Islands


Group B


Western Armenia

Tamil Eelam



Group C

Mapuche (South America)

Matabeleland (Africa)


Australian First Nations (Oceania)


Group D

South Ossetia


United Koreans in Japan


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I wonder if the Australian First Nations will approach players like Jade North to get involved.


Group A - completely up in the air except Chagos Islands are likely to struggle. Parishes of Jersey I expect to progress but Panjab and Kurdistan are very strong teams (Kurdistan dominated in the old NF-Board days before ConIFA launched)

Group B - Karpatalya and Western Armenia to progress. Unless Tamil Eelam improve on recent showings, they could finish below Kabylia.

Group C - Kernow should comfortably progress but at the same time, Mapuche and AFN are complete unknowns, so we won't know what they're capable of until game 1.

Group D - A tough one to call but I do think Cascadia and South Ossetia will be the to to progress. Darfur will struggle to get any results and unless UKJ fix their goalscoring issues they won't have enough about them to get the wins they need.

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Kurdistan vs Western Armenia - Kurdistan win
Parishes of Jersey vs Karpatalya - Karpatalya win
Kernow vs Cascadia - Cascadia win
Matabeleland vs South Ossetia - South Ossetia win

Kurdistan vs Karpatalya - Kurdistan win
Cascadia vs South Ossetia - South Ossetia win

Final: Kurdistan vs South Ossetia - South Ossetia win
3rd/4th: Karpatalya vs Cascadia - Karpatalya win

Placement round 1:
Panjab vs Kabylia - Panjab win
Chagos Islands vs Tamil Eelam - Tamil Eelam win
Australian First Nations vs Darfur - AFN win
Mapuche vs United Koreans in Japan - UKJ win

Placement round 2:
Western Armenia vs Kernow - Kernow win
Parishes of Jersey vs Matabeleland - PoJ win
Panjab vs Australian First Nations - Panjab win
Tamil Eelam vs United Koreans in Japan - UKJ win
Kabylia vs Darfur - Kabylia win
Chagos Islands vs Mapuche - Mapuche win

Placement Round 3:
5th/6th: Kernow vs Parishes of Jersey - Kernow win
7th/8th: Western Armenia vs Matabeleland - Western Armenia win
9th/10th: Panjab vs United Koreans in Japan - Panjab win
11th/12th: Australian First Nations vs Tamil Eelam - AFN win
13th/14th: Kabylia vs Mapuche - Kabylia win
15th/16th: Darfur vs Chagos Islands - Chagos Islands win

Final Rankings:
1. South Ossetia
2. Kurdistan
3. Karpatalya
4. Cascadia
5. Kernow
6. Parishes of Jersey
7. Western Armenia
8. Matabeleland
9. Panjab
10. United Koreans in Japan
11. Australian First Nations
12. Tamil Eelam
13. Kabylia
14. Mapuche
15. Chagos Islands
16. Darfur

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14 hours ago, inflikted said:

Article on the ConIFA World Cup on BBC Sport: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51149482

Thanks for that, Avery interesting read, answer a lot of questions raised above. The possibility of Australia and Sweden based Cornish players being in the mix reassures that it is not just an outing for elderly (in footballing terms) cronies.

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2 minutes ago, inflikted said:

Seems a bit early as they have until 1 June to finalise it. I'm guessing this will just be the preliminary squad and will give us all an idea of what sort of squad they'll be taking, with a few changes likely between now and kick-off.

I would imagine with the logistics of players getting time off work etc, the Kernow FA need to know as early as possible and then replace if necessary!

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As awaited the CONIFA have confirmed the tournament in May-June is no longer!

CONIFA has today announced that the CONIFA Sportsbet.io World Football Cup 2020 will not be taking place in North Macedonia from 30 May – 7 June 2020. This is due to the COVID-19 emergency being seen across the world. 

The health and wellbeing of all CONIFA members, teams, volunteers and supporters is the number one priority for the organisation. There was also a strong desire to avoid putting pressure on the North Macedonia public services, who would have to be in attendance at matches, during this crisis. 

The decision was made by the CONIFA Executive Committee on Sunday evening, after a binding vote taken by the committee. 

CONIFA Global President, Per-Anders Blind, said: ‘We are all very sorry to have let everyone know that the CONIFA Sportsbet.io World Football Cup 2020 is not taking place in May-June 2020. But our priority right now is looking after the health and wellbeing of all our members, teams and volunteers. The COVID-19 outbreak has meant that teams cannot train, the organising committee has been unable to travel to North Macedonia to continue with preparations, and travel bans across the world make it uncertain that our teams would be able to reach the tournament. 

‘We will be discussing and releasing further information about the World Football Cup as soon as we can. 

‘CONIFA would like to thank our partners, Sportsbet.io, for their support in making this decision, and also thank all those who had offered to work with CONIFA in North Macedonia this summer. We hope to see you all at the World Football Cup soon.’

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