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  1. Didn't watch the highlights, just read the report on Falmouth Packet. Wouldn't happen to know if any other subs were made apart from Eddy and H. Turner? I've done my best to keep this up to date, it's still a draft as it's awaiting approval from Wikipedia mods: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Draft:Kernow_football_team
  2. I'm guessing cos the co-manager has links with Bodmin it's just easier to get them on board. Until Kernow has some more official games under its belt I think players from other clubs will probably see it with a level of scepticism but the more games get played, the more players will start taking an interest. It's just a shame they pulled out of the AHC, cos that's damaged relations with the Yorks and Jersey teams who were both pretty peeved with Kernow and Ellan Vannin for pulling out of the tournament with 2 weeks to go. The only team that was available in their stead was the Chagos Islands (Surrey wanted to take part but couldn't assemble a team in time at such short notice).
  3. There is a suggestion that, as designated reserve team, they may have been offered Sardinia's spot in Artsakh for this summer's Euros. But that's not been confirmed by anyone. Personally I think that's the only justifiable reason for pulling out of the AHC.
  4. Pretty poor show from the KFA and Manx IFA to pull out less than 2 weeks before the tournament is meant to kick off, after people already bought tickets and stadiums booked at great expense to the Yorkshire International FA.
  5. Yeah Barawa had Crawley's Aryan Tajbakhsh. Abkhazia had several pros from the Russian second tier (and one defender who played against Real Madrid in the Champions League). Turkey had Billy Mehmet, and Cascadia had James Riley (former MLS player) and Calum Ferguson (at the time playing for Elgin City but now in the new professional Canadian Premier League).
  6. Getting the pros would require a lot more sponsorship so they could afford them. The highest Yorkshire have managed is National League North but they've needed over a year of gathering support for that.
  7. I'm afraid I have no idea. I'm expecting Raymond Mashamba to be an official at the AHC though due to his CONIFA links (having been a ref at the 2018 World Cup) and he was a linesman in Yorkshire's 6-2 win over Somaliland. He originally came over from Zimbabwe as one of their emerging refs but claimed asylum after being outed as a homosexual in a Zimbabwean newspaper and having his life threatened. By all accounts he's a good ref too. First in the world to issue a green card. Regarding how I think the AHC will go, it's a tough one to call. Yorkshire have looked very good lately and are hosting. But they have already lost to Parishes of Jersey who have a pretty strong domestic league - however their players may be fatigued from playing a tournament this month, then the AHC, then the Inter Games Tournament which is a replacement for the Island Games. Ellan Vannin have a similar problem but aren't playing in the May tournament. They are former World Football Cup finalists so can't be under-estimated. If they can get Seamus Sharkey from Glenavon involved, as well as Nashville SC midfielder Liam Doyle involved then they'll have a pro presence which will aid them a lot. If Kernow can get players from higher up the pyramid involved then they could be a dark horse otherwise they are the weakest of the 4 sides.
  8. I dunno, officially it's Wright but Gilbert is also part of the coaching staff. EDIT: OK in the friendlies, it's been said by the KFA that Gilbert and Phil Lafferty are co-managers, with Wright and Andrew Graham as coaches.
  9. FT: Kernow 5-0 St Dennis '4 Goldsworthy '70 Lorenz '80 Annear '88 Annear '90 Goldsworthy Comprehensive win in the end.
  10. HT Kernow 1-0 St Dennis '4 Goldsworthy There was a first half substitution but I'm not sure who it was who came on as I have no clue as to squad numbers. It's worth mentioning that Sardinia withdrew from the 2019 European Championship in Artsakh, and Kernow were originally down as the reserve team. But because the Atlantic Heritage Cup is happening as the Euros start, I think it's unlikely that Kernow will take that place.
  11. Currently 1-0, a goal in the 4th minute by Goldsworthy. I do think they need to get some advice from someone who knows how to run CONIFA football events. Maybe someone from the Yorks IFA, Manx IFA or even Panjab or Barawa (maybe even Surrey, who aren't even affiliated to CONIFA as they don't meet the requirements). Those guys have a lot more experience with arranging this and can offer some advice to the Kernow FA.
  12. Kernow will be playing in their new home kit for the first time Starting XI is as follows: And as was said earlier, you can watch coverage here: https://mycujoo.tv/video/kernow-fa
  13. Well I just checked for news from Jersey and their preliminary squad is out. No Vincenti which is good news for the other teams: Caps and goals correct as of 21 October 2018 after the game against Yorkshire. No. Pos. Player Date of birth (age) Caps Goals Club GK Euan van der Vliet 11 August 1996 (age 22) 1 0 St. Paul's GK Daniel Birrell 0 0 Jersey Wanderers DF Harry Curtis 1 0 St. Paul's DF Jack Cannon 17 February 1987 (age 32) 1 0 St. Paul's DF Luke Campbell 4 May 1989 (age 30) 1 0 St. Peter DF Michael Weir 18 February 1991 (age 28) 1 0 St. Paul's MF Jack Boyle (captain) 9 July 1990 (age 28) 1 1 St. Paul's MF Luke Watson 1 0 St. Paul's MF Zeljko Martinovic 1 0 St. Paul's MF Jay Giles 0 0 St. Paul's MF Tom Harris 0 0 St. Clement FW Adam Trotter 1 0 St. Paul's FW Karl Hinds 1 0 Trinity FW Kieran Lester 0 0 St. Paul's FW Jake Prince 0 0 St. Paul's FW Sol Solomon 0 0 St. Peter
  14. Not sure who's reffing tonight but it will be live streamed: This guy is the manager of Kernow: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darren_Wright_(footballer,_born_1968) May just be the players that were available as the season just ended. I think I heard they were looking at higher level players for the Atlantic Heritage Cup though, as it's a World Cup qualifier. Jersey are trying to get Peter Vincenti of Macclesfield to accept a callup and Yorkshire had players from FC United in their latest squad so Kernow had better be looking for a higher standard.
  15. That game's been moved, will be played in Bodmin instead. Also worth sharing this, it's the fixture list for the Atlantic Heritage Cup:
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