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Mortgage Advice Bureau ECPL Fixture Wednesday 5th April

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22 hours ago, MattP said:

Where does the proposed groundshare with Truro leave Bodmin's ECPL side? Their second pitch could be brought up to spec pretty easily but surely there are only one set of changing rooms at Priory Park? 

I heard there side are going across to nanpean next year with manager. Then nanpean are looking at a new team in duchy too.

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That's rediculous, the majority of Bodmins team is from Bodmin....they should be representing their hometown. They should dig their heels in, get representatives on the club board and keep their team!!!!

I'd be even more determined to keep a team going, especially if they feel they're being squeezed out!

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I know Nanpean have struggled on the pitch for a number of years but they have great facilities, what seems like a good band behind the scenes and are always really welcoming hosts (off the pitch, anyway!). Attractive proposition for a manager with a few players 

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