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  1. So could a team withdraw from the St Piran league and re-enter the ECPl or Combo in the future?
  2. With football entering the business end of the season, do we know anymore about who will make up the new St Piran league? Will all the teams that applied still want to enter? Is their any truth in the rumour that st blazey and dobwalls will be playing in step 6 next season? (That’s what their players have been told).
  3. But it is still a term used in league rules e.g. only 2 senior players can play in a duchy league match however an ecpl team can play an unlimited amount of players from a SWPL team.
  4. Will ‘senior’ and ‘junior’ league status exist next season?
  5. With the deadline for applying to the new step 7 Cornish league approaching does anyone have any updated news/gossip?
  6. The challenge and concerns must be that at present, clubs don’t really know what they’re applying for....... if other clubs decide not to apply the geographical spread of the league could be uneven between east and west. That must surely be a vital piece of information that clubs are seeking. I know at the league meeting a couple of months ago, it was said that the aim of the league would be 8 teams from the east and 8 from the west....... is this likely to happen in reality?
  7. It’s not really as simple as asking if you’re club is happy in its current league..... the EC league could potentially lose the top 5 teams..... would need to merge with division 1 and would potentially feel like relegation, especially for a club that may have worked its way up.
  8. It’s clear that lots of Cornish clubs have expressed interest regarding next seasons league structures...... but I wonder which clubs and how many will actually apply. The league will mean more travelling for most clubs so surely they’d like/need to know where they will be going and how far? Whether you agree with the league restructuring or not, it’s going to happen so I’m hoping Cornish clubs embrace it. If anyone knows which clubs are definitely applying.....it would be interesting to gauge what the leagues make up will look like. Look forward to hearing from you...
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