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Do Some Clubs Want Their Games On or Not??

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Sometimes Big Al you have to look at the bigger picture.At some clubs you probably have a hardcore of three or four people who look after the pitch (all in their spare time ). If a game was played when the pitch was a bit iffy you could churn it up and ruin it for the season However should you like to see the game played whatever the weather maybe you could offer your services to the beleaguered groundsmen to get the pitch ready in four or five days for the next match.

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Bagman, not sure if your post is for real or not?
Why would we not want a home fixture against one of the biggest and best sides in the West to go ahead? The pitch had been treated in the build up to the game in the correct way.
The club are extremely proud of the lads, and to all involved. We have taken Helston first team, to extra time once this season already, and beat them in 90minutes yesterday.
Hopefully the Wendron side can take plenty of confidence from this result and push on and continue to make a title challenge and hopefully promotion.
Best of luck to Helston for the rest of the season-lots of great things going on on and off the field at Kellaway Parc.

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Well done. I am not placing ANY blame on the groundstaff at the clubs. What I am blaming is the red tape surrounding getting a game of football being played. Far too easily a ref turns up to inspect the ground, sees the grass is wet with hardly any detail inspection,claims his expenses and disappears. If as much effort went into getting  a match played as there is making excuses to cancel it , then I would have no comment to make. I have seen these decisions  being made by refs first hand and a couple of hours later the pitch is perfectly playable!

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Big Al how many games are called off once both teams and the officials have arrived? Not many. Most are called off by officials who may be more local and most if not all of the ones I know never charge to do an inspection. Sometimes the officials have to make a judgement call at the time, taking into consideration the current pitch conditions, the forecast for the rest of that day up to kick off, the ability for drainage and the resources at hand for the club to get some of the standing water of the field. Perhaps sometimes us as referees may get these decisions on whether to play or not but I think 9 times out of 10 we get them spot on when it comes to playing or cancelling games.

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Well Penryn played on boxing day and not since ! pitch was shredded, great decision to play.....not. Lets play every game regardless of the quality of the match, and the consequences of not playing for weeks afterwards.

There is plenty of time to fit matches in throughout a season, especially at the start and end of it.

At this level, puddles and standing water in the morning, pretty much....call it off, identify your water areas and plan to deal with them in the close season.

Pitch maintenance and repair takes hours and hours, sometimes weeks....not minutes as some think, and usually its done by one old geezer.

Then match day arrives and they all turn up with an opinion...."lets play".....dopes!!!!

In the following weeks the usual comment is "pitch is bumpy" dopes!!!!!

Later on you get "bloody hell we're finishing early this year" dopes!!!!

Then pre-season training....6 weeks later, can we train on the pitch!!!!! dopes!!!!! NO bloody NO!!!

Then you get some-one saying "the grass is wet lets cancel" you know the word.

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