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  1. All the best to Redruth. Hear they have been offered Mount Ambrose on Tuesday, fair play to both football club and cricket club.
  2. Provisional fixtures have been sent to clubs, but until the Combination League do their fixtures there isn't much that the Trelawny League can do.
  3. Who’s to say the officials are travelling further? CCFA have taken over to ensure the games are officiated by the correct level and give a more even spread of games, thus preparing all referees at that level for the season.
  4. Its been like that for a while regarding referee fees! And are much lower than the usual fees so that they cover their expenses at least.
  5. Hopefully not Blazey v Mousehole as that’s been cancelled.
  6. Nonsense. All of the other teams could also have applied if they so wished.
  7. Isn’t this something to go to ECPL fixture secretary rather than on a public forum?
  8. When the only East club was Bude not much the league can do. And fair play to @MattP and crew who have said they would travel anywhere for a game!
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