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  1. The suspensions that are current will carry over. Last seasons have been served so won’t be done again!
  2. With the statement that the FA have just given I would say it will be postponed now.
  3. The actual availability of those pitches maybe? if they have been played on the night before clubs probably don’t want a game on day after.
  4. In the SWPL there are. The problem is that some clubs also have FA Cup/FA Vase at the start of the season that eats into some Saturdays and then some mid-weeks with replays too.
  5. They have been focusing on both pitches, with the work needed on the second pitch having to be done in stages due to the cricket. I think plans are in place to make it better for next season.
  6. Depends on the regulations. Normally yellow cards can’t be appealed. But I do agree with you, there should be a rule which reads something like “where there is a clear error which results in any suspension can be revoked by the governing body.”
  7. To be fair the referee has come out and tried to say that there was contact. Its down the the "independent" panel to change the decision.
  8. It has been answered. It was from the pass not the corner that the offside was penalised. So what happened after is relevant as that’s the part that was penalised.
  9. The taker passed the ball short and when receiving it back was in an offside position (near to the goal line than the ball and the second last defender) JUST! So the direction of the ball doesn’t matter, just the position of the player when ball is played. It wasn’t from the corner it was the pass back to the taker before the cross. By the way I’m a Wolves fan! And believe that this drawing line rubbish is killing the game for everyone.
  10. Please see attached photographs. It is shaping up to be a brilliant evening. Anybody who is interested please contact Luke Wilkes on the provided contact details. Also feel free to share far and wide with the whole football family.
  11. Bank Holiday was changed from the 4th to the 8th so still no good.
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