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  1. Not true regarding a penalty if hits hand in area. More so the other way round, if the ball hits an attacker’s hand, who then goes on to score/create a goal scoring opportunity will be penalised with handball.
  2. Floodlights not a requirement for St Pirans.
  3. No they have them on both.
  4. It is more important in Cup games to ensure you know who is on the field of play just in case you need to take kicks from the penalty mark at end of game.
  5. Even though some of the teams will be “relegated” won’t they still be at the same step as they were before (i.e. those relegated to Div 1 will still be 2 promotions away from St Piran’s as there is no combo)? Either way there will be lots of changes as expected this season.
  6. Normally requires 2-3 hours for a full session including a short exam.
  7. I’m sure those tutors would also come along and do the course during training one week!
  8. Is this a question from a while ago? They have their own section now.
  9. Hey Luke, not full anymore mate!

    You alright

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