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  1. The time isn’t ball in play, but 10 minutes playing time. So the stoppages will be the same if more than one in the bin. Also write down time in bin, can’t be too hard to remember time back on.
  2. Was ridiculous. Shame really as everyone wasted their afternoon!
  3. Slamming the ball down when a free-kick/throw-in is awarded against a decision. Moaning at the referee but, not using OFFINABUS language. It is in the opinion of the referee though so each will have slightly different opinions.
  4. http://static-3eb8.kxcdn.com/documents/786/111531_110319_IFAB_LoG_at_a_Glance.pdf Link to new law changes. Interesting changes regarding technical area officials now being able to be yellow or red carded, captains being able to choose whether to kick off or choose ends and a goal kick no longer being needed to leave the penalty area. Enjoy the read, I am sure there will be some roadshows with these changes on over the pre-season.
  5. That’s very harsh. Shaun has made big improvements and was the top marked Cornish official by clubs and observers.
  6. Yes. There is a big support network. Stuart Kane (a level 3 referee) as the referee workforce officer, Paul Murphy as the referee appointments officer and Dave Dodson as the referee representative on the CCFA council. At a more local level there are also referee associations where experienced referees are available to chat on the phone as well as at meetings.
  7. http://theifab.com/news/133rd_annual_general_meeting https://www.90min.com/posts/6311923-ifab-approves-several-new-law-changes-but-falsely-reported-penalty-rebound-rule-not-among-them Rebound law change fake news and is not included in new law changes too!
  8. Cant blame the FA it is IFAB which decides the laws of the game.
  9. With regards to that it’s a difficult one, the league making a decision at 11. If it was postponed I would imagine there would be the same abuse about postponement instead.
  10. It has done on full-time but not on @cornishteddyboy table Didn’t the referee feel it was played back intentionally by the defender? Hence IDFK for deliberate pass to the keeper?
  11. Wednesday 27th February from 10.30am following Charity Cup draw live on Facebook.
  12. The day players are as consistent as that will be the day a referee is.
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