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  1. You have no chance of a referee this weekend. We have had 11 referees taken from the FA for the Vase so a very sensible decision by the league.
  2. Until the league tell the RAO their interpretation how is the RAO/RDO meant to tell the referees?
  3. The referee appointments list is uploaded by an outside agency so changes aren't amended on there as often as probably wanted. As Steve said use the league Full-time sites for better accuracy or check with the home club before travelling.
  4. Which can be done using Adverse Report form.
  5. I believe he will get the usual fine but, will be suspended from the next friendly 7 days after the sending off. An email was sent out today to referees to remind them of their duty to send in all cautions and red cards in friendlies.
  6. Aren’t the 1st team at home in Senior Cup on 12th?
  7. Wrong level but on Twitter Godolphin were looking for a game on Saturday.
  8. Are fixtures likely to be in September?
  9. Needs to be covered in your RA on how it will be used, cleaned, etc. safely.
  10. Show me a teacher who actually does that and I can find thousands who do many more.
  11. School teachers to get an even longer one? Is that a joke? Since lockdown started I've worked on average of 55-60 hours both in school and at home while only being contracted to 32. Please don't think teachers aren't working. I want children back in school it's a sad place with so few in.
  12. QUEUE JUMPING AT SUPERMARKETS 🤬🤬🤬 I was queuing patiently at Tescos Extra Pool yesterday when a bloke just strolled to the front of the queue , as bold as brass, he was wearing black shirt , black shorts , black socks and carrying a whistle ..........................as soon as I saw that I knew it would kick off 😂
  13. I accused my wife of eating the mini eggs I'd been saving for Easter. She denied it and I told her not only was she a liar but a selfish cow. 10 minutes later I found them in my bag, so I did the decent thing... I hid in the bedroom and ate them all without her seeing!
  14. I think Mark has been busy with another event at his club following the sad death of David Searle last week.
  15. The actual availability of those pitches maybe? if they have been played on the night before clubs probably don’t want a game on day after.
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