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  1. c.In all matches, any player who has been duly registered with this League shall eligible. Noplayer can play for more than ONE Club in each Divisional Cup Competition during the current season. All players must have played at least FIVE games (including Cup Competitions) for their club in either the respective division or a lower division of this League during the current season to be eligible to play in the semi-finals or final of these competitions. Upon application to the Management Committee, in an exceptional and proven circumstance only, special consideration may be given to the position of the goalkeeper.
  2. Apologies! But non of the first team could play in divisional cup as its 5 for club, but only for that team or a team in leagues below.
  3. They changed at at the request of many though after they did a survey!
  4. The divisional cups also are 5 for the team. It’s only on the PSC that is 5 for the club!
  5. Sucking up for the Charity Cup final now? Rosy had a great game, probably hardly noticed he was there for 90% of the game, which is the sign of a great referee!
  6. 23 miles compared to 13 miles from Millbrook though so only 10 miles more!
  7. How would you know having not seen many games this year!?
  8. http://theifab.com/news/133rd_annual_general_meeting https://www.90min.com/posts/6311923-ifab-approves-several-new-law-changes-but-falsely-reported-penalty-rebound-rule-not-among-them Rebound law change fake news and is not included in new law changes too!
  9. Cant blame the FA it is IFAB which decides the laws of the game.
  10. Is this a question from a while ago? They have their own section now.
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