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  1. CCFA can’t step in as national guidance says football can continue.
  2. Definitely provisional fixtures, with the review on 13th confirming what will happen next. Currently we have lost 244 games this month already across the County.
  3. The County FA have no mandate to force leagues to continue. The leagues decided after speaking to the clubs that games couldn't continue for some of the reasons stated above.
  4. Would totally depend on the start of symptoms/contact with positive case I would imagine. Although all combination football has now gone anyway.
  5. In the video the assistant starts to signal, but the referee uses his arms (and possibly voice) to say no and the assistant stops flagging. The referee is the man in charge and both looking at same incident with different angles and views so if both close enough the referee will take charge.
  6. Disagree. The assistant is starting the correct signal and then drops it once referee “cuts the grass”. The assistant can only have a different opinion here, won’t have seen it differently.
  7. Everyone was gagging to be back I imagine and someone had to miss out!
  8. The sin bin is only served during playing time. So any players currently sin binned return for the penalties.
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