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  1. Not one official from a club turned up. We had a league official, who is an ex-member, and two guests. Very disappointing and I think the excuse that we don’t talk to clubs can’t be used anymore as we gave the perfect platform to have a good dialogue with them and it’s fallen on deaf ears.
  2. What happens if Junior and Senior Cup are both due to be played at same ground? e.g. St Ives?
  3. VAR won’t give an offside if he is in onside position when ball is played. They can put two camera angles going at the same time on the screen.
  4. Also turn up to the next meeting at Helston where you may learn some tips at tricks. Meeting is on Friday 8th November, 7.30pm start. Welcome to come along and introduce yourself.
  5. If it’s going to be off at 12 it will be off at 10! Forecast is to stop around 10 so those pitches which maybe ok at 10 makes sense to inspect again later. But communication between club secretaries tonight to ensure an inspection carried out prior to leaving is best.
  6. Perranporth looking for a volunteer referee too I believe.
  7. There were at least three laws of the games meetings held around the county which all clubs were invited to!
  8. Possibly something to do with the system that is used? If given a bye in this round then it would come up as a HW or AW?
  9. Self-resilience is included, but this is something that develops over time!
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