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  1. Until club marks stop effecting where a referee gets promotion/demoted then referees won’t deal with it exactly how it probably should be.
  2. I cant say for definite but there were definitely 2 courses run over the summer.
  3. There were two courses over the summer!? One at Hayle and one at Bodmin.
  4. The referee has the choice to wear a change strip if they have one and clash. But clubs still shouldn’t have predominantly black kits.
  5. Unfortunately it’s FA Vase again this week which has taken lots.
  6. Or maybe someone from the teams who are postponed volunteering to referee?
  7. bighairydave


    Is it the referees own business?
  8. Then you’d more than likely end up with an increased ban, especially as you’ve “admitted” the offence.
  9. The referee’s decision on the day is final so they can only judge on the offence reported.
  10. 7 days after so yes Saturday.
  11. 2 Qual, 5 Rounds, QF, SF, Final. http://www.thefa.com/competitions/fa-vase/more/round-dates
  12. Definitely handball, players didn’t complain much so you could tell it was a correct decision.