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  1. Only if it was sent to them to send out? It was received to leagues from what I can gather. And as games are under the leagues jurisdiction they will be the ones to advise clubs. As it is also a recommendation can't force anybody. Although the least any club/league should do is stop at 2:55 to observe the silence at 3pm then continue on.
  2. Because one of the teams has pulled out so sorting plan B?
  3. Probably 'may' because nobody knows what will happen higher up the pyramid and how this will then affect what happens with league sizes, etc.
  4. Yes, how would they decide who goes into different divisions then?
  5. There would have been movements/promotions either way, at least this way they will find a bit of fairness.
  6. With no SWPL, Combo, ECPL or Duchy I don't think we will need to worry.
  7. Still waiting for confirmation that these friendly leagues are allowed to be played. I would check with County first.
  8. It’s the same ones though. There are a few who are just quietly going about there business. To miss two penalties Brighton can only blame themselves for losing though.
  9. CCFA Affiliation for clubs and referees was free this season.
  10. Clubs in SWPL now being surveyed regarding the league cup competition.
  11. Why down to CCFA? Surely down to each league to decide?
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