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  1. I have the perfect son. He does not smoke. He does not drink. He never comes home late. He is six months old.
  2. Apparently when you drink a pint of beer you shorten your lifespan by 9 minutes. According to my calculations I died sometime in 1644.
  3. I was bored so I decided to swap all the wrappers round in a tin of Celebrations. My missus did not go much on it, She got her Snickers in a Twix.
  4. All of Cornwall has been put in tier 4.Apparently 200 pirates returned home to Penzance. This has caused the Arrrr factor to go right up.
  5. A man goes for an eye test. The optician asks him what he can see. He says empty airports , empty football stadiums closed theatres and closed pubs. The optician says great you have20/20 vision.
  6. You might not be interested but for the likes of Millbrook this has been a great adventure regardless of the results. It is all about playing at different venues against different teams .
  7. I have a friend who writes songs about sewing machines, He is a Singer song writer sew it seams.
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