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Porthleven v Mousehole - but when?

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But which? Thought you might have recognised the Porthleven player!

After the result it left Port 3rd in the table, while Mousehole were 7th but with games in hand they could go equal top!

The difference between my table and the papers for that week where they said Port were 3rd and Mousehole 7th was that Port had been deducted 6 points 31st Jan 1987 so I had them at 7th whilst Mousehole obviously would be 6th. The paper were a few days behind deducting the points.

Everything else matches apart from the newspaper caption which should say the Mousehole - Porthleven game not the other way round as printed.




As you can see from the bottom link, during September Mousehole were top of the league (which they never did win, ever) but faded away until January when they were 8th but slowly climbed back up the table to finish 3rd.

Meanwhile Porthleven went the other way, being 2nd as late as the begining of December they were clobbered with this points deduction and finished 6th. The did have the honour of winning the League Cup that season though, beating Mousehole in the final 3-0 on Easter Sunday, 19th April in a match played at Penlee Park, Penzance

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