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  1. Lafrowdas John Motson, thankyou. Your words painted the picture in my mind, i felt i was there watching.
  2. The family would just like to say thank you for all your kind words and support, over the last few weeks. We all feel very much lighter after the funeral, with all the warmth and love that we sensed during the service. It was the perfect service for Dad. Gone, but not forgotten. Sport creates memories, but more importantly friends. x A big thank you, to all Isobel, Bryan and Andy Mills
  3. The family would like to thank you all for your kind words. The funeral will take place on at 2pm on Monday 30th September at Illogan Parish Church Churchtown Illogan TR16 4SJ All welcome
  4. Yesterday afternoon, Ernie Mills peacefully passed away at Trevarna Care Home in St Austell. Funeral date to be confirmed, as soon as we know. Rest in peace x Andy Mills
  5. That was brilliant. How much is membership and when is the AGM?
  6. Chairman in a limo.........I used to like the old minibus......
  7. Condolences to you and your family Tommy from Ernie, Isobel and Andy Mills. I heard father speak fondly, and in admiration, of your father on numerous occasions.
  8. Congratulations Rappo! It would be interesting to know which formation you enjoyed playing the most, and which team mates to provide you with the chances? A no 9 with 2 true wingers, a lone forward, up front with a big man.......... 433, 442, 352, 4,1,4,1 or is it just 0898 now?
  9. 59 years ago, Father gave the referee a doubly on is motorbike from Illogan to Penzance and back, for a game at Penlee Park. They lived in the same village,nothing new here...............
  10. 7 of the 9. Illogan played some fantastic football and scored some great goals .Best football i have seen played at Oxland Park all season. It was like watching Barcelona at times, and with 9 men for most of the game. Take a bow Phil 'Luis Enrique' Wooley, manger for the day. What a result.
  11. A bit like St Day you mean......................................ouch!
  12. The dog must have been in the penalty box if Perry was running.....................
  13. Star studded for sure, i have just found the programme Cornwall S Nute - (St Blazey), D Ball, A Parr - (Newquay), T Mathews. D Gardner - (Falmouth), D Jones, S Pope -(St Blazey), G Torrance - (Falmouth), Adrian and Andrew Street (Newquay), M Rowe - (Saltash) M Rapsey - (Falmouth), S Massey -(Truro) , J Hodge - (Newquay). Marazion P Gendall, D Keevil, E McWilliams, R Vercesi, J Boase, R Gilbert, M Devine, J Verran, K Gilbert, T Ellis, R Barr, M Hatton, T Edwards, K Brown, C Davy, A Monaghan Shame about the lights
  14. They did work in 1990s. I watched a Marazion team beat Cornwall in their first ever game under lights. I don't think i'm dreaming this i'm sure it happened. I believe Rappo played in this game. Am i correct Mark? or is it a dream.............
  15. Excellent half time brew. I think once they served an oolong tea called DONG DING - (This tea is noted for its bright green appearance and fresh vegetable notes) A very similar tea to the one they serve at Carharrack, the ting tang................
  16. If Porthleven was unavailable, St Day would be my next preference. Flat pitch,parking, out of the wind, well run club, nice people
  17. Gala Park, the perfect venue to hold a final. Big flat pitch, out of any wind, ample parking, lovely cup of tea, grandstand, banked terracing. Ideal
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