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  1. Tactically brilliant from Westy & his players executed the game plan to a tee. St Austell having the majority of the ball but unable to find a way past Falmouths 2 outstanding centre halves Cooper & Ward, & when they won the ball, it was quickly moved into the area of Annear, up against 3 St’s Central defenders, none of which wanted to mark him, & with his willing work rate & incredible pace, he constantly caused problems, supported on either flank by Nixon & Brabyn . Falmouth looked like scoring every time they went forward & their work rate, especially without the ball, got them the result they deserved. Well done Westy, Charlie & all at Falmouth Town & good luck in the final. Kev.
  2. Get the rugby posts up, the Cornish pirates are coming to Treyew road. Radio rugby commentator Peter Richmond will be in his element.
  3. It just goes to show that unfortunately, football is no longer a sport. When you have a club sitting 4th in the league, still in with a very good chance of getting promotion, decides to sack their manager. I’m afraid football is now a business & the the only thing that matters is owners increasing their bulging bank balance. Oh for the days when football was a sport. 😔😔😔
  4. Some of these young so called superstars ought to have a good look at these 2 guys. More pride, attitude & desire than some of these prima donnas will ever have. Well done the both of you. !!
  5. Porthleven Football Club send their sincere condolences to Kevin’s family & our thoughts are with everyone connected to Wendron.
  6. A top man. I’ve just heard this news as I had to leave straight after the game, daughters birthday . All at Porthleven Fc wish Kev a full & speedy recovery, our thought & prayers are with him. On the pitch, another fantastic performance from Jack & his excellent young side. Outplayed us again today, not looking forward to Good Friday. Best of luck Wendron, one big performance away from a fantastic day out. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  7. And how long before the Combination league becomes part of the Trelawny league. ?
  8. Haha. So true Mark, Bakes would have given Jenks the stare. 👀💪🏻🤛🏻😂🤣
  9. Haha. Happy with that Dave. Hopefully now you have seen us, you might change your mind about our results. ?
  10. To all those who predicted the result of the Penzance v Porthleven game last night, suggest you don’t try predicting your lottery numbers tonight & buy a lucky dip instead. ???
  11. Paul Robertson, absolute class on & off the pitch. Great signing for the Saints.
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