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  1. Fifa it is then. !!!!!
  2. Then tell them to play golf or tennis, not a TEAM sport. !!!
  3. Exactly my point Dave. As a 15/16 yr old, I sat on the bench game in game out in order to get a place in the starting line up, do you think any of these youngsters would do that now. ??? Like Teflon said, they want a guaranteed starting place. !!!
  4. No wonder clubs are struggling to get players if they all have the same attitude as you Teflon 123. The game is about a 18 man squad in order to be successful, not just about 11 selfish players who only turn up if they are going to start. ?
  5. kevin richards

    SWPL - Saturday Sept 29 2018

    Excellent Stevie. Ludgvan is a top run football club with some brilliant hard working committee members & they worked hard to get their peninsula league status, not for them to just jack it in because it’s the easiest thing to do. There are a awful lot of clubs in Cornish football who should be saying, there for the grace of god go I. Too many clubs & not enough players.
  6. kevin richards


    Haha. Happy with that Dave. Hopefully now you have seen us, you might change your mind about our results. ?
  7. To all those who predicted the result of the Penzance v Porthleven game last night, suggest you don’t try predicting your lottery numbers tonight & buy a lucky dip instead. ???
  8. hi kevin, i lost my contact & your number, can you txt me plz 07790188971



  9. Hi Kev

    Didn't realise until reading Indy yesterday that you had left Mullion again. What was it? Players attitude? If I had known I would have asked you Friday evening!

    Did you go to the Final today? If so, what did you think of it? Shame G had players out, but I think it's going to be tough to stop Bodmin winning everything!



  10. Paul Robertson, absolute class on & off the pitch. Great signing for the Saints.
  11. has not set their status