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  1. Deepest condolences to you Cornish.
  2. Just nature’s way of telling us that there are far too many people on this planet. Could have been worse, could of been world war 3. 🤔
  3. When I said 70s, I was thinking more about Derek at Falmouth Town m8. 🤣😂🤣
  4. & therein lies the whole problem, youngsters, & even worse, players who have just finished playing, have no interest whatsoever in getting involved in helping run a club or doing the work that Dave does at Penryn, Cozy Powell does at Porthleven, Derek Richards does at Falmouth & many others have done within their respective clubs for years. These guys are in their 50s, 60s & even 70s & there’s nobody offering to help them. One day, they will not be here. 🤔
  5. As I said, your only providing a crèche. When these kids reach 15/16, they will make up their own minds & I can assure you, I have seen so many walk away from it because their parents made them go all those years. !!!!
  6. Your right Darren, hence why the game in Cornwall is going down the pan. !!!
  7. The majority of youth coaches have swallowed the book. Le Boss is correct, most of these youth ‘coaches’ are only there because their child is there. Once that child decides he’d much rather play on his play station in his nice warm bedroom or gets shouted at by someone else or moves up to the next age group, the ‘ coach ‘ goes with him. Full credit to those of you that want to do it, but the majority of the time, your just a crèche whilst mum & dad do some shopping, wash the car or go for a coffee in Costa. !
  8. It may well be very high Dave, however, youngsters these days have the retention spans of goldfish & if someone says something they don’t like or get upset by, they then go somewhere else or say they don’t want to play with a load of ruffians. The youth football set up is all well & good but it just means someone else is doing all the running around for them. Young kids wearing club tracksuits, when did I miss that. !! Everything is put on a plate for them & then when they are asked to help run a club, they are not interested. Get these kids to respect the club they are playing for, make them stay with that club until they old enough to play men’s football & then stick with that club through thick & thin. The only problem being, their parents are just as fickle & would also walk, taking little Jonny with them, slagging off the club & the people running it as they drive out the gate. Does anyone reading this think that these kids will be playing for the club they are at now in 15/20 years time. ? No, me neither. Therein lies the problem. ......
  9. Yet another fully established club falls by the wayside. Cornish football is in the biggest mess it’s every been in. We need to cut down the leagues & the number of clubs massively. Too many teams & not enough players, sponsors, committee members, supporters or general volunteers to keep the amount of teams running, sustainable. I know & appreciate what your answer will be Steve, we’ve had this conversation before, however, no one from the FA has ever been down to Cornwall to access & discuss the geographical location & issues we have here, basically, they don’t actually care. This is their toy & they will make the rules. What they are doing, is killing Cornish football. !!!!!!!
  10. Good referees are like good players. They don’t have to be the quickest because they are always in the right place at the right time. George is the best we have. How many times has the whistle gone & players start screaming ‘ no way ref ‘ only to look up & find George stood next to them, that’s top refereeing.
  11. So according to your report Tom, Penryn LOST 2-1, not won 2-1 🤔
  12. I think that anyone who knows anything about local football will appreciate what Rodney has done for St Just Football club over the years. We all know he has put his hand in his pocket on occasions, but only for the sake & never to the detriment of his club. No one can dispute his efforts, commitment & loyalty to 1 club. Rodney will never be everyone’s cup of tea, however, love him or hate him, everyone would love a Rodney Beer at their football club.
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