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  1. Had the pleasure of managing Culdrose & Bill was as supportive to me as anyone could be. Spent some wonderful hours with him listening to his stories. Would liked to have joined the conversation every now & again but didn’t like to interrupt. Loved listening to his arguments with his beloved CCFA. If Bill had something to say, he never held back, but that was him, honest as a referee, honest to your face & never said anything behind your back. RNAS Culdrose have lost a true legend & I have lost a friend. Off to be reunited with his beloved Margaret, she will make him smile again. Rest in piece my friend Kevin Richards
  2. Deepest sympathies to all Tom’s family. As you say Terry, a really fit tough defender on the pitch, one of the nicest guys off it. A Mullion Football Club legend. Proud to have known him. Rip Tom
  3. I think that anyone who knows anything about local football will appreciate what Rodney has done for St Just Football club over the years. We all know he has put his hand in his pocket on occasions, but only for the sake & never to the detriment of his club. No one can dispute his efforts, commitment & loyalty to 1 club. Rodney will never be everyone’s cup of tea, however, love him or hate him, everyone would love a Rodney Beer at their football club.
  4. Porthleven certainly would if that became an option. !
  5. Good luck to James. It is a big step & only time will tell. But James is a good player & a good lad, fingers crossed he makes a success of it. From me & all at Porthleven Football Club. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
  6. Porthleven 1st team are looking for an away friendly this Wednesday 10th July. We realise it’s very short notice but our opponents have just cancelled the fixture we had. Anyone interested please call Kevin Richards on 07969753785.
  7. You at St Just Andy, Rodney couldn’t afford you. Lol
  8. Still the best ground to watch a game of football on a sunny Sunday afternoon Bash. Ask the 400 plus that were there. & of course the clubs Voted for it to be there. !
  9. Because if they do that, all their impractical, petty, shite, ground grading regulations would go out the window. This is step 7 you know. 🙄🤬🤬🤬
  10. Or Penzance 2nds, or Mousehole 1st, or Penzance 1st. 🥴🤔😱
  11. And how long before the Combination league becomes part of the Trelawny league. ?
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